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  1. Juan... already send you the instruction a few minutes ago... :) its a 3.97MB PDF file.. hope it helps you with your build... :D kuman
  2. hi Juan.. i'm looking at the instruction now as i'm typing this reply. pass me your email and i'll try to scan to pdf it for you before the week ends, unless you already received it from Andre. do let me know. cheers.. kuman
  3. impressive... the time spent on the detailing really shows... keep-it up kuman
  4. awesome build so far... what brand of white do you use and is there any tricks for painting white as what you did with the SRB? i'm also making one at the moment and following your build as a guide just need to get some guide on how to properly paint white. The white i'm painting so far never give me a satisfactory result. thanks in advance kuman
  5. Just thought i bumping this thread again since now Luckymodel is having a sale on the KP Models Mil Mi-8 Hip Search & Rescue (SAR) and this is such a good reference thread for this Mi-8. here's the link. Mil Mi-8 sale at LM just wondering though.. how long is this kit a 1/72 scale/.. EDIT: i just found the length from this review of the Revell version of the same helo.. <_< its approx: 25.6cm (Revell version review) thanks kuman http://kumanworks.110mb.com http://kumanx.blogspot.com
  6. thanks for the photo and review Stephen & Helonewb.. now i think i'll be getting a box of that Jayhawk.. thanks again kuman http://kumanworks.110mb.com http://kumanx.blogspot.com
  7. Alexander.. you have an awesome build of the Kiowa.... much much much much better compared to how my Kiowa turn out after completion and yes.. Floyd's resin make Kiowa looks better.. <_< My Kiowa can be viewed in my website (excuse the mess) :) kuman http://kumanworks.110mb.com http://kumanx.blogspot.com
  8. absolutely stunning!!! never thought i'll see a Millennium Falcon in this scheme kuman
  9. this is an awesome looking model... make me want to get one also.. kuman
  10. Will wait for some review first before spending my money... although have been waiting for a OOB Jayhawk.. :) kuman
  11. Spike, Thanks for the correction.... i'll edit it momentarily so that other dont get confused over it like i did... as for the undercarriage, i already painted light gray as i think i saw it in another forum someone suggesting to use Light Gray. Noted on the location of the BOZ and Skyshadow... at first i thought they are interchangeable. thanks again... :) kuman
  12. i build the Italeri offering.. is a WIP now pretty challenging kit for a beginner like me. progress can be viewed HERE kuman
  13. same here... also VERY satisfied with both of the academy offering.. until a new one come out.. err any news of anyone coming out with a better Flanker? kuman
  14. hi there FF... i havent build mine yet... as for reference for RMAF Hawk.. maybe you can head over this local Malaysian forum.. http://z12.invisionfree.com/ScaleModelsMalaysia/index.php? maybe they can help.. kuman
  15. thanks for the information guys... from google image.. i can find the emblem for the AMC (their new one without the cross) anyone have any lead on the one with the cross? and the below for the United States Army Test and Evaluation Command (from wiki) again anyone have lead of the original emblem back in the 60's when they still use the name "Army Aviation Test Board"? as google yields no image of it... thanks in advance for the help.. kuman
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