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  1. Tomcatfreak

    MiG-31 BM Cockpit

    I used the MRP Russian Cockpit green color and its great too ✌️
  2. Tomcatfreak

    1/32 F-5 from Kitty Hawk

    And why? Its a great kit, better than Hasegawa and Revell...
  3. Tomcatfreak

    1/32 Trump MiG-29 Stuff

    Hi Chris, thank you for the update! How about a correct centerline fuel tank? Revell and Trumpeter arn´t correct. The APU tunnel is missing and the new Trumpy kits fuel tanks have positiv panellines... Maybe you can also add a 4th weapon pylone to your collection. The BD3-UMK2B pylone is often seen on the Fulcrum. The MiG-29 can carry the big rocket pods and bombs on this pylone. And what about a FOD set for the intakes and the plattform on top of the fuselage to cover the small intakes there?
  4. I don´t understand why HPH is producing such huge and mega expensive models. They doesn´t fit the show case and cost 4-6 times more than a good 1/32 model. Why HPH don´t continue small jets like his L-39 in 1/32? It would be good to have a Alpha Jet, Jak-130 or something similar small in 1/32... Or a Su-34...
  5. Tomcatfreak

    1/32 Trump MiG-29 Stuff

    Chris, do you plan more stuff for the Trumpy MiG´s?
  6. Tomcatfreak

    1/32 Trump MiG-29 Stuff

    Wow Chris, exactly what I need :-)
  7. Tomcatfreak

    CD48124 - 1/48 F-7M "Next Gen Fishbeds"

    Ohhhh, the Bangladesh scheme in 1/32 would be cool
  8. Hello Yufei, is there any chance to get one of your nose corrections? Or are they oop already? I would like to buy one. Thanks, Stephan
  9. Yes Yufei, I need one too :-) Stephan
  10. Tomcatfreak

    Prospective 1/32 subjects....???

    A new and correct!!!! F-14A-B-D would be a big seller. I hope Tamiya or AMK are blowing their 1/48 up to 1/32 scale... This would be my biggest wish, a correct Tomcat in 1/32...
  11. Tomcatfreak


    I wish the flaps and slats were available in resin one day...
  12. Tomcatfreak

    Early beaver tail F-14's

    Any chance to see a beaver tail in 1/32?
  13. Tomcatfreak

    Kitty Hawk's upcoming 48th Scale Su-22M-3 & M-4

    Gentlements, these scans (pics posted by Floggerman) were not made by Kitty Hawk!!! Thanks
  14. I hope we will get this little bird in 1/32 as well!!!
  15. Tomcatfreak

    F-16A(M)/B(M) (MLU) update set 1/32

    Which one, Tim?