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  1. Yep, but none of the people in that pic seems to be looking down "there" The very top of Mr Vincent's head looks burnt.
  2. Scuttlebutt has it that he got buried by the Saracen, just as they buried that MiG-25 some years ago... Cheers, Gwen
  3. Hi Ron, Please chime in if you want to part with the Cutting Edge 1/48 Silverplate set. Cheers, Gwen
  4. Wait for Brian to recast the Resin2Detail ones, they're better than Attic and Cutting Edge sets.
  5. My only input to the discussion will be: Oh, have you seen how lovely the expression on that little blonde lass is? Such a cutie! Cheers, Gwen
  6. Thank you very much, Brad! Hi Gabor! Thanks a lot for your help. I can provide a screenshot of the assembly manual. They're huge shells; look like OFAB 500 shells, possibly? I fancy building this kit as the all-gray birds; don't like the camo ones. I take it that the shape of the sensor right below the radome is the wrong shape? It ought to be a lot more pronounced. I bought the XMM suckers for this kit the second I spotted the ridicule ones ICM had come up with (those are even worse than the non-existent ones in the Kitty Hawk inte
  7. Ha! And what about bombs? Now that we're trying to make out parts in the ICM arsenal, I thought about asking you here instead of starting a new thread regarding this very same subject. Hope Brad won't mind, but just on the sake of bandwidth. What are the bombs in the ICM MiG-25 RB kit? A Recce bird with bombs? (Perhaps I'm too noob, but...) If I wanted to graft one of Stenka's beautiful resin noses onto my kit, which one would it be, the RBT or RBF? Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry for the hijacking of your thread, Brad. Cheers, Gwen
  8. Hi Jay! Bummer... just HOW MUCH some more time? Cheers, Gwen
  9. That's probably why those COVs want Mr Vincent gone for a Burton...?
  10. Ciao, Lucio Such a long spell, bambino. How are you doing? Nice to see you're still round the forums. It's very good news to have learnt that you've not given up on this awesome build. Yours is a thread I always come to check first because it's of great interest to me. Your work is on pair with that of @chukw, @cruiz, @wardog and those others modellers which skills leave me with a jaw-dropping admiration. Cheers, Gwen
  11. Sorry, Robertson; but wasn't this same statement from you proven wrong time and time again?
  12. Does anybody have a building thread of this kit going on to follow on any modelling forums?
  13. I finally invested in a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus V.2 airbrush (and I'd also use to use the good old Badger 200 single action tool). Even when I'm a complete noob at airbrushing, I've found the Infinity tool to be a lot forgiving when doing free-hand camo patterns. I recently switched to lacquer paints as well, and the results are much more better than the Badger 200/Enamel paint combo. As for compressors, I've always had this trusty 11-litre tank capacity one, which has a silent fridge compressor head on top, pressure regulator, moisture trap and automatic shutdown onc
  14. Oh, I'm sure Mr Vincent ought to have his ways; must be a tough fella, after all, he's made of stone (and he's survived doing time at the Turkish gaol?).
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