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  1. Some sprue pics https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10163036926789466&set=pcb.1953828908285938
  2. Very nice build, and thanks for sharing the details about the Meng.
  3. Model of the two times MiG Killer on Desert Storm Cap "Rico" Rodriguez. Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C, Aires cockpit, Ka models exhaust, gunze paints, Bullseye decals.
  4. The first aerial attacks was carried by the F-117 on Desert Storm. Kit Tamiya 1/48, Aires cockpit, Gunze Paints and oils.
  5. May be you can try with a chrome pen, works great to me. Regards
  6. Yes, the real job will be fading, motting and another effects to the real-weathered aircraft. Regards
  7. Finally made this test with Mr Hobby paints 305, 306 abd 307. Colors direct no fade or other technics (Tested over and old 1/48 Eurofighter kit)
  8. Thank you gentelmen. Wingfold details made from scratch. Thanks
  9. Dear friends Looking for 1/48 A-6E decals, VA-65 The World Famous Fighting Tigers, included on fightertown decals set 48057. If you wanna sell it please pm me. Thanks in advance
  10. Ok thanks for your response. I'll do some test with H-69 H-337 and H-62 and i'll share pictures here. Regards
  11. Currently have one of this birds (Hasegawa) in process. Cockpit mostly scratch. But about the paints, does someone has the color equivalences of the camo in Gunze? Thanks in advance
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