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  1. She's nearly done, just the canopy to go and a bit of weathering to go
  2. On a similar topic, well Phoenix's at least. On the under fuselage pallets were there any RBF tags ?
  3. Yeah me too, the best kit I've ever built, nothing has come close. As for shortcomings I've not come across anything but smart engineering Of course you have.......
  4. It's been a while since I updated this but I've been working on this . I ran into a potential fit problem with the vertical fin. I asked around and apparently there is a little gap here but this looked way to big. I did notice a bit of left over sprue on the mating surfaces so when I trimmed that off it did sit a bit better.I did run a tiny bit of filler in there later on in the build because I wasn't completely happy with how it looked. The cleverness of how Tamiya engineered this continued to amaze me. When gluing the front fuselage to the rear fuselage
  5. Everyone? I don't think I've seen a new tool kit ever built in such numbers as the Tamiya Tomcat
  6. 300 gal tanks look a bit anemic. Slats and flaps up means its not much use for a aircraft on the ground as these were down 99% of the time in my experience. As others have said might be ok for in flight builds especially if the interior engine intake piece fits better than Hasegawas . Overall nothing here makes me want to buy it over the Hasegawa one...Be interesting to see what price it goes for
  7. Yeah that bit never made sense If we don't have to pay I'll order 4000.....
  8. Movable wings can be done well... Look at the Tamiya Tomcat.. But I agree that undercarriages that need to fitted early in the build sequence are a pain. .. The Kittyhawk Jag is a example of this
  9. Now the 109 is put to bed I got some time painting the F-14.. I know "black basing" is all the rage at the moment but I don't like adding extra paint if I don't need to, especially as the detail on this kit is pretty fine. Plus, because the fit is so good, and joins are on panel lines it really doesn't need priming. So, as I've done for ages I add some random dark splotches all over the kit with extra dark sea grey. Then I applied the light gull grey (Mr Color) on the upper surfaces. Most of the darker grey disappeared (should have used a darker grey) , oh well. Beca
  10. I think you're spot on there. I liked The Pacific I recently re watched when I was home sick (although I did skip through much of the scenes where they were home , or on leave. The episodes based on Sledges experiences are particularity good. The combat scenes were particularity well done in the whole series
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butanone You could use model glue or acetone to do the same, anything that melts the plastic slightly. MEK is used a bit in the aerospace industry as a cleaner. I often use it as model glue (because that what is in a lot of them). That said I've found there are differences with some model glues. I'm currently using deluxe materials plastic weld and find it better than MEK.
  12. All the major sub assemblies are done. I couldn't resist sticking the major bits together (no glue) to see how they fit... The only issue may be slight gaps under the tail fins, but I haven't confirmed there are sprue attachments still requiring clean up. The main fuselage to nose piece fit is absolutely perfect. The multi part missiles are pretty good but will need a tiny bit of filler on the seam lines. The canvas covers for the front instrument shroud looked a bit plain and non canvas like. To make it more canvas like I applied a piece of tissue paper ov
  13. Lovely work, especially considering the scale
  14. Cockpit painting. Detail is as nice as you'll probably get in plastic. For me it's good enough that I'll never consider a resin cockpit (unless it was a exact replacement for the kit parts). What I would like for in my next build is decals for the side consoles and instrument panel. I really like decals over raised detail in this scale. Hasegawa do it well some of their kits. Painting this was about 3 hours of what became tedious work. Tamiya's instructions are good showing what colour goes where, but it just takes time. I airbrushed everything Gunze FS3627
  15. HI Brian Thanks for the tip, I've probaly got that sheet somewhere. I really shoudf have checked :D but I've already painted them this time round. I would suggest you do the side consoles on any future re issue. That is where the time was spent (and my work was rubbish) To be honest I wouldn't buy a sheet without the side consoles ( the CB panels on the sidewalls/rear bulkheads wouldn't be a game breaker though, I'm not sure if they could be done in decals) .
  16. Thats pretty cool. My only comment is that the missiles look way to clean compared to the vehicle. That said I guess you can say they are new reloads .
  17. So far no pitfalls to report. everything just fits. My only comments is that there is scope to add more detail to the gear bays.. I started on the nose bay, added 4 wires and then decided I couldn't be bothered, and painting the cockpit is tedious. Thankfully Furball are doing decals which I'm definitely going to buy. I like decals over raised detail for cockpits in this scale. I reckon it's really effective and quick.
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