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  1. 1/48 A-1H Skyraider VA-152 Black Spades

  2. Bad day for a helo driver

    That's gonna leave a dent!
  3. F/A-18F update for Hasegawa 1/48 kits

    I just packaged some sets to take up to SB tomorrow. They should be in the system by the end of the week.
  4. Rex, the accidental CAG

    I'll second Superheat's "phew"! Good to hear all is well Rex.
  5. F-20 Tigershark

  6. F/A-18F update for Hasegawa 1/48 kits

    If you can't find a Growler, Steel Beach has an ACS update and Quickboost has some ECS pipes.
  7. What's needed to build a 48th Scale EKA-3B

    I'm glad I could help out. I've started using a new resin that really casts well. It's even in gray!
  8. Happy 75th Birthday, Jolly Rogers!

    Now those are sweet markings!
  9. Snow Day F-14A Tomcat

    I had started a 1/48 Monogram Tomcat on New Year's Day to see if I could finish it as a one day build, but I got busy with family and it got set aside. Fast forward to today. My school called off and I took advantage of the time to get it knocked out. Markings are for VF-114 Aardvarks and are from Fightertown. I used the Master Model turned alpha probe, TD resin seats, Steel Beach intake covers and probe covers, and wheels from the Tamiya Tomcat kit. It was painted with various brands of Light Gull Gray, including MM Acryl, Mr. Paint, and Mr. Color.
  10. Mini-Review: BUFFMaster Products HSABs

    Wow! What a blast from the past. I haven't heard names like Buffmaster, Superbug, and Dr. Pepper Resin in years. That brought back good memories!
  11. USS Intrepid Air Wing 1961

    If you can get ahold of Mr. Color or Mr. Paint, they make phenomenal Light Gull Grays.
  12. 1/48 Hobbyboss A-4E Skyhawk

    I picked up the HB Skyhawk so I could complete my comparison of all the 1/48 Skyhawk kits that have been made. It's a decent kit, but it doesn't have any dropped flaps or slats and no clear parts for the wingtip lights, anti-collision lights, landing light, or carrier landing lights in the wing root. I decided to add some detail to the kit and grafted in a set of Monogram flaps aided by some Eduard PE. I also got the Brassin wheels, which are a nice improvement. I would put this kit in second place. The Hasegawa kit still reigns as the king of A-4's.
  13. Another Tomcat for the wall.

    I got another Monogram Tomcat finished up. This was kind of languishing for a few months, so I decided to knock it out and get it up on the Wall of Tomcats.
  14. My builds for 2017