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  1. That is very kind of you. Thank you for the support. As long as you enjoy what you're doing, that's all that matters.
  2. I think the framing is different. With that said, the framing on the Monogram kit is wrong, so you could sand off the framing and polish the canopy, then use the mask to paint on the correct framing. That's what I did the Monogram F-14.
  3. You are spot on Bill. Where it goes off the rails is when comments are made. We've all heard them. "This kit is a piece of garbage that should be tossed in the trash. In fact, I did throw it away because it was unbuildable." Or, "Just stop complaining and build it. Be glad a kit manufacturer even made it." I'm going to dive deep philosophically for a moment. As humans, we tend to seek out validation. That validation many times can be found in like-thinking groups. Human nature is to congregate with others we perceive as similar to us, whether it be values, appearance, interests, etc. I think t
  4. Thanks for the input GW. Your $0.02 are worth quite a bit more.
  5. When you see something you want, buy it, because when you go back for it at a later date, you won't find it.
  6. What disturbs me (and should disturb the powers-that-be) is that a fire on board could cripple this ship (and possibly cause it to be scuttled). What happens if a missile hits it in combat? The Forrestal, Enterprise, and Oriskany had much more serious (as far as what we know at the moment) fires than the Bonnie Dick, yet those were all saved. What's going on with this one that they aren't able to get it under control?
  7. In addition to this excellent advice, you have to consider that on any given day, a specific model will (or won't) do well. I entered an 1/48 F-4 Phantom at a local show and place. A few months down the road I went to IPMS Nationals and entered it and took 3rd. You just never know what the judges are looking at.
  8. Do whatever you feel comfortable with or what you enjoy. That's what the hobby is about. That's why it kind of bugs me when modelers look down on those who don't rescribe.
  9. Actually, I kind of get what echolmberg is saying. I don't think dai phan meant anything negative from his title. However, echolmberg has a legitimate gripe. I've had personal interactions with other modelers at contests who've asked me why I didn't rescribe the lines on my Monogram Tomcats. I said it took too long, and a good result could be achieved with the raised lines. I was told that a "serious" modeler would have rescribed the lines. I kind of thought I was a serious modeler, being that I write for Finescale Modeler and have won awards at the national level. I guess I'm not serious eno
  10. Good question. If you mean highlighting the panel lines, many used pencil, painting, or lightly sanding the line to get the plastic to show. They are essentially the same techniques used today. It's interesting to note that while engraved detail can be used to produce a very artistic finish, most of it isn't realistic. Engraved lines are simply easier to work with.
  11. You're right. That's probably a better example.
  12. I can actually see it now that I know what to look for, but it still (at least to me) isn't that big of a deal. It's comparable to the AMK Tomcat rear end. Yeah, it's there, but whether it's a deal-breaker is completely up to each person.
  13. I've shut down Steel Beach and closed the website, so the pictures aren't available anymore.
  14. The best advice I can give is be careful cutting. Make your cuts smaller than needed and then gradually increase the area until the resin piece fits. I would also recommend using the resin parts to make a tape template. Trace around the part on Tamiya tape, cut it out with an X-Acto, and place it where it needs to go.It's a be it of work, but it's not hard. If I can do it, anyone can! I wish I could have done the entire fuselage, but my casting abilities weren't up to that. Good luck with the project. I'm glad you found one. Hopefully some day I'll be able to restart SB and bring that set back
  15. I'm putting the decals on an F-16A and wondered why the warning stenciling is in orange. Every other US aircraft is in red or yellow. What was the thinking behind using orange?
  16. I'm bored. I thought I'd bring back the entertainment. 😄
  17. It all depends on how passionate you are about the subject at hand. If you are passionate about the F-104, you will see the shape issue. In comparing the two pictures, I had to go back and forth a couple of times before I could even begin to think I was seeing something off. Eventually it looked like there was a bit of a difference, but nothing that for me was even remotely a deal-breaker. I'll take ease of build and good detail all day long over 100% accuracy. As long as it's nothing major, it's all good. I'm passionate about the Tomcat and the AMK kit shape issues didn't turn me off. Of cour
  18. That is incredibly generous of you! Unfortunately, I'm on a deadline (this is for a future Finescale article) and I'm in the middle of moving, so I had to go ahead and fabricate my own. Fortunately, it can't even be seen once the pod and the landing gear are on. You are so right about the Tamiya F-16. It's absolutely gorgeous. Of course, did I keep the spare parts? No. This is why we modelers shouldn't throw things out! 😄
  19. I tried googling a couple different combinations of words and finally found a good picture. It's on a pylon, but it's a skinny little thing. GPU-5/A mount
  20. Thanks for the gouge. I'll have to find that book.
  21. How is the Pave Claw mounted to the F-16? I've looked at numerous pictures, but can't see if it's on a pylon or directly to the fuselage. It also seems to be positioned far back to clear the front gear door. I was originally going to use the centerline pylon that comes in the Hasegawa kit, but I can see that won't work.
  22. That's where I got the initial info, but wanted to clarify how many. You are correct that it's a great site. Thanks for sharing it.
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