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  1. SinisterVampire319

    The Bandit Is Gone RIP Burt Reynolds

    RIP Burt. Enjoy this classical funny moment.
  2. SinisterVampire319

    R.I.P. David Hannant

    Sad news RIP.
  3. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    Yeah I was afraid of that. I have never seen anything before. Was just hoping this find everything on the interwebs would come through. Bummer.
  4. SinisterVampire319

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  5. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    Thanks Niels, I try to find one. What I meant by Google not having everything. Is I have found stuff from Asian and Eastern European companies that are ghosts to Google. Alan
  6. SinisterVampire319

    "Miss Clawd IV" - Details and references

    Thanks for responding Hugh!
  7. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 XP-40

    Sorry RCAFFAN, When I first saw this post, I just read the title and glanced at the photo. Selective viewing! LOL. I didn't realize there was a XP-40 closer to the production version. Learn something new everyday. So if you want to do an early XP-40 then no? Again my apologies. Alan
  8. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    Unless your Google is better than my Google I haven't found any photos of their aircraft, or them on that day. A few things on pilot figures. But I know there is more available out there. Google doesn't always give you everything.
  9. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    I finally got around to getting the 1/48 Airfix P-40B. I want to do Welch's aircraft from the December 7 morning. A few questions. Has there ever been any photos of Welch's or Taylor's P-40's released? Is there any other info on how they were dressed, besides wearing formal tuxedo pants? Shirt or flight jacket? Flight helmet or just headphones and mic? Does anyone make a good seated figure in lightweight flight gear that could be modified into them? Thanks for any help.
  10. SinisterVampire319

    Engine turned Gold

    So I am looking for a sheet of Engine turned Gold in 1/25 for some projects. Anyone know where to find any? Thanks, Alan
  11. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E, Russian Air Force, 2014

    Wow!!! Simply amazing.
  12. SinisterVampire319

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    Very nice!
  13. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J Adversary, VF-126

    Love that scheme. Beautifully done!
  14. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 Special Hobby X-15A-2

    Incredible job!! Why did you wait so long to show your amazing talent?
  15. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 Revell N2S-3 Kaydet (Stearman) NAS Corpus Christi

    Nice job! I have one of these in my stash. Still haven't decided on markings when I do build it though.