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Pete Coleman

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    Sussex, United Kingdom.
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    Film & Digital Photography, Films, Books, Edith Nesbit, Computers, Flight Simulation/home P.C, Civil Airliners, Reptiles, Tornado GR1 & Plastic modelling !!!
  1. Thanks Trojan Thunder. The Amodel 1:72nd kits are OK but are definately not "shake-and-bake", (no locating pins etc), kits. A little thinking outside of the box will be required...
  2. No Waltmert, I havn't built the Falcon 20 but I have heard it's a bit of a dog! Thanks for your kind comments re my builds! Cheers, Pete.
  3. Thanks Emvar. I'm awaiting delivery of the CL-600. Apparently it has an unusual way of doing the cabin windows, it has a clear drop in strip of polystyrene that fits into a trough on the OUTSIDE of the the fuselage, I believe the Yak 42D is done the same way but much bigger and includes masks! Cheers, Pete. P.S. Here's a pic of my Amodel Falcon-10, (top photo). The main wing is not yet fixed into position! And the bottom photo is of my Amodel Falcon-. 50, with the "dreaded" Mach2 Jetstar behind!..
  4. Has anyone here built either of the two kits mentioned above? Or can you point me in the direction of any reviews? I have built a couple of Amodel kits, so know roughly what to expect!!! 😜
  5. Why is this being shown again? http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal14/13301-13400/gal13360-Dauntless-Hargett/00.shtm Was last posted on Feb' 4th 2015...
  6. Well done Victor, she's very nice for 1:225. For all you HMS Victory builders: http://www.pete-coleman.com/forum Cheers, Pete.
  7. Would anyone know if there will be some "AVIOGENEX" decals too? Yes, I know that they had "B" models! Cheers, Pete.
  8. Pete Coleman


    Just wanted to congratulate Silvio Pietropaolo on a very nicely done XB-70A. That's one seriously cool "Galloping Gertie" you have there!
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