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  1. KEB I have not found any reference numbers for the gray scheme, just generic names i.e. Light Gray etc. I was going to use the Mr Paint Colors and here is a link to their site that show the three colors need. I have used Mr Paint before and really liked the way it sprayed but be advised it is acrylic Lacquer which some do not like to use. https://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=384 If you are doing Red 27 #92939 notice that the pattern and colors are the same as other gray schemes but the light and dark green gray colors are some times reversed. Regards Jim Barr
  2. Keb If you are talking about the splinter camo scheme colors on the SMT then as Paul said there are two different schemes using different patterns and different colors. If the Red 27 you are building is #92939 then it is painted in the "gray" scheme as is Red 09 in Pauls post; here is a link that show the difference in the two schemes. https://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=379 As for paint, the link is from the Mr Paint web site and they carry the pints for both schemes. Regards Jim Barr
  3. No, after skyhawk524 original post I understand that there were two White 33 P-38s, one with no nose art and has been recovered and restored and the other was J S II and both assigned to the 39th FS. Regards Jim Barr
  4. Ok, so Tamiya decided to give us decals for a restored P-38 that has White 33 markings instead of White 33 - Japanese Sandman II. Thanks for the info. Regards Jim Barr
  5. This is the one I have been waiting for, even has the markings I wanted, "Japaneses Sandman II"; EXCEPT they don't have the Japaneses Sandman II nose art on the decal sheet or shown in the markings artwork . What gives with that? Regards Jim Barr
  6. Well the 7012 / 7035 combination was not something I was expecting and the black edge on the horizontal stabilizer is a new twist. Thank you for this great information and the time you have taken to provide it. Best Regards Jim
  7. Thanks for the additional information on the tanks and pylons, it will not be all that much trouble to go back and paint them RAL 7023. A couple of more color questions; what would be the correct color the BOZ 107 and Cerberus-3 for this time period and also the AS.34 Kormoran 1, would they be white or Olive Drab? Best Regards Jim
  8. Thanks everyone for the information, it has been very useful. Jurgen, on the Don Color drawing both the left and right front fuselage is a combination of RAL 7023 and RAL 7030 as per your profile of 43+85; but for some reason RAL 7023 is shown as darker on the left forward fuselage than it is depicted on the left vertical stabilizer but not as dark as RAL 7012. That threw me off also when I was first studying the drawings but after comparing the left side with his other three views it is clear that it should be RAL 7023. Glad to have some verification that I reached the right conclusion. Andrew, thanks for the info on the pylons, I had that book years ago but have since sold it. Best Regards Jim Barr
  9. Jurgen, really appreciate the profile with the stenciling, that is a big help. I do have one question that maybe you can answer; I have the Don Color four view camo drawing for 43+85 and he shows that the inboard pylons and drop tanks on both side were painted in RAL 7030 and the picture of the right side that ChernayaAkula sent me confirms this for that side. Do you happen to know if that was true for the left side and also for the outboard pylons? Thanks for all your help Jim
  10. Jurgen, thanks so much for the great information on 43+85 and that helps wraps up some lose ends as far as marking go. Too bad there not any good photos available on the www. Best Regards Jim Barr
  11. Thanks for the photos, yes I have found one or two photos of the cross on the right top wing of the early two tone aircraft, still looking for some on ANY 3/4 color camo aircraft. Regards Jim Barr
  12. I am ready to start applying the decals on a 1/72 Marineflieger Tornado #43+85 that carries an experimental camo scheme and is depicted on the box art for the Italeri kit #171. My question is in regards to the German crosses on the wings. I have 3 model kit instructions and the older ModelDecal #87 instructions that show the crosses on the left and right wings, both top and bottom, however all the pictures I can find show the cross only on the top of the left wing and bottom of the right wing. I really like the looks of the four cross version but want to be accurate; can any one confirm if they ever carried the four cross on the 3/4 color schemes (not the two color dark gray over white) and when they changed over to the one cross per wing system. Also I know the Luftwaffe was trying out different schemes on their F-4Fs in the early 1980's, does any one have a time frame on when the Marineflieger was experimenting with the different schemes for the Tornado? Thanks for any help. Jim Barr
  13. Yes it is for the main landing gear struts; you can go to the Eduard site and search for the 1/48 MiG-21MFN #FE723 Weekend PE set and download the PDF instructions on how to bend and where it goes. Regards Jim Barr
  14. Was thinking about doing a 1/48 MiG-29SMT in the near future and while looking through the nice selection of Russian weapons by Advanced Modeling came across the KAB 1500Kr, these are 1500 kg TV-guided bombs that the instructions say can be carried by the MiG-29SMT. So the questions is can the 29SMT really carry two of these? I am sure it can carry two of the KAB500Kr, but two of the 1500kg ones, now that would really look neat. Thanks for any help Jim Barr
  15. Any estimate on when this sheet might be released? Thanks Jim Barr
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