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  1. Great work jeff. As other have said the paint and weather is fantastic
  2. Some articles and of most interest Tiger Pic's Not Aussie though) ADF Tiger Project page AIR 87
  3. Hi Jon Yeah the Chinook is certainly an incredible design. IMHO it ranks as a classic along side the Huey. To me it looks like the USAF has gone with the conservative (nothing wrong with that) approach and taking a well proven helicopter that shouldn't offer to many surprises. (Unlike the RAF's Mk-3s). I guess they will have a lot of similar systems to the Armies MH-47Gs. Now that's a mean looking machine. As for the 101, It's a nice machine although I've heard they more expensive to operate than the CH-47. The CH-46 replacement is the MV-22. Now that is a machine that will IMHO revoluti
  4. Here's link to the main site Aussie Modeller Click on the discussion groups link on the left had side and then the readers models link Or here a link directly to the article RAN S-70B-2 build The RAN S-70B-2 differs significantly from the Sh-60B/F internally. The ASW suite, RADAR and TAc data systems are unique.It doesn't have the big Sonobuoy launcher but the small 6 shot one. It's mad is in the tail boom, not external It has some systems form the F model and some from the B model. From memory the airframes are basic F models. the dimensional inaccuracies are valid for all of SH-60B/F f
  5. Hi Jon, I’m enjoying the discussion, nice way to spend a rainy summers day. As I see it there are 2 separate but related issues here 1. The EC-145 is better choice than the 412 for the LUH as specified by the US Army 2. The Army’s LUH concept is a crock and will fail sooner rather than later Most of my points are directed at issue 1. The concept of the LUH sounds fine in theory, whether it remains so in practice is debatable and I don’t have a strong view on that. Spec’s I’ve have are Ranges (max internal fuel) 412 659km EC1145 670km (with 2700kg gross weight, which is ab
  6. Can't answer that The point of the LUH was for a Helicopter that won't be deployed. That's what every company put forward, none of the contenders had RWR Armour plating. 90% of these are for guard/Reserve units based in the US. the rest are going to units in Germany. Unless you expect them to take fire from US citizens they should be OK doing what they are ordered for. IF (and you're probably right, when ) they are deployed you'd like to think the Army will invest in these sort of things. But but the Army is buying the Bell 407 for ARH mission. It has all the bells and whistles for combat.
  7. Anyone looking for a 1/72 Hase pigs, there are a couple (A F-111C and an FB-111) on ebay (Australia) at the moment. F-111C FB-111 The C's tend to go for a bit a premium here, I've seen one go for $200 AUD. There's been a few lately (I've sold off about 10). Average price seems to be about $70 AUD
  8. Can't comment on the Chooks. Why are the Chinooks not capable of operating safely in a high threat environment? And I agree that it's possible that the LUH could be deployed. But to be fair, the requirements for the LUH specified that it would not be operated in a threat exists. All the companies supplied basically the same type of aircraft . (Aircraft with a civill type certificate painted OD). The LUH concept as I see understand it is designed to release aircraft like the UH-60's, (which are significantly more expensive to operate) to carry out pure military roles they are designed for
  9. Airframe technology wise it's light years ahead of the 412, things like the extensive use of composites, the rotor head etc. It can carry the load the 412 but has lower operating costs. For the 4 aircraft in the competition it was certainly offered the best capability for the cost. It's not (supposed) to be operated in areas where there's a threat. If the US Army wanted a helicopter to operate in areas where there is a threat then they should have specified that in the requirements.
  10. Why? If it does end up getting shot at then someone has cocked up.... Big time. It was certainly better than the 412 or MD90.
  11. a4s4eva


    Yes Dave 1/48 is what I'm after. I'll be interested in a few sets. I'll need some for my A-4K's as well. Can you let me know when they are available as I don't regularly visit the forums here. Do you have a web site? Cancel that, just found your board here Thanks
  12. a4s4eva


    HI all currently building Hasegawas F-16B. plan is to be a 2 Sqn RNZAF aircraft (what could have been) I want to give it a typical 2 Sqn training loadout, SO 1 CATM-9L, 1 TAGM-65G and 1 CATM-7 TO do this I need a single rail LAU 117. so my question is are there any aftermarket single rail LAU-117's out there?
  13. Red Roo Models down here is Aussie do a conversion for the OA-4M to the TA-4F, price is reasonable for what you get. http://www.redroomodels.com/conversions.php I have one in my To Do pile but I'd love a Hssegawa TA-4 (K in my case) to save me the hassle of re scribing the whole aircraft.
  14. Thanks to all. I' think I'll give the photoetch ago. As for the A-4, Have another 3 in the "to do" pile.
  15. Chris Thanks for the advice. I was going to ask about aftermarket stuff. My main question was should I get the Neomega Cockpit or just use a Photo etched set. I've never used a Photo etch cockpit , what advantages (except for price) does photo etch have over the resin Cockpit? Yeah I'll probably get the Model Alliance Gulf War Decal set (anyone have a used set for sale?)
  16. I really want to build a Op Granby GR-1 Jag but I can't find the kit anywhere I can get the GR 3 kit though and I know their are aftermarket decals (Model Alliance) which I would probably buy anyway. So could I build the GR1 from the GR 3? If so what are the major differences? And anyone have any opinions on this kit? Good , bad or indifferent, recessed or raised lines?. Thanks
  17. Hi Julien, Thanks for the Kind offer. But I've ordered the AMRAAM lines LGBS's so I'll let you offer it to someone who needs it. Thanks again To all the others who have replied so far thanks
  18. I thought I give the Airfix Buccaneer a go, I've read plenty that says it's a bit of a dog but I picked it and the Neomga Resin set up for a pretty good price. Unfortunately the aircraft they chose for the Desert Storm aircraft in the kit is probably the one with the most boring nose art. Now I've seen the Model Alliance Decal sheet and it looks nice, BUT man is it expensive, and there's no way I'm going to pay that, plus I only want to do one aircraft. Anyway to get to the point. Has any seen/heard of Modeldecals Gulf war Buccaneer sheets, Meteor Products have them at a resonable price. Th
  19. How about this one ? TA-4J or TA-4F ? It is said that this one was from ex US Navy, retrofitted & upgraded in New Zealand before flown to Indonesia. IIRC these were J's
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