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  1. Litvyak I have a spare canopy, pm me your address and I'll bung it off to you. Regards Dogsbodyx
  2. Hi, just bought a second-hand kit complete with metal seat & Eduard PE but, sadly, on opening at home, no canopy!! If anyone has a spare, I would be happy to purchase it & reimburse any charges etc. Thanks for any assistance. Anthony
  3. They appear to be available direct from the manufacturer here: http://www.condordecals.com.ar/condordecal...p;subrubroID=10
  4. Got one in me hand, Fujimi factory sealed from a kit I practice airbrushing on! Where d'ya want it.......
  5. Sheet 72:23 is "Nam 1963 - 1975". The Mirage III/V sheet is sheet 72:08a & b. PM me your email address and I'll scan the instructions.
  6. EOL on the Rue de Louvre Paris (France) has a set of R77's. I saw them there yesterday.
  7. Aeroclub launched a 1/72 resin replacement at SMW08 for the last inch or so of the model, including jet pipes. Basically, you cut off the last inch or so, add a bit of filler to what is left of the "valley" and stick the resin replacement on the end and smooth in with a bit of putty. The instructions make it look easy.......... but then don't they always... price £3.50 at SMW.
  8. I second this, excellent trader.
  9. They are in stock here: http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=AIRE7174 If, as I suspect, the minimum order of £30 is a bit steep for you to order direct then I am happy to pick one up and send it to you at cost if you cannot find it anywhere else.
  10. Vol 28 No 7 September 2006 contains an item called "First-Kill Phantom modelling Kurnass 08" in 1/72.
  11. Yes, Magna models set was very good in shape, the integral wing pylon was very like the photos I have seen. In addition to this set, Plane Bits 72-010 (a USA company) did a set with an ejector seat. The integral wing pylon was not as chunky as the Magna version but the resin is smoother, I find the Magna resin to be rough and almost chalk-like in texture.
  12. Hi, the latest issue of MAM V7 Iss 9 Sept 08 has an article on operation Eagle Claw with some good photos & drawings. It describes the operational markings as "Red & Black" stripes and says "although some A6 Intruders were noted with green stripes". No FS colours given.
  13. I have scanned a b&w image from RAF Jet Fighter Flypast and included the caption from the book here: http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p124/Do...elin33sqn_1.jpg It may be difficult to see from the scan but the underside of this 33 sqn formation is silver. The caption reads: Neat echelon starboard formation of Javelin FAW7's of 33 sqn (markings dark blue, light blue and red stripes) from Middleton St George in late 1959. First aircraft carries squadron leader's pennant.
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