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  1. What clear coat do you use? Enamel or acrylic? Thanks. David
  2. I see Thunder Over Louisville was postponed until August 15. David
  3. I clearly missed that! I just bought a ton of MRP paint...it"s the best paint I think I've sprayed in my airbrush!
  4. I made it up there on Monday Darren! got my supplies ready.
  5. I actually ordered that color of Ammo this morning and will be headed to Sprue Brother to pick it up today. I agree, it looked really close. David
  6. I wondered that myself actually.
  7. I have the paint masks already in hand! I do think they are a great product indeed. David
  8. Wow, I'd say you did great on the color match! Well done, and thank you for the advice! Cheers. -David
  9. Thanks for the info, I'll check into that yellow. I did use Google search with no luck...that's why I asked here. Cheers.
  10. I'm wanting to build the USN Rotten Banana F-5N, and I'm having trouble finding the correct Yellow paint. I see it's listed as FS33793, and my search isn't coming up with any. I would prefer acrylic but at this point not sure if it exists. If anyone has any ideas, my searching isn't coming up with anything. Pictured below is a shot I took of the Marines version, however, basically the same overall scheme just to give you an idea of which one I am referring to. Thanks. -David Rotten Banana on final by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  11. Sad to hear SB is shutting down, but I do understand life gets in the way! Thanks for all your products alongs the way. I was mainly paint masks and some decals for me along the way. Are you staying the KC area? David
  12. What a show! Thanks for sharing these pics. David
  13. I'm sure it's been suggested in this very thread before...S-3A/B Vikings sheet would be most welcome. David
  14. Outstanding work! Just wow. David
  15. Nice shots! I gave you a follow on Flickr as well! David
  16. Excellent photos, and enjoyed your report. Well done! David
  17. Received my B-52G update set, along with the cruise missile set this past Saturday! I'm excited about this kit now, and I've been waiting to begin on this kit! David
  18. Might not be any sun to worry about. Wx isn't looking great. Ugh, the weather has not been good on my airshow travels this year! David
  19. I've been planning on going to this one myself. Glad you asked on here. It's about a 9 1/2 hour drive for me, yeah I'm kinda crazy (as my wife says). I've been wanting some aerial shots of the Blacksnakes A-10s and I've been wanting some better shots of Dean's F-100F as well. Not much else listed really but, I'm intrigued about the F-86, F-100, F-16, & A-10 fly-by. Glad the parking is on airport property this time. David
  20. You're welcome! Yeah I love that one also, just wish I would've been able to get some better ones of it, but still happy to see it in the air.
  21. I've decided to add some more from that week... Brand Spankin' new F-15SA flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr SJ F-15E West flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr OT F-35A flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr UAE F-16F_ by D_Jackman, on Flickr VFC-12 'Omars' by D_Jackman, on Flickr Weapons Flex by D_Jackman, on Flickr Shark Aggresor Flex take off by D_Jackman, on Flickr MiG 21UM by D_Jackman, on Flickr
  22. Sorry Fred, I dug through all of the Sentry Eagle pictures, and no dice on the Eagle you're looking for. David
  23. I will dig through my Sentry Eagle 2007 pictures. That's the only time I was able to catch the HI ANG Eagles. Not sure if it was there, but I'll check. David
  24. Received my new sheet from them Saturday. It was a long wait, but he communicated it on the website. Worth the wait, and they always come through. David
  25. Here's some more photos... F-35B hover by D_Jackman, on Flickr Australian F-35A by D_Jackman, on Flickr Draken L-159E 'Honey Bager' by D_Jackman, on Flickr VFA-146 'Blue Diamonds' by D_Jackman, on Flickr 425 FS Flagship by D_Jackman, on Flickr Snipers topside by D_Jackman, on Flickr Norwegian F-35A by D_Jackman, on Flickr
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