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  1. Also they released a Beagle bomber last year as well.
  2. I saw a review somewhere a while back. Stick with Bobcats.
  3. Yeah, me too. But that boarding ladder set up sure looks nice though. Alan
  4. My Condolences to you Terry. Sorry for your loss. Alan
  5. But. Are they still available or for future release?
  6. I have been hoping for years for equipment in 1/48. With no luck. Especially the Ford COE refuelers used back then. Also P-2, P-4 crash trucks. Dodge pick up trucks, Coleman tugs, etc.
  7. Just came across this. Anyone heard of them? https://www.dameya.net/shopdetail/000000000649/
  8. The KA exhaust do look fantastic. But 40 bucks a set? Yikes!
  9. Yep. Costcos are sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bleach, etc. Also locally the Walmart is out of bleach and rubbing alcohol. Slightly dated by a month. But you get the idea.
  10. Here is a Korean War Invader of the 452nd BW/ 729 BS(L) Air Force Reserve (CA). It was a SHORAN equipped aircraft. First 3 photos of the actual City of Santa Rosa. The others belong to the Pacific Coast Air Museum's A-26 painted up to represent the City of Santa Rosa.
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