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  1. 1/72 YA-10A

    A friend of mine won the old MPC 1/72 A-10 in a raffle at a local model contest. Since he's an armor builder, he gave it to me and told me to do something interesting with it. I've got the old Great Warplanes of the World book and saw the YA-10A in the A-10 section. I liked the look of the ADC Gray scheme with hi-vis markings. The MPC kit actually fit pretty well.
  2. The Last Jedi

    I love Star Wars. I was seven when the original came out and was obsessed. No one had ever seen anything like it before, because there HADN'T been anything like it before. That's the reason we're all hooked. But let's all be honest with ourselves. ALL of the Star Wars movies (with maybe the exception of Rogue One and ESB) are filled with bad acting and cheesy dialogue. We love the original because it had such a huge effect on us. Watch it again critically with no nostalgic emotion, and it's not that great. Where Star Wars was ground-breaking back in the day, it is a B-rate movie now days compared to the Marvel series. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the new movies can't "spoil" the franchise because there's really nothing to be spoiled. The Force Awakens is no better or worse than A New Hope. Ask a seven or eight year old kid what they think about TFA and you'll get almost the same reaction we had as kids. What "spoils" it is our adult selves having some unrealistic expectation about what Star Wars is "supposed" to be, and when it doesn't meet those expectations, we get upset about it. Don't go down the dark path and be like Star Trek fans.
  3. 1/48 GWH Mig-29 9.12

    Ooh, that's NOICE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. A-4D1...and a trip to memory lane!

    It really is a nice kit. I actually have an old KMC resin B/C conversion for the Monogram kit. You can find them every so often on eBay. I wrote a Finescale article on making an A4D-1, so if you have any questions, PM me.
  5. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

  6. boarding step reinforcement on F-14A

  7. boarding step reinforcement on F-14A

    I'm taking them up to Sprue Bros. sometime this week, so they should be available next week.
  8. boarding step reinforcement on F-14A

    Thanks! I'll include it in the late F-14A upgrade for the Tamiya kit.
  9. boarding step reinforcement on F-14A

    Did the late F-14A's ever get the RIO boarding step reinforcement plate?
  10. I'll agree completely about the seats and instrument panels.
  11. Hobby Boss 1/48 A-4E Skyhawk sprue shots...

    I got my kit a couple of weeks ago, but school has me so busy that I haven't had time to check it out. The plan is to still make a slat well and a B/C conversion. In what little I've looked at the kit, it looks like it matches up size-wise with the Hasegawa kit pretty closely.
  12. Two F-4J Blue Angel questions

    I'm going off memory of what I've heard, but they flew mostly with short burner cans. I can't remember if they got some long burner cans towards the end or not, but I know for sure they flew with the short ones.
  13. ProModeler Blue Angels A-4 1/48

    No worries. I've done the same thing. With the sharing of sprues between companies, it's extremely hard to keep track of what plastic is in what release.
  14. 1/32 F-16 MCID intake for Academy kit