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  1. I'd guess that if they didn't have the CDS on the tail then there would be 2 buckets by the hook. But it would obviously depend on the variant and time frame you're looking at. To be 100% sure you'd need to know the mod number and/or have photos. And If you can't find a definitive answer for the particular BuNo you're interested in, then it's also likely no one can (or will be bothered) prove you wrong.
  2. Thanks. As for the base, its from Coastal kits
  3. My latest buiild. I've written a full build report at my blog for those interested. For those not interested here's some photos
  4. And what is inside them will differ by variant
  5. I've started a A-4 in flight. I had a mate mill a square on the rod and built a box section under the wing
  6. I've started using post image and I've looked at a couple of others. One thing I liked about Photobucket was that it had a logical url for your image, e.g. http// phobucket.com/username/folder name/sub folder name/your image name. If you are like me and label your image title-01.jpg, image title-02.jpg etc , when doing a post with a lot of images you could simply past 1 url over and over and edit the last bit. The 3 alternatives I've looked all insert a random string of numbers somewhere in the url which means you can't do this. You have to copy/paste each post individual link . W
  7. I see no pictures. Might want you check your links
  8. Now I understand, and I agree the Hasegawa A-4 despite it's shortcomings, is still the best kit we have of an A-4 in 1/48 or 1/32 .. That won't change when the Hobby Boss kit comes out unfortunately
  9. I'm not sure what relevance comparing the 1/32 Trumpeter kit against the 1/48 Hasegawa kit is but if it;s because you're assuming the Hobby Boss kit will be a scale down it's not even that from the sprue shot... It looks like a simplified kit but it might be OK for inflight builds. That said, from what I've seen the 48 scale Hobby Boss kit won't be better than the 48 Scale Hasegawa kit, so I agree the Hasegawa kit will still be the best (but IMHO it's still not an "excellent kit")
  10. if you build 1/48 it seems like Hasegawa are just a decal manufacture these days... Still as said above their Harriers, A-4, A-7, F/A-18E/F and F-104 are the still the best IMHO options in 1/48. (although I'd not call the A-4 "excellent", it's OK). They still have the best F-4E/F/G, RF-4 and UK phantoms as well... Although hopefully we'll get better kits of these F-4's soon
  11. yeah, I'll do that in the future. It's not helped by the lights right above it Hi Bob, the raw image out the camera is nowhere like that, the black is really dark grey. Post processing with Corel aftershot pro and paintshop pro corrects that. Here's a short video on how I use those products I actually found it really difficult to get good images with the black background.
  12. Good question. ..I'd have thought more as well
  13. It's all done and I'm happy with the result I've posted a full article with more images and details at my blog. But if you're not interested in that here's some images
  14. Not to my knowledge. But I ordered about $70 worth of paint in that order :D
  15. Yeah it's quite thick in the bottle, I bought a 500ml bottle of one of their thinners (T107) at the same time and thin it fairly heavily (at least 50:50) . There's 2 other types of thinners to choose from (I think). I got it from Seal models in Hong Kong , obviously it comes sea freight but I think BNA have it locally as well.
  16. I can probably live with the windshield. I hope all the open bits fit closed.If so I'll be in for one
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