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  1. Check your PM. I found some partials you may be able to use.
  2. That would be great. I don't need the national insignia at all. I just the squadron markings. Let me take a look in my spare decals and see if I have any 1/72 A-10 or E-2 decals. I'll let you know.
  3. I could use those VA-176 decals if you aren't going to use them. I'm building a kit for a gentleman who served in the squadron but can't find decals.
  4. NOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Items like this are why I got out of the aftermarket business. My crappy old hand-made masters can't compare to beautifully rendered, 3D printed pieces of art like this. I may need to build another prototype now!
  5. There is a big push from the current director of the museum (I think that's who's being vocal) about opening it back up, as they are losing revenue in a huge way. The majority of those in charge want to let the public back in, but there are a select few who are resisting.
  6. Good question. I just purchased a new compressor (not Iwata), but it seems to be doing the same thing. My trusty Badger died after 30 years so I was forced to get a new one. Hopefully someone will chime in.
  7. That seems to be his schtick. He's an accomplished modeler and makes good points, but the whole "in your face" approach doesn't do it for me. I know some will say I'm prudish, but the way this world is going, we need every bit of kindness and friendliness we can get!
  8. Umm...I haven't been here in awhile (kept up on the ARC FB page), so thought I'd swing by. After reading this thread, I thought I had mistakenly gone to a different site that rhymes with Lypersnail. The most constructive post was the one that listed the "good" and the "bad" of the Meng kit. What could have really elevated that post was a clarifier for each point listing it as "major" or "minor", though I realize that's still an opinion. I've watched the video of the unboxing and it looks beautiful. The list of the "bad" areas, at least for me, all seem insignificant to someone who is not overl
  9. I've got a case of Monogram A-4's waiting for decals!
  10. What? People actually plan builds? 😂
  11. When you do the F-14, make sure to paint the entire upper surfaces Gull Gray. At the time of the filming of the movie, they were transitioning to overall Gull Gray. They still had the white undersides, but the topside was Gull Gray.
  12. I am SO sorry to hear about what you had to deal with. Please remember not to spend too much time on ARC. Maybe only do weekly updates. 70 hours is still a TON of hours to be working. Make sure you have balance in your life.
  13. Hey fellow Syracusan! Are you doing the original scheme or the viper tail scheme? As an aside, we just had salt potatoes for lunch. I've gotten many a Kansan hooked on them!
  14. Just to clarify, there isn't such a thing as a "Bombcat". Any variant (A,B,D) could carry ordnance. By the end of the it's career, all airframes were wired to drop ordnance. In regards to what squadrons you can do, if you do out of box as an A, you can put VF-14, -41, -101, -154, and -211 markings on it. If you get ahold of a set of Revell/Monogram GE F110 parts from their F-14D kit, you can do a B model from the Academy. In that case, you can do VF-11, -101, -102, -103, and -143. I feel like I might be missing one, but I'm too lazy to double check. 😄
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