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  1. Great build! I need a few of these for builds I plan on doing. Alan
  2. Nice! Good job! That's good to have a video to follow along with the build. Alan
  3. Here it is from their website. They have sprue shots. https://www.hobbypark.ro/en/aircrafts/16163-c-130b-hercules-roaf.html
  4. Are you still working on this project? If you are here are some gear bay shots I took the other day.
  5. So when is it supposed to be released to the masses????
  6. I had that problem. Was trying without success. It kept wanting me to join. Finally ended up doing that as I thought it was for the tapatalk login. Nope it wasn't and now I have lost all my previous posts. Not happy at all with their new hosting service. Guess I will stick with Britmodeller and here.
  7. Thanks for the info Chris! Ordered a set today. But I would have supported you. Oh well. I still need a couple sets of those Su-34 Khibiny pods.
  8. Just ordered a set! I don't even have the kit yet. Must have been bitten by a bug.
  9. Viking is cool to visit if you're in town. It is a tiny hole in the wall store. RC Country is mostly what the name implies. Folsom Hobbies was great but shut down a couple of years ago or so. I haven't been to Ace since they moved. But have been told it's a shell of what it used to be due to space restrictions. Hobbies Unlimited is good but a little pricey. San Antonio hobbies and D&J Hobbies in the south bay was a real shame to lose those. Grew up in Concord there was some really nice shops there over the years. Centurion in Walnut Creek I really miss. Mike had a fantastic collection there.
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