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  1. Thanks to all. I' think I'll give the photoetch ago. As for the A-4, Have another 3 in the "to do" pile.
  2. Chris Thanks for the advice. I was going to ask about aftermarket stuff. My main question was should I get the Neomega Cockpit or just use a Photo etched set. I've never used a Photo etch cockpit , what advantages (except for price) does photo etch have over the resin Cockpit? Yeah I'll probably get the Model Alliance Gulf War Decal set (anyone have a used set for sale?)
  3. I really want to build a Op Granby GR-1 Jag but I can't find the kit anywhere I can get the GR 3 kit though and I know their are aftermarket decals (Model Alliance) which I would probably buy anyway. So could I build the GR1 from the GR 3? If so what are the major differences? And anyone have any opinions on this kit? Good , bad or indifferent, recessed or raised lines?. Thanks
  4. Hi Julien, Thanks for the Kind offer. But I've ordered the AMRAAM lines LGBS's so I'll let you offer it to someone who needs it. Thanks again To all the others who have replied so far thanks
  5. I thought I give the Airfix Buccaneer a go, I've read plenty that says it's a bit of a dog but I picked it and the Neomga Resin set up for a pretty good price. Unfortunately the aircraft they chose for the Desert Storm aircraft in the kit is probably the one with the most boring nose art. Now I've seen the Model Alliance Decal sheet and it looks nice, BUT man is it expensive, and there's no way I'm going to pay that, plus I only want to do one aircraft. Anyway to get to the point. Has any seen/heard of Modeldecals Gulf war Buccaneer sheets, Meteor Products have them at a resonable price. The part no's are MD109 and MD110. Even google hasn't been my friend when looking for these. Or does anyone have an unwanted/half complete Model Alliance sheet they wouldn't mind selling <_< Also has anyone seen a photo of a Buccaneer with LGBs. My references say they dropped around 48 weapons and these were carried on stations 2 and 3. They ditched the AIM-9 and Slipper tank(if thats what it's called) Thanks to anyone who can help
  6. How about this one ? TA-4J or TA-4F ? It is said that this one was from ex US Navy, retrofitted & upgraded in New Zealand before flown to Indonesia. IIRC these were J's
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