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  1. Hi okthree, Never used the Alclad II range of metallics, but I learnt that they were not easy to spray. I learnt of these Kcolor paints through Matt McDougall as well, and still wish I had learnt about these paints a lot earlier. I purchased the whole range of their metallics when they still went by their former brand name of Kcolor. Both Kcolor and these Kustom Service ones are alcohol based paints from Italy; it's quite the very same formula. The only shade that I didn't like (I only build 1/48 aircraft kits) was their XF444 Aluminata, which is of a too dull, too dark shade. S
  2. That's right, and also he was wholly endorsed by Microsoft™ OMG! I've spilt all of my Friday brew on my pants.
  3. Ciao Lucio! How have you been? Ever since October the 31st, 2021, each time I've seen your build thread resurrected on to the first page, I'd click on it to see your progress, but usually it was Chuck, Bodo, Sernak or that Gwen-sheila three times! (think she may be trying to hit on you? ). But finally; glad to have learnt that you still have faith in improving the Hasegawa Tomcat kit - you've come a long way with it so far it'd be such a pity to lay it down. I've also gotten the AMK Tomcat dirty wings, courtesy of a great modeller and better person on this forum, which now
  4. Such a sweet and sexy Cat. Wants! When?
  5. Nice! Thanks, Don. Mind finding out how much shipping would be to Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires in Argieland - Zip Code C1425AVM, please? Cheers, Gwen PS: Oh, provided you ship outside CONUS, that is.
  6. Hi Don, Is the Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 kit taken already?
  7. Hi lads and gals, I'm desperately looking for this particular bit, which I was completely unable to find anywhere. If you have one, please PM me. Or, I'm tossing quite interesting items as possible trades so that you'd be tempted: 1. Fairy-Hobby 48008 1/48 F-15 Eagle Single Set Canopy Correction Set for GWH kit - mint (oh, I know you SO want it... 😆 ) 2. Wingman Models 72002 1/72 C-130J-30 Conversion Set (US & IAF decals) for Italeri kit - without the original box (this is long OOP) 3. Vespa Models 48002 1/48 Su-17/22 Tumansky R-29-300 Rear Fuselage Conversi
  8. Indeed! I recall back in 1995, I was barely eight, when I discovered Waldron's placards and instruments, I thought it was the best modelling industry could have ever come up with in regard to detailing cockpits. 😄 What will future bring in say... 30 more years?
  9. Wow, thank you @Dave Williams, @habu2, @Planegeek and @PA28Ace for your kind explanation on what the arrestor hook is there for on the USAF birds. I couldn't even say that I supposed its use was THAT obvious, and now I will look at that hook in my Hasegawa 1/48 F-16B+ kit a lot different. Kind of it needs a bit of attention, anyway. In another sort of thing now, I observe there's this bickering regarding whether or not Scalemates is right and/or the other way round. Please be cool lest I start issuing notices so that you're visited by the moderating ninjas at night, you hear?
  10. Oh, I recall the Hasegawa 1/48 Viper kits having been Heaven sent after having built that awful Monogram hybrid and devoid of detail kit. Now the noob question every then and now: why does the F-16 have an arrestor hook for if it's not a carrier-borne/naval aircraft? Please be gentle. Cheers, Gwen
  11. Yup, sorry ElectroSoldier, but the kit is 1/35th scale, actually. What were you thinking of? Pay attention, as @yardbird78 would have it. 😁😁
  12. Hi Mustang, Wow, look at that beauty! Your build looks awesome. I started building this very same kit last year, but sort of lost faith in it by looking at the shape of the radome and stuff. This build of yours has restored faith; kind of you've proven to me that a very nice build can come out of this kit. Will give mine another opportunity, thanks. Cheers, Gwen
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