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  1. Any time frame on the release of 144009 KC-135A / E? Thanks Jim Barr
  2. Well I did a closer look at the two nose gear struts and I was wrong, they are not different length, just slightly different configurations so they will not help the forward lean problem. Regards Jim Barr
  3. Well, since you are in a question answering mood; in Stachinw's book there are illustrations on the different stores that shows the center-line drop tank and the under wing drop tanks as both being 125 Imp gallons and except for no top rear fin on the CL tank, being the same size and shape. In the Kinetic kit there is a noticeable difference in size and shape between the CL tank and the two under wing tanks. So was there in fact two different tanks in use, your photo with the 434 markings seem to be the same tanks (minus the top fin on the CL tank). Yes I know that Kinetic does give you two di
  4. Craig, thanks so much for posting the photos, which does show the effect I have been struggling with of the blue tone of the 35237 color. Great comment about the non-matching nose, pylons, and stores which answered another question I had. Another question; in both photos the aircraft seem to be "chocked" with heavy rope, or is that just the "pull rope wrapped around and hiding the chocks Best Regards Jim Barr
  5. Yes, the pictures of it in the museum show that the paint scheme has seen better days.
  6. Tony, yes I am aware that "5" indicates it is in the blue range, but if you look at other FS chips in the "5" Blue section, yes it has just a slight hint of blue but there is more gray there than blue. Looking at all the pictures of CF-5s that I have come across that are in the "Ghost" scheme the the color that is in the 35237 places is way more blue, now that the shade of blue is al over the place but still not close to the 35237 chip. I have found in some of those same photos colors that do come very close to the other Ghost colors of 36251, 36307, just not 35237. Regards J
  7. Oh I am sure the listed colors are what the Official documents call for, was just wondering if maybe someone one got a little loose with the "translation". As mentioned the colors for Red 05 from the 419th Sq in Stachiw's book has the same blue cast for 35237. Regards Jim Barr
  8. Getting ready to start building the recent Kinetic 1/48 CF-5A kit and plan on using the provided decals for the 434 Sq Red "65". Kinetic list the camo colors as FS 35237, 36307, & 36251 and these match with the Belcher Bits 1/48 decal instructions and the list in Anthony Stachiw's book "Canadair CF-5 Freedom Fighter". The problem is the color photo of Red 05 in the book (and others on the www) and this photo for Red 63 right before 434 Sq stood down show the 35237 color as being much bluer which I like better. Any help in clearing the discrepancies would be appreciated as I just don't see
  9. KEB I have not found any reference numbers for the gray scheme, just generic names i.e. Light Gray etc. I was going to use the Mr Paint Colors and here is a link to their site that show the three colors need. I have used Mr Paint before and really liked the way it sprayed but be advised it is acrylic Lacquer which some do not like to use. https://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=384 If you are doing Red 27 #92939 notice that the pattern and colors are the same as other gray schemes but the light and dark green gray colors are some times reversed.
  10. Keb If you are talking about the splinter camo scheme colors on the SMT then as Paul said there are two different schemes using different patterns and different colors. If the Red 27 you are building is #92939 then it is painted in the "gray" scheme as is Red 09 in Pauls post; here is a link that show the difference in the two schemes. https://mrpaint.sk/farby/lietadla/USSR?product_id=379 As for paint, the link is from the Mr Paint web site and they carry the pints for both schemes. Regards Jim Barr
  11. No, after skyhawk524 original post I understand that there were two White 33 P-38s, one with no nose art and has been recovered and restored and the other was J S II and both assigned to the 39th FS. Regards Jim Barr
  12. Ok, so Tamiya decided to give us decals for a restored P-38 that has White 33 markings instead of White 33 - Japanese Sandman II. Thanks for the info. Regards Jim Barr
  13. This is the one I have been waiting for, even has the markings I wanted, "Japaneses Sandman II"; EXCEPT they don't have the Japaneses Sandman II nose art on the decal sheet or shown in the markings artwork . What gives with that? Regards Jim Barr
  14. Well the 7012 / 7035 combination was not something I was expecting and the black edge on the horizontal stabilizer is a new twist. Thank you for this great information and the time you have taken to provide it. Best Regards Jim
  15. Thanks for the additional information on the tanks and pylons, it will not be all that much trouble to go back and paint them RAL 7023. A couple of more color questions; what would be the correct color the BOZ 107 and Cerberus-3 for this time period and also the AS.34 Kormoran 1, would they be white or Olive Drab? Best Regards Jim
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