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  1. If they're smart, they'll wait to release the F until the Block III's hit the fleet. Then they can have parts for both Block II and III.
  2. That would be kind of cool to show all four schemes. To quote a not-so-great 80's song... "Things that make you go hmmm".
  3. And they get schooled by every other Navy squadron as well. Sorry, I couldn't resist a little inter-service rivalry humor. 😀
  4. I don't consider the Marines part of NavAir. 😄
  5. I'm not sure there's any copyright infringement. I would say it's more of an honorable thing to do. If he did the work on them, he should at least be mentioned.
  6. I didn't know Trigger did those. Sweet! He should definetly be credited.
  7. Of all these produced, is there still only one Navy fleet squadron (VFA-147) with them?
  8. He does great work, but I'm a bit put off by the language and attitude. Is it like that on his YouTube stuff?
  9. Great to have you back in the game.
  10. I have great memories of Griffiss. I grew up in Syracuse and my dad was a high school guidance counselor. They invited him up for a visit to help with recruiting and he took me along as a 12 year old. I got to go up in the tower and watch Sixes from the 49th FIS land and -52's take off. I talked with a -106 pilot and toured the hangars. If only I had a good camera! A few years later, as a member of a Boy Scout Explorer post, we got a ride in a KC-135 out of Griffiss and refueled B-52's. It was a thrill of a lifetime for a teenager. Thanks for the bringing back those memories. It was a sad day
  11. What a sad, sad day. It's been a hard week for our hobby. First Bill Koster, and now Mark Bilas. He was a great guy and I was glad to have known him.
  12. This right here. I do that with my weathering as well. I paint it nice and clean (no marbling or blackbasing or preshading) and then make it nice and dirty and add corrosion control. I finished the scheme in question not long ago with the Monogram kit. 1/48 Monogram VF-102
  13. I found a copy of the instructions online. It's actually a THREE tone scheme, but non-standard VF-102 instruction sheet
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