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  1. Interesting note about the NYANG MQ-9B. The fin flash originally was blue with yellow trim, which is the color of the state license plates. It seems they've gone to orange with blue trim to represent Syracuse University Orangemen.
  2. You have been told correctly. The standard gun vent as seen above shouldn't have the grill at the rear. That only goes with the NACA vents.
  3. Once I get mine I'll give a fair, honest review of it.
  4. You did it the right way. I'm actually not that far off. We're selling our house and downsizing, which will take care of everything, including college for my daughters, although I'm still going to make them pay for chunks of it. I've found if you don't have skin in the game, you don't always care as much as you should.
  5. 20 years already? Wow! That's about right, though. My daughter is 18 and I joined up just a couple years before she was born.
  6. White AIM-9's were hard to find by the late 80's and on. I don't know my ordnance very well, but I'm going from pictures I've seen over the years. Missiles seemed to be gray by the mid 80's. Hopefully someone with more expertise will chime in.
  7. I took Andrew's post to mean you can't just cut parts off the sprue and dry fit them without cleaning up nubs, flash, etc. I personally never dry fit. I just cut the parts off and smash them together. If they don't fit exactly, I bend them to my will...sometimes literally. 😊
  8. I think of all the squadrons flying the Super Hornet, this is the nicest set of markings. They transferred from the Tomcat very nicely.
  9. It seems the Super Hornet gets no love. There are some great new schemes, but no decals for them. The Tomcat on the other hand...
  10. It almost looks as though the builder swapped parts on the intakes. Maybe the instruction call out is wrong? I'm actually excited to get mine and add it to my collection.
  11. Not snarky at all. It's a great question. I was very skeptical as well. The principals are actually very simple, but not many people do them. He essentially has steps to go through. Investing is way down the line. The first step is to put $1000 into an emergency fund. You'd be shocked how many people don't even have that. The next is to pay off all debt. It may take years, but once done, it frees up a ton of liquid assets. He advocates cutting up credit cards and going to a cash system. It's interesting how you spend less when you actually have to pay with cash. To go along with that, you make a monthly budget and stick to it. All extra goes to paying off debt. Once you have one bill paid off, you use that money to start on the second one. He calls it the debt snowball. When all debt is paid off (except the mortgage), you then use the freed up income to save 3-6 months of savings in a money market account so you can get to it if needed. Only after that do you pay off the house and then start saving. Many people go full in and sell off a whole bunch of stuff to help pay down debt and have an outrageously strict budget. I'm not one of them, although I have sold off a lot my model-related items. It has definitely changed my spending habits, though. Like I said, the ideas aren't rocket science, and he admits as much. It's just that nobody seems to do them on their own. It's almost like a support group to help you get through the steps.
  12. What amazes me is just how simple and common sense it is. I wish I had done the steps when I got out of college. Even saving $25/month back then would have been huge now. The biggest thing I've become tuned into is the advertising. "You can get the new Dodge Ram pick up for ONLY $37,000." 😊
  13. I didn't know anybody visited anymore! 😊 Life is at a point where I don't have a lot of time. I haven't touched the website in months, so I took it down to save money. I'm doing the Dave Ramsey plan and that was an expense I could get rid of. I'll post here with any news that comes up. I'm just trying to get caught up with out of stock items at Sprue Bros. and The 48ers.
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