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  1. I didn't think about that! I do tell them that we spend so much time together during the school year that we're like a family.
  2. I already tried it. I ran into child labor laws because they were only 9 and 10 years old. 😂
  3. Thanks. It's not Eduard or Quickboost, but it does the job at an affordable price.
  4. I'm casting more over the next couple of weeks and will get them to him. I'm getting my classroom up and running, which is taking most of my time.
  5. With my stuff, there will be a LOT of red lines!
  6. Okay, you win the contest. I will donate an item from Steel Beach. PM me with what item you're interested in.
  7. You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with...... a HERRING!
  8. We're almost at 200 pages!!!!!! There should be a prize for the first person who posts on the 200th page. I'd be willing to kick in something from Steel Beach.
  9. A "joint" build? That's almost what you need to be able to work on a Mach 2 kit. It takes away rational thinking!
  10. I just finished it up as well. He really got screwed over that sailor's death. I'm sure there's another side to the story, but to have his career impacted like that just didn't seem fair.
  11. That paint didn't hold up very well. That scheme isn't that old. Cool looking weathering, though.
  12. Interesting review, though he does get into the weeds a little bit on small details. But it's good information. The one thing that annoys me in his review of his description of one of the schemes as "White 33". US aircraft aren't referred to like that. That's a Luftwaffe thing.
  13. The TA-4J is the only way to make an OA-4M as well. The Monogram kit is good in a pinch, but Hasegawa/Steel Beach combo yields a bit more modern kit. I've never understood why Hasegawa never released an OA-4M. They almost have everything they need.
  14. I know there's a vac canopy for the A-4M. Does the TA-4J have the same windscreen (or close to it) that the A-4M has? That might be an option.
  15. I've thought about how to replicate the new door in resin, but with all that grid work, I don't think my scratchbuilding or casting skills will get me there. I may still try it just to see how it comes out.
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