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  1. ^^^ Oh, goodness! Please serendip, I take it back. I think it's no longer wise to redirect Sweet Joanna to see this thread any more.
  2. Hi Curt, Oh, I'm just very, very glad to have been of help to you, in all honesty. I'm ordering some metallics myself, so it was a great piece of info for me to have listened to one of my husband's modelling mates regarding these awesome paints. No-one but him seemed to be aware of the existence of this or the former brand of paints, so it was sort of a shot in the dark. Hope you get the paints you need. Thank you so kindly for your offering help in return. This is what I like most about modellers. Cheers, Gwen
  3. Don't forget that she likes to be dubbed sweet Joanna. She should even feel more prone to helping you if called so. Sweet Joanna is not elusive; it's just she ought to be buried with requests, poor lass. Also, please tell her I say hi. (I'm the customer who's been waiting for part K20 for the Trumpy 1/48 US MARINES UH-34 kit - 02881 for nearly three years now, and who still thinks she's sweet all the same). Hey, maybe if you redirect her to see this thread in your mail, she might as well realise how important her job is for us all? Best of lucks, serendip and fl
  4. Hi @Curt B, I was told today that K Colors are no more. They are resurrected as Kustom Service paints, which can be purchased via https://www.kustomservice.com/it/18-modellismo Metallics: https://www.kustomservice.com/it/103-colori-metallizzati- and https://www.kustomservice.com/it/110-colori-metallici Military colours: https://www.kustomservice.com/it/196-colori-militari Alitalia: https://www.kustomservice.com/it/139-colori-alitalia- They're exactly the same formula. Cheers, Gwen
  5. I really don't mean to slag USPS, but I shuddered upon watching the image of the tracking site Dutch posted above. I used USPS twice in less than three years. First time was at the beggining of the pandemic outbreak, when I purchased some A-10 goods from Michael Valdez at Sierra Hotel Models. Progress would show exactly the same info during the first two months after "the label had been created", to then display the very same info regarding "the parcel has been dispatched from - I don't recall where in..." (Cali?) for another two more months, until goods finally arrived in Buenos Air
  6. Nice one, Mr Vincent! You've just cracked me up. Hi Darwin, Glad to know you were not in Oz! Cheers, Gwen P.S: Where's Waco?
  7. Hi John, Power supply voltage is 220 volts down here, so I hear that the Micromot 60EF is the one to get + the transformer? How much it is for both items, I wonder? The one suggested by @chukw is $150 complete. I also heard that there's a lot of run going on with the Proxxon tools when using the keyless chuck? Ah, decisions, decisions... Cheers, Gwen
  8. That's very good to know, SWForests. I might as well resend an e-mail to G Factor about those 1/48 brass legs I need for my F-105D build. The quid I spent on the Scale Aircraft Conversion set I wish I had save it for a rainy day... Cheers, Gwen
  9. Scary, aren't they? Besides, when you try to explain to them, there's a lot that is lost in translation, which in turn make things even worse Vinnie, are you mates with any Mexican fellas? Cheers, Gwen P.S: Where's Darwin?
  10. Hi Wesley, The contact I've got is an e-mail which comes in the labels of their brass landing gear bits: gfactormodels@aol.com Dunno whether the mail is still active, or even if aol has gone Tango Uniform. I've been trying to get in contact with them to no avail. I urgently need their 1/48 F-105D landing gear. Those brass landing gear bits I got date back to 2018, and I got them via Sprue Brothers, to whom I also asked when they would be restocking their products. They replied nada. Cheers, Gwen
  11. Down here the local name of the franchise is Tacos El Carbón, as in coal. You see, they were advised to change the Cabrón word because of the moral implications. There used to be awful brawls in the local stores whenever Mexican tourists visited them, some of the Mexican fellas were witnessed to having fired their guns in anger on the store ceilings and all. Some others would just scream in their usual high-pitch yell and punch the waiters/waitresses in the mouth. My husband once got in a tangle with one of those Mexican tourists because he wasn't happy enough with having already k
  12. Hi @chukw, I've been snooping on Davidunion's web page with regard to their D550E router, and the specs inform a minimum speed of 5000 rpms, which is what I get from my Dremel variable speed tool. That speed is enough to start melting down plastic. Is there a way to further reduce minimum rpms with the Multi-Functional Controller in the D550E model, or I am possibly getting it all wrong? Thanks a lot. Cheers, Gwen
  13. Oh, Messersch; but be aware that you can always graft the dirty wings on the AMK Kitty kit onto the Tamiya one. Saludos mi carnal Gwen
  14. Couldn't you use any chisel instead? Most Dremels I know are too fast to grind plastic; mine is the old 3980 series, and its lowest speed is way too fast to grind or cut plastic. I manage to grind plastic/resin by using milling/grinding burrs, but the contact of the burr and plastic/resin needs to be kept at minimum, like half a second or less. If you work slowly, you may stand a chance to use a Dremel for that job, but sometimes I've found easier to use chisels for that job. UMM USA has got some tiny, micro chisels which I find awesome for that type of job. Incidentally; it's a pity
  15. Hi Messersch, (Shouldn't we have a drooling emoticon on here?). I'm yet to have the Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6, the Great Wall Hobby 1/48 Su-27UB, the MiniBase 1/48 Su-33 and this Tamiya kit (the A one which brings the dirty wings). Unfortunately, no-one down here is importing those kits... Will be following your progress on this one. Cheers, Gwen
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