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  1. I've always wondered if staring with a D would be easier. It seems to have the same deep shape as the H, as well as the clamshell canopy.
  2. There's an A in the pipeline that I don't think is very far from release.
  3. Isn't that the craft that was blown out of the water by Japanese Zeros. I think I remember a Senator being on board or something like that. Sorry, I had to go there. 😄
  4. Holy cow! This is like the magic reference locker that some decal manufacturers refer to. What great shots! BTW, both the Adversary A-4's were covered by Fight's On decals. I did both of them. Painting was so much fun...NOT!
  5. I'm fascinated by how different the colors are in those last two pictures, yet they were taken at the same time. It proves once again that going off of pictures to get correct colors can be difficult at best.
  6. Holy thread revival Batman! I'd totally forgotten about this thread. Starfighter1974, I'll be honest and say it's not even worth fixing.
  7. I'll do that over summer vacation. I'll make a list and let you know.
  8. I'm going to be selling off my Steel Beach masters if anyone is interested. I'll probably start doing it over summer when I have off from teaching.
  9. Hugh Mills spoke at our CAF meeting last year. He was a fascinating individual, and share about his experience of going back.
  10. I took the easy way out with the ESCI kit and left on the wing fillets and 30mm gun. I found pictures with them added to the YA-10. 😁 ESCI YA-10
  11. Here's the third A-10 I've done from the new Caracal sheet. This one is the ESCI kit. I wimped out and left the wing fillets and 30mm gun on, as I found pictures of the YA-10 retrofitted with them. I scratchbuilt the front landing gear using pieces from a Monogram F-105, which also donated the seat. I scratched the test boom and changed the shape of the leading edge of the tails. YA-10
  12. A-10 number 2 from the new Caracal sheet. I'm going to get a lot of mileage off that sheet. I have plans for two more from it. What a great sheet! Thanks for doing it Kursad. Original Revell A-10
  13. Are the reference pages up yet for the A-10 sheet? I've got a Monogram kit waiting to paint the assymetrical scheme. This will be the third A-10 from this sheet that I've done. What a great sheet!
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