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  1. I'm doing a 174th NYANG F-16 in the first days of the war when they carried the Pave Claw gun pod. From what I can tell, they carried an ECM pod on one pylon and an AGM-65 on the opposite pylon. What I haven't been able to discern is if it was a single missile or if it had the triple mounted rack. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thanks for the gouge. BTW, what is that blueish color on that Tomcat? Is it photo processing?
  3. Your stuff is simply amazing. I wish I had the painting skills to do them justice.
  4. Oh, that was good! Well played, sir. Well played!
  5. You are correct. That surprises me that they got it wrong. There is so much reference out there and that's a prominent feature of the LANTIRN. That intake is definitely off.
  6. But just think, it will be back in 2023.
  7. I've tried to find pictures of it, but none of them show the inlet. It should have a downward angle from right to left. LANTIRN pod
  8. That's a fun project. I'm just about done doing it in 1/48 scale. It's interesting to see just how far tooling and design technology has come.
  9. One can only dream of airshows like that anymore. 😥
  10. One thing I do want to point out is that some of the difference is lighting. The two aircraft in the foreground are in front of the open hangar bay door. If you look at the closest one, you'll see the wing has a browner hue than the fuselage because it's not in the direct light. Even the forward fuselage is browner. With that said, the furthest most A-7 definetly looks darker, but I don't think it's as dramatic as the picture shows. It would lighten up if it was in direct light.
  11. I use the MM Acryl thinner. You don't need much.
  12. It might be helpful to cut down on the snark a little bit. A simple response with examples would go a long way in effectively answering the original question. The snarky tone isn't really necessary. If you aren't aware of the recent news, there's a lot of negative vibe going on in the world right now. Yes, I'm fully aware I quoted you. It was meant to be sarcastic. 😄
  13. My brother had the same problem with adversary aircraft. Remember that photos can be misleading because of lighting, development process, atmosphere, etc.
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