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  1. Welcome! Can always use more 1/48 aftermarket weapons and other stuff.
  2. I know right?! Was totally chomping at the bit for those!
  3. Mine. Yin and Yang in happier times. Yang passed away 5 years ago. LOL 3f15b8a3-1af5-4d78-935b-9ade6e880beb.mp4
  4. I would say depends on who you're building for. Small businesses, News organizations, Museums, Architectural companies, etc. etc..... Or just ask for....
  5. Can't remember who at the moment. But someone else was supposed to come out with a new tool T-34C in 1/48.
  6. Have you seen this? http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/ http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resources.php?r=camo_vvsmod
  7. Does it say on the instructions? Most of the time they do. But I have not built a EE kit.
  8. See what happens. Weird seeing Georgia address and not Texas.
  9. I like that! Do you do direct sales or only through a retailer?
  10. Had Photobucket and Flickr. Flickr was the best for the amount of images you were allowed to save. Then when Yahoo went toe up they sold it and now they limit you to 1K images. Now I am using Imgur with no issues.
  11. Did you ever build the J model? Would be curious on how it is. Also see they have a -30 version too. Does it have a lengthened fuselage in the kit? Alan
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