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  1. Replica in Scale Vol.1, No 2 The one with the F-102 on Cover
  2. Just received my 1/72nd scale MQ-9 from SkunkModels--and yes it appears to be the correct size now!! Want to get started on it and I can see from previous discussions that there has been some controversy over whether or not the color scheme is an overall FS36375 Light Ghost Grey or actually two-tone....Light Ghost Grey and some other mystery color. I know that Kursad has addressed this on his decal sheets - but the 1/72nd sheet is not yet available. I've searched but cannot find a definitive answer anywhere. Can anyone advise colors and which is top / bottom? Thanks, Marty
  3. MartynCLT

    Telford 2007?

    Almost time to schedule next years vacations at work....curious if the dates for Telford 2007 are known yet?
  4. MartynCLT

    F-84E/G Cockpit Photos (Color)

    Title says it all. Looking for color pictures of F-84E/G cockpit. Web search has come up empty. TIA Marty :D
  5. MartynCLT

    F8F Bearcat Question?

    I am building the 1/72nd scale Sword F8F-1/2 Bearcat. Petty much just doing it OOB, and I plan on using the kit decals. This is where my question comes. The problem arises when I try to research the markings for the kit decals for '#105 A' from VF-151--red tail, red propellor hub. The kit instructions claim it is an F8F-2, thus requiring the tall-tail fuselage, and 20mm gun wing. Searching the web I have found a late 1940's period color picture showing '#106 A'from VF-151 on a carrier deck at http://www.heritageflight.org/Aircraft_Pages/F8F_1_main.htm. It appears to be an F8F-1--it is clearly NOT a 20mm gun wing--no bulges or long barrels, can't quite tell from the angle if the tail is short or tall. The picture source wasn't specific as to model type, nor is the Bureau Number visible. The website however makes it sound like the aircraft pictured is in fact the -2 Bearcat in their museum. Sword does not reference a Bureau Number either. From my google searches it appears that Sword may have gotten their markings information from a -2 warbird that exists in these markings. Does anyone know with any certainty which version ( -1 or -2) would be more correct for these markings in 1949/50?? Or can it be a -2 with the tall tail, but with a non-cannon wing? Any clarification will be welcomed! TIA Marty