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  1. Hi Can someone help me regarding these two books... I'm looking for information on the quantity and quality of the photos in these 2 books... -America's Secret MiG Squadron -Red Eagles: America's Secret MiGs" And if by any chance someone had bought them... are they worth buying!?? TIA Plakaman
  2. Non standard Dewointine D-520 Camouflages For The first time I registered back in 2005 in this forum I post here… I hope, I can get some free time to return to my scale modelling hobby and to forum activities. I’m looking for additional information on Non standard Dewointine D-520 Camouflages in French Air service. The first question is regarding a profile shown in French magazine named “Aviation Française Magazine #04†published in Jun/Jul 2005 page 17. It depicts a Dewointine in “green†shade on the upper surfaces and “light blue†shade on
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