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  1. CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    Ohhhh, the Bangladesh scheme in 1/32 would be cool
  2. Hello Yufei, is there any chance to get one of your nose corrections? Or are they oop already? I would like to buy one. Thanks, Stephan
  3. Yes Yufei, I need one too :-) Stephan
  4. Prospective 1/32 subjects....???

    A new and correct!!!! F-14A-B-D would be a big seller. I hope Tamiya or AMK are blowing their 1/48 up to 1/32 scale... This would be my biggest wish, a correct Tomcat in 1/32...
  5. B-1B

    I wish the flaps and slats were available in resin one day...
  6. Early beaver tail F-14's

    Any chance to see a beaver tail in 1/32?
  7. Kitty Hawk's upcoming 48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    Gentlements, these scans (pics posted by Floggerman) were not made by Kitty Hawk!!! Thanks
  8. I hope we will get this little bird in 1/32 as well!!!
  9. F-16A(M)/B(M) (MLU) update set 1/32

    Which one, Tim?
  10. Phantom Under The Skin

    Received my books in Germany as well, thanks!!!!!
  11. New Strike Sheet

    Some WA, OT and MO (Thunderbolts) Strike Eagles would be nice :thumbsup:/> :woot.gif:/> In 1/32 of course :wub:
  12. Kittyhawk new tool Mirage 2000 Family

    Please let it be in 1/32
  13. 1:48 - MiG-25RBT "Foxbat-B" by ICM - released

    Why not in 1/32? It is about time!!!!!
  14. CD48092 - B-1B Lancer

    Ordered 2 sets, thanks Kursad!!!
  15. CD48092 - B-1B Lancer

    Are the stencils included with this sheet or seperate? I canĀ“t find it in the list. Thanks!