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  1. Hey, I am also looking for the same but want to do it in 1/32 scale 🙂
  2. I think Begemot Decals already got some nice decals out with lots of painting options 👍🏻
  3. So many stupid comments here! This is a modeling thread, please stop talking about politic. I also want to have 2 of these lovely kits and would like to know how to buy and pay for it. Thanks and HAPPY MODELING!!
  4. Shipping from Russia was/is not a problem. Only the payment. I would love to have the Alligator in 1/35, but will take 2 in 1/48 for sure 💪🏻 Great work 👍🏻
  5. Hi, I am looking for any pictures of USAF F-16ADF, 82-1001 75th Anniversary of Texas ANG, Ellington AFB 1992 for a modeling project in 1/32. If anyone can help me out, it would be a great help to make this beauty in 1/32 scale. Thanks and happy modelling Stephan
  6. Amazing news from Arma Hobby! After Kitty Hawk died and also their Ka-50/52 project, I am very happy to hear these news. If there is a small chance to get this beauty in 1/35 scale, I am in for 2-3 helos! This is such a cool helicopter, I have seen him often fly in Russia. My vote: 1/35 scale for sure 🤩
  7. Hello, I used MRP FS36170 plus MRP Have Glass Coat and Xtra Color FS36270 for RAM panels. I think its the best colors for F-35 available.
  8. I read somewhere, RLM76 is a good match...
  9. I used the MRP Russian Cockpit green color and its great too ✌️
  10. Hi Chris, thank you for the update! How about a correct centerline fuel tank? Revell and Trumpeter arn´t correct. The APU tunnel is missing and the new Trumpy kits fuel tanks have positiv panellines... Maybe you can also add a 4th weapon pylone to your collection. The BD3-UMK2B pylone is often seen on the Fulcrum. The MiG-29 can carry the big rocket pods and bombs on this pylone. And what about a FOD set for the intakes and the plattform on top of the fuselage to cover the small intakes there?
  11. I don´t understand why HPH is producing such huge and mega expensive models. They doesn´t fit the show case and cost 4-6 times more than a good 1/32 model. Why HPH don´t continue small jets like his L-39 in 1/32? It would be good to have a Alpha Jet, Jak-130 or something similar small in 1/32... Or a Su-34...
  12. Chris, do you plan more stuff for the Trumpy MiG´s?
  13. Wow Chris, exactly what I need :-)
  14. Ohhhh, the Bangladesh scheme in 1/32 would be cool
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