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  1. Dear guys, looking for this beauty. Anyone have one available to sale? Thanks
  2. Dear guys Looking for Authentic Decals 48-74 Ukrainian MiG-29 with digital camo - Ukrainian Air Force. Thanks in advance
  3. Is the "Revell USA" box of the Sr-71 available? Or not yet?
  4. 1/48 Academy F-4B Phantom VF-142. 1967, MiG-21 Killer. LCDR Robert Davis and LCDR Gayle Elie. Eduard PE for cockit and Furball Aero-Design Bravo Mig Killers decals and kit stencils. Mr Hobby aqueous paints. Folding from scratch. Subtle weathering using oils. 20210815_154721 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr 20210815_154809 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr 20210815_154827 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr 20210815_154924 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr 20210815_154908 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr 20210815_154741 by Rodrigo Loyola, en Flickr
  5. Thanks for the review, really complete. I build the Testors SR-71A last year, obvously had to re scribe thw whole thing and a lot of corrections but it's really impressive model when finished. In the other hand, i buyed the new Revell SR-71A Blackbird, very nice kit, with a correct shape of the front part of the fuselage (that is one of the worst flaw of the testors, but not the only one), fine detail on the molds, detailed engines and support for the "on flight" option, but, i would like to see a better detail on the front fuselage, for example, no rivets at all; im the other hand
  6. Yes, i'm looking for this beauty, i can pay with paypal. Thank you
  7. Wow. Thank you i'll keep your advice. Regards
  8. Great job. I have the same on the stash. Did you find some problems to advice about the build? Regards
  9. Thank you Gremlin I'ts a AN/AVQ-10 Pave Knife designation pod. Regards
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