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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for your input. If I'm not wrong, of course, I recall Dmitri had moved to the US much before closing down his business? Could somebody confirm? Cheers, Gwen
  2. Hi Igmar! Highly appreciated. Quite informative! No wonder why I was completely unable to file pieces properly. I'm eagerly waiting part 2 of this lesson. Will buy a couple of coffees; one for you and another for me. Thank you so very much, my mate. Cheers, Gwen
  3. Hi Jack, Interesting how Roger grafted a MiG-25 nose onto the Monogram Thud kit. I got this profile on the forward fuselage/nose of the F-105D. It'd be interesting to scale it to 1/48 to see how far it is from the shape of the Monogram kit. Also, someone in here promised to lend me a copy of the 1/48 DMold correction set for the Monogram kit. Will see how it fits the F-105D profile. Hi Rich, I agree with you on the windscreen/canopy shape issues on the Monogram Thud kit. But perhaps I also remember something about the wings having
  4. Hi Jack, I don't think the ResKit radome will wholly solve the lack of ogive-shaped curve on the forward fuselage of the Trumpeter Thud kits because both the whole forward fuselage and radome on that kit is too straight. Back in the day, there was a good fix by DMold Modelworks for either the Trumpeter or Monogram kits in 1/48th scale. I missed the chance to get mine because Dmitri Malkov ceased selling these jewels when the pandemic broke out. Anyway, I recall him telling me that the fix for the Monogram kit was long OOP by early 2020, and the Trumpeter fix (which was still ava
  5. Hi MoFo, I'm originally from Cape Town in Sefrika. Population in Argieland is over 47+ million, so you can't expect me to meet them all. It's not nice to slag off someone who is not able to stand up for themselves, but reading between the lines and paying close attention to the screen names this 'persona' used to sign up under, isn't it quite clear that their aim was just to upset the members on this forum? I mean, Hubbie Marsten is a character from the novel Salem's Lot by Stephen King; a sociopath. Local modellers I met so far are nothing like that. They're nothing but ni
  6. Hi Ray, Argentina, please.
  7. Hi Dragan, They're quite good kits overall. It's only that there's always a very knowledgeable modeller (such as Yufei Mao), who will find serious inaccuracies on it, like it was the case with the wrong shape of the windshield and canopy on every F-15 kit by GWH. I was blessed with having gotten one of his clear resin correction sets for my C kit. Unfortunately, the clear resin yellowed with time. Now the clear pieces on it look tinted like those in the F-16s or Su-27s. Then again, the shape of the intake trunks are pure fictional by far. And they might also benefit from re
  8. Hi Ray, What would the most affordable shipping price for the new GWH Warthog kit be for Buenos Aires, Argieland? Zip Code C1425AVM. Thanks quite a lot, chap. Cheers, Gwen
  9. Boob, as in the female breast, Habu? Or haven't you ever seen a nude one in your life before? *shudders* Well, thought that the 1/48 Flankers by GWH were the best out of box jets (yes, Habu; boob). But think again; it seems they need resin seats, undercarriage legs, wheels and exhausts for starters.
  10. Matt and Dave: How much did you pay when preordering? It's USD $75 right now.
  11. Hi Habu, I'll see your Cutting Edge bet and raise you KA Models...
  12. Hi lllu Dunno whether it's a "premium" customer service, but I did have replies from several Chinese manufacturers, such as Kitty Hawk, Trumpeter, Kinetic, Hobby Boss, MiniBase and Dragon to send me spares, whereas GWH replied after three months just to pick up a fight. I told them I never knew of a worst Spare Parts Service than theirs, and if I ever purchased one of their kits again it was only going to be because the need was really, reaaallyy itching me. 😆 Seriously; GWH's Customer Service is beyond Scheiße! Last kit I purchased from GWH was their 1/48 Su-27UB (and that was
  13. What frightens me the most about GWH is not the price but the utter and sheer lack of Customer Service care whenever you need spares. All the more so if you dwell in South America.
  14. Me too...!!! 😄 Dunno whether or not Origin still exist today, but it would be completely awesome to have that game with the level of graphics on DCS. Never got to fly all the missions in the game, but I recall that you could buy an F-22 late in the game? Also, the mission on which the Wildcats have to escort a LearJet; I flew that mission twice to see if I could shoot down Mrs Paige's F-16 before she'd shoot down the executive jet, but it seems that the plot makes it impossible. Does Gule-Gule ever appear on the plot? Stern gets killed early in the game (on a C-130 cargo, IIRC). Bil
  15. Hi Bastian, Quite a difference the job you've done with those itake grills. I wonder what you'd have been able to see through them on the real thing; the engine, perhaps? I've got a Revell 1/48 Sled kit fuselage spare with the clear parts + ASARS nose I purchased from a guy who use to sell spares on evilBay. I'm wondering whether or not one could graft the nacelle/wing assembly on the Italeri kit onto the Revell kit fuselage. That would be great, as I'm not going to try to correct the whole forward fuselage/nose section in the former kit. The idea is to adapt the whole fuselage
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