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  1. People I'm looking for : Furball Aero-Design/Detail & Scale 1/48 Colors and Markings of US Navy Tomcats Part Three. I can pay with Paypal. If anyone wants to sell please pm me. Thanks in advance. Pd : I live in Chile.
  2. Does Tamiya have plans for a new 1/48 F-14B Tomcat?
  3. Hi there What parts specific do you need from the Tamiya 1/48 F-16?
  4. But the canopy is the same? At least i think that the windshield is different too. Regards
  5. Amazing build, a real pleasure to look your job, thumbs up!
  6. Dear guys I'ts a long shot, but i'm looking for the Airdoc AIM32001 1/32 F-4F Phantoms Luftwaffe Norm 90J (or one part of the set could be work). I can pay with paypal, please note that i live in Chile. Best regards
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