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  1. I like that! Do you do direct sales or only through a retailer?
  2. Had Photobucket and Flickr. Flickr was the best for the amount of images you were allowed to save. Then when Yahoo went toe up they sold it and now they limit you to 1K images. Now I am using Imgur with no issues.
  3. Did you ever build the J model? Would be curious on how it is. Also see they have a -30 version too. Does it have a lengthened fuselage in the kit? Alan
  4. Has anyone seen this one? Available in multiple scales. It is the same bird that had the mid-air with the F-35 and bellied into a field. https://uprise-decal.ru/c130
  5. No Who, Metal or Punk rock as the build would end up smashed. Also NO SEX in the model room!
  6. What happened to them? Website is down.
  7. Did you try asking Jeffrey direct? He also posts all the time on ARC.
  8. Lots of photos of it, available on Google. Also plenty of decal sheets too. Must have been a very popular airframe. Hope too, that they can repair it. Alan
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