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  1. It was pointed out when the kit was released. There was an equally large amount of hand wringing over it at the time, as this is now. I can't remember how or if it was resolved. As Solo pointed out the Hobby Boss A-10 has one in front windscreen centre panel as well.. Annoying but nothing you ca n do about it
  2. That is certainly the best kit seat I've seen. I love the way the belts have been done. Nice.
  3. Sharp work on both Darren, You really know how to knock them out
  4. That is really nice. Can you explain how you did the rigging
  5. a4s4eva

    Airfix Sea Fury

    As Drewe pointed out https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/hawker-sea-fury-export-edition-1-48.html
  6. So do I, but the roughness either needed to be knocked down with mircromesh or a thicker gloss coat. l found lacquer thinners works so much better and is cheaper so it's win win
  7. Mr Color thinners (all sorts) are my choice. But to be honest I've found cheap lacquer thinners works just as well as Mr Color thinners for Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints. I used to use IPA for Tamiya paints but found it gave a rougher finish to the paint than a lacquer thinner
  8. And yet as Joel says, it's works wonderfully as a standalone acrylic gloss........ IMHO it's the easiest gloss to apply bar none, I used to thin it will levelling thinners but now I get the same results with GP thinners.
  9. Cracking work all of them but the winter finish on the Ju 88 is excelllent
  10. Thanks Devo. I'm hoping to get onto one this year
  11. Nice one Devo. What paints did you use for the main colours?
  12. Posted this else where but thought I'd stick it here as well for those interested in my 2017. Whilst compiling this post I’ve realised this year has resulted in record number of completions. Quite surprising noting I’ve had a few long periods away from the bench, I guess ignoring the family helps First of the bench in 2017 was Kinetic’s 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS-1. Not a bad kit but it does need a bit of work to get a good result. Second was the 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk VIII in the markings of RAAF's lead ace GPCAPT Clive Caldwell, Th
  13. Lovely A-4 there. My only suggestion is dulling down the bombs, they look a bit shiny.
  14. Fantastic set of builds there, all are well done. The F-4 WW is my pick. Don't see them in Euro one that often and it looks great in flight.I really like the Tornado as well
  15. great work all over there. Love the Mig in particular. Unusual scheme I've not seen before
  16. You're not alone. The real aircraft bores me to tears but what GWH are doing with the kit means I may buy one to build just because the detail looks amazing.
  17. Lovely work Devo. I'm in awe of of the finish you get with the brush
  18. Sparmax DH 103 . As good as an Iwata but 1/2 the price. I use it for 90% of my airbrushing. I do have a 0.2mm Iwata but its only for super fine work
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