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  1. Hello friends After some years away here i am with an portuguese aircraft. And because nothing beats a portuguese camouflage ( :D/>/> ) here it is. I hope you like it. Thank you for looking. Regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
  2. Hi Daryl Sure, give me your email and i will send it, this is a topic that was created by Alf so as you can understand it would't be correct to put them here, unless he doesn't mind.
  3. Hello Very very nice job till now, thank you for your precious tips!! Looking forward to see more :D Cheers Vitor Costa
  4. Hi Alf Sorry to say but you may have done something wrong! Im building the same kit and i didn't have 1/10 of the problems you shown here. Im saying this because some modellers may give up on this kit based in your pictures. Its not a Tamiya, but its better than some Hasegawas i build before (compared with the Harrier this one is a walk on the park :D ) Curiously the gap you mentioned its (for me) the best fit in all kit!!! Its almost perfect!!! :D :D :D and really well engineered you open the upper part and Voilá!!! perfect fit! Regards Vitor Costa
  5. Hi guys Here is my last work, not a portuguese aircraft this time. I did a used but not "old" aircraft so no much "dirt" on it... I made the color using Gunze acrilics paints, i saw so many differents colors indicated as the correct one that i made my own, in some pictures it looks like the real one in others... well it looks a German Eurofighter to me :-) I want to thank you guys for commenting my post, sometimes i dont have the opportunity to thank you individually so i do it now, thank you. I hope you like it. Thank you for looking. when i was taking the pictures i saw
  6. Hello friends Another kit in portuguese marks, as usual with the same camera i get different colors (yes is always the same kit :-))! But i think they are ok to see the kit. This was a hard building (my first short run kit, so the problem can be... me!), this kit is a great pain in the... lots of fitting problems, no pins/holes for fitting help, bad instructions (some parts are not there... so you put them if you know where they should be (antenas mostly)... others... they stay on the sprues!!! Some lines are not represented. the decals are not the best... some evergreen is needed, lots of
  7. Hi Darwin Thank you, the problem is the dayglo... always over exposed... Hi Marv Thank you very much Hi Robert, the dayglo turs everything better :-) HI Mario Thank you, i only used artist oil paint Hi Goon Thank you, yes its amazing that when we are working on it we dont have that idea, once is finished... we need an magnifient lens.. Hi Litvyak Thank you Hi chukw thank you very much. Hi Holmes, thank you very much... i dont have words to comment... thank you. Hola Diego thank you, this is your scale... im glad you like it Saludos Thank you all guys. Best regar
  8. Hello Friends. Here is one of my last builds, as usual a portuguese theme. I had painted it 3 times, trying to give it an realistic weathering... well at the end i think that i have done it, so let me know what you think about it. I hope you like it Thank you for looking. and the last one... just before the take off!!! Regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
  9. Hello Friends. Another kit painted with alclad! I love this paint!!! This time i tried an different "aproatch"! I didnt want a very shinny result so with artist oil paint i tried to break the alclad shine! I didnt paint different colors on the panels because i didnt see any on the real thing. This kit was supposed to use the Portuguese marks but i find that this is not the very best kit (Italeri) to build the portuguese version, so i will build another one soon (the Revell one, this kit has a different tail) I hope you like it, comments are welcome. Thank you for looking S
  10. Olá amigo Pompeo. Muito obrigado, acabou por ficar engraçado, não esperava que num avião tão pequeno este esquema ficasse bem, a verdade é que acabou por resultar. Thank you, i was not expecting that in a so small kit like this the green scheme look good but it becomes ok. Um abraço Vitor Costa
  11. Hello gregair and Holmes Thank you for your nice words. Since this aircraft only flew for one year i decided to made it used but not "old". I think the weathering comes ok. Best Regards Vitor Costa
  12. Hello Friends. This time i will show you a Portuguese T-6 that operated in Nampula - Moçambique 1974. This is not a bad kit, the major problem are the clear parts were the structure disappear in some points, the frames are so tiny that is almost impossible to paint them or make masks! So i decided to "replace" them using tamiya tape. I hope you like it. Best regards from Portugal Vitor Costa
  13. Hi Friends. An update, this time "movable" flaps. I did this "by accident" but at least they are going to be in the right place. With the scriber i only toke some of the plastic i didn't cut all, i dont intend to "play" with the flaps put them up or down but the plastic of this kit is so soft that allow this to happen i did it for fun! I did the holes that allow the entrance of the flaps inside the wing given them an "perfect" position without cutting nothing else on the flaps. Well not to much to show but at least we already can see that this is a Rafale! Thank you for looking.
  14. Hi guys. Thank for your nice words Jari, thank you for the picture, i was looking for some that show some cockpit details, but this is a great picture I will post some more pics today or tomorrow. I just joint the two half of the fuselage so there is nothing much more to show. Regards Vitor Costa
  15. Hi guys. After 11 years waiting to see the work bench it finally is going to be shown to the world. If i new that this kit was so "big" (i thought that it was smaller) and beautiful i guess that it would be a "veteran" now between the others i already finish. For now i can tell you that this kit is a pleasant surprise for me. Big and beautiful! There are some issues but nothing that a extra work doesn't fix, i'm talking about the part of the front well bay and the one of the dorsal fin(?). On the middle parts (the lower) of the fuselage as a error (probably something go wrong during the t
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