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  1. I took the easy way out with the ESCI kit and left on the wing fillets and 30mm gun. I found pictures with them added to the YA-10. 😁 ESCI YA-10
  2. Here's the third A-10 I've done from the new Caracal sheet. This one is the ESCI kit. I wimped out and left the wing fillets and 30mm gun on, as I found pictures of the YA-10 retrofitted with them. I scratchbuilt the front landing gear using pieces from a Monogram F-105, which also donated the seat. I scratched the test boom and changed the shape of the leading edge of the tails. YA-10
  3. A-10 number 2 from the new Caracal sheet. I'm going to get a lot of mileage off that sheet. I have plans for two more from it. What a great sheet! Thanks for doing it Kursad. Original Revell A-10
  4. Are the reference pages up yet for the A-10 sheet? I've got a Monogram kit waiting to paint the assymetrical scheme. This will be the third A-10 from this sheet that I've done. What a great sheet!
  5. Kursad has done it again! The new Early A-10 sheet is fantastic! This is Tamiya's 1/48 scale A-10 using the new Caracal sheet. Tamiya A-10
  6. I get (maybe) the logo, but there's absolutely no way they should be able to trademark VMFA and VMFA(AW). That's simply nomenclature given to identify and keep track of bookkeeping, and the Marines didn't even do it. The Navy did it! That's absurd. If I were put in that position, I'd design the decals so they were two part and separated on the decal sheet. They couldn't touch you. It's much like what companies do with swastikas to get around the European laws. Ain't no trademark on MAR INES.
  7. So what was it that the USMC had a problem with? If it was the logo, just make stickers with the new logo and place them over the old one on the packaging. If logo is on the decal sheet, either cut it off or color over it with a Sharpie. Problem solved. 😁
  8. Actually, the HB/Trump A-6's in 1/48 and 1/32 are quite nice.
  9. What's even better is that R2 was in Star Trek as well as Star Wars. 😁
  10. Woohoo!!!!!!! I can't wait for the A-10 sheet.
  11. I liked all the "illegal" parking on the curbs. You gotta do what you gotta do!
  12. I will admit it was a bit of work.
  13. I see you haven't painted your F-18 yet. I double dog dare you to go with this scheme. Prototype F-18
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