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  1. So, is this why we haven't listened much from Gregg @GreyGhost as of late...?
  2. Hi again, Larry My husband agrees to part with the piece you're after if you agrre to trade it for the Fightertown decals sheet #48038 - QF-4S Phantom II VX-30 Bloodhounds Drone 2 The Bone. He said that you may choose another piece on that Clear-Vax set if you wish. Each one pays shipping for his end of the deal. What say you? Cheers, Gwen
  3. Hi Larry, Wow, almost four years have gone by now; still looking for this piece? I've just spotted one of those Clear-Vax sets, the #7: US Navy, World War II Part 1 (1/48 scale) by Falcon, dwelling in a forgotten spot in my husband's stash. It's complete, so I'll ask my husband if he's willing to part with that Curtiss SB2C Helldiver vacuform canopy. Cheers, Gwen
  4. Looking awesome, B-One! Been learning a lot about Vipers on this forum as of late. Hadn't it been for @scotthldr, I would have put an F-16C parapack tail on my Viper AM/MLU block 15 and viceversa. Such a noob... These kits scream for an aftermarket nozzle, don't they? Endowing her with some legs soon? Keep up the good work. Cheers, Gwen
  5. Hi Darwin! How are you hanging, luv? Any news about Gregg? Well, Moai Vinnie doesn't come across as a Vulcan to me... My embed code didn't work on my post above. Sure you Vinnie haven't disarrayed it on purpose for me? Hmmm...
  6. 😄 Okay, how about using the airbrush needle to gauge the nozzle size instead? Since you've got reliable digital calipers, guess you could always gently push the needle until it stops, mark the portion of the needle which protrudes from the nozzle hole with a felt tip pen, take it out of the nozzle and then use it to measure the size. It doesn't really take much force to rip the nozzle. My Infinity CR+ nozzles are quite brittle, and then I'm not the correct person to be handling them. Need to buy the sealing kit #126910 and it's listed 9 quid + postage. There; how about you asked H&S a
  7. Yes, you are. If you're tampering with the nozzles by inserting drill bits into them, I think you're asking for trouble. What's the point in doing that? Harder & Steenbeck replacements are awful expensive (and hard to come by as of late). Better be ruining your nozzles because you're a noob at handling them - like me, than ruining them just because. Let those nozzles be, you fool. Cheers, Gwen
  8. Mate, I didn't know that you were looking for a parapack tail set to dress up the Viper C (neither did I know that the shape and size of the tail was different between the block 15 and the block 50/52 to be honest with you), but I wouldn't be good at cutting the resin parapack bit in halves as it comes in the AWC offer just in order to make it fit the broader plastic kit base. That's for sure. Perhaps my husband could spare me the suffering. Scott, will you please enlighten me with your wisdom? I will have to tackle the Viper C in the near future as well. Cheers,
  9. Bought some goodies from Mr Kubiac in early May, and he said the kit is due for 2023, hopefully. Hopefully...
  10. Because it's possibly not for the Tamiya Viper kits? I honestly don't get it either. Or, I suppose Dimi wants the tail set solution just like it comes in the KASL offer? The parapack tail extension as, offered by the Grand Models set, means grafting the resin piece onto the plastic kit tail?
  11. Hi Dimi, Sorry for the late reply. I've been buried by ream after ream of paperwork. Yes, I used the KASL F-16A/B MLU vertical tail set on my Chilean Viper build because that's the specific block 15 (ex-Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht) I'm doing. I'm quite sure it might as well be adapted to subsequent blocks with the proper fettling, but you should check references for the different bumps and humps on the tail for the block 50/52 That's yet another good call by Niels, Dimi. I tried them, but they won't ship to Argieland. Cheers,
  12. Hi dimi, I bet that I'm much more inexperienced than you are, but I also needed the parapack tail for my Chilean 1/48 F-16 build. I'm using the Hasegawa kit, for which I bought the KASL resin piece. It's a drop-fit, so no need to cut and/or sand. KASL also offer that same piece for the Tamiya kits. Good news is those are a lot easier to find than the ones for the old Hasegawa kits. Try evilBay. Hope it helps. Cheers, Gwen
  13. That's something quite Dangerously implied, Mr Magrathean... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/A1qqE9s-ozY" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. Is this a fake? 'Cause if not, I feel like pumping some iron. Is a female able to develop such a bulk by natural means? Cheers, Gwen
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