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  1. Still crapping on about this FFS!
  2. This really is a toxic little place full of legends in their own lunch time. I thought I would say a few things based on my experience. Tell you what. I will get on and build things and f you can continue to bicker like old women and vanish up your own arse. Pathetic. GOODBYE and good ridence.
  3. I noted that issue and put a section of sprue to stretch out the fuselage. There is now a tiny join line but the surfaces are level.
  4. No, They are both the same size. I am thinking to make my own and replace it
  5. From Gulf one to other detachments over the years. Pacific coast carriers such as Independence.
  6. I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Junior Recruit on the 11 October 1973 (15 years and 10 months of age)and transferred to Reserves as a Lieutenant Commander after 43 years 131 days on the 10 April 2017 .
  7. Do try and build something in between. It may be a long wait.
  8. No problems with my decals. They have gone on fine and snuggled down well with a little bit of softener here and there.The register is slightly off on some of the stencils but unless you have some bystander get to within dangerously too close "back off, distance" "I am going to hit you" they are fine People tend to develop a bias in some things. I used to swear by Tamiya for every category of model (I mainly build armor and F1 cars) but other companies have come and produced far superior detailed and accurate models. Then we have another category of modeler who spends most of their time picki
  9. You know what. I have bought two of these kits. Yes the instructions are confusing at times.There is an error around the air bag and the flight refueling area is off and it is not shake and bake like Tamiya so you need to be careful and think your build out but,if you compare the detail of such things as the wheel wells and other options offered it wins hands down. I will eventually build a Tamiya version but I am yet to see a perfect kit and I have built all manner and types over 50 years. For those procrastinating over buying this kit, don`t. You will be happy you did.
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