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  1. That actually makes quite a bit of sense. The irony of all of this is that the very design feature that caused so much trouble (VTOL), may become a mute point if the news about the Marines changing their focus is to be believed. The cost and length of development of the F-35 (or should it really be the F-24?) would have been much lower had they not had to incorporate VTOL into the design. And maybe the X-32 would have looked a little more streamlined.
  2. Here's the thing, though. Can you paint something that small to that quality? I know I couldn't. I couldn't even do 1/48 that good.
  3. We should tag-team a build sometime. You do the cockpit and the construction and send it to me to paint and decal. 😄
  4. My dreams have been answered! One of the things I hate doing is painting cockpits. It's so time-consuming and keeps me from getting the to fun stuff (painting and decaling). This step of the process just got sped up considerably. Yeah!!!!!!
  5. I just want to know what the Boeing design team was thinking when they came up with overall design. The function may have been there, but the form sure wasn't!
  6. Put the inner and outer wing piece together and then CA glue the brace in the raised rectangle where the wing fold pieces would normally have gone. The shapes fit the rectangular openings. Hopefully that makes sense. I don't have a Skyray kit on hand. Otherwise I'd take pictures.
  7. Look at how ratty that F-22 looks. That would make for an interesting finish.
  8. I've used the GSB. It's fantastic. I have my grays on the way now. With MM Acryl going away, this seems like it's going to be my replacement. You can brush paint it as well, and the hue is the same as the sprayed paint. So, if you need to touch up, you can do it with a brush. Adhesion seemed to be better than other acrylics I've tried.
  9. Gordon just got the MRP acrylics in. Mine should be here today. He gave me the Glossy Sea Blue sample he had. With MM Acryl going away, MRP acrylics are my go-to. It was the best GSB I've used.
  10. I'm starting a Desert Storm project and I'm looking for the Afterburner Wing King sheet with the NYANG jet on it. I have the old Superscale sheet, but being from Syracuse, I can't get past the errors. If you've got that sheet and don't plan on using the NYANG markings, I'd love to purchase them from you.
  11. I had wondered about that. I could never see red on the door edges, but wondered if it was just me.
  12. Interesting stuff. It's more complicated than I thought. I have Killer Rays and have never really payed attention to the slat wells. I was always more interested in the markings. 😀
  13. Make sure you get that picked up today. As much as I'd like to think of Sprue Bros. being essential, I don't the city thinks that. 😀 Stay safe and hunker down for the next 30 days. Just think of the modeling time we'll have!
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