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  1. Same here as well as the MC-130 variants and EC-130 variants. Just to name a couple. I just now saw the scuttlebutt on this forthcoming release and hope it is finally the perfect (?) 130 in this scale. Also on a side note. Sorry about the off topic question here. Any word on the P-3 Airtanker belly tank?
  2. So I finally got around to adding the 1/144 Roden AC-47 to my stash. I see there is a 1/72 sheet. Was wondering if it has ever been scaled down before? A sheet with a mix of AC-47, EC-47 and any other cool post war C-47's. Figure in that scale would have to add more to make a full sheet.
  3. Hi Jeffrey, That set looks really nice. I like the fact you like early F-16's. Any chance of a YF-16 conversion down the road? Probably would require a whole new airframe. Sick of gray.
  4. Well this looks interesting! https://armorymodels.com/product/1-144-xb-70-valkyrie-us-experimental-supersonic-strategic-bomber/
  5. Glad things are getting back on track for you all. Been through this myself, so totally feel for you. Take care, Alan
  6. Here is his FB post. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=2030765973756735&set=a.1553732624793408 Email him direct. Says $25 plus postage. Probably AUS $ since that's where these come from. rgetz134 at yahoo dot com
  7. B-17G Texas Raiders and a P-63 King Cobra had a midair over Dallas. Very heartbreaking. https://www.facebook.com/b17TexasRaiders/
  8. According to this official DOD photo. It looks fine. Sorry couldn't resist. 🤣 Seriously though. It looks good.
  9. Welcome! Can always use more 1/48 aftermarket weapons and other stuff.
  10. I know right?! Was totally chomping at the bit for those!
  11. Mine. Yin and Yang in happier times. Yang passed away 5 years ago. LOL 3f15b8a3-1af5-4d78-935b-9ade6e880beb.mp4
  12. I would say depends on who you're building for. Small businesses, News organizations, Museums, Architectural companies, etc. etc..... Or just ask for....
  13. Can't remember who at the moment. But someone else was supposed to come out with a new tool T-34C in 1/48.
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