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    1/48 Jets and helos 1950s to modern, 72-35 Armor, Rhodesian Terr war, and any other bush wars, anything else that catches my eye

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  1. SinisterVampire319

    1/48th Boeing B-52H 'BUFF'

    šŸ˜² Wow! That looks amazing and intimidating. Can't wait to see more.
  2. SinisterVampire319

    Trumpeter's 1/48 Attacker F.1 finished!

    I have to admit I know nothing about the Attacker other than it's British. But apart from that. It looks like you did a really nice job on it. Cheers! Alan
  3. SinisterVampire319

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    This was one of the best sheets ever. IMHO. The closest you can get is an -104A it would seem. If you can find it. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/victory-productions-vpd48005-usaf-and-nasa-starfighters--203178
  4. SinisterVampire319

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    Darren, Here's a list from a decal sheet I came across. F-104A, 52-961, NACA 1957F-104A, 60-749, NASA 1959F-104A, 60-734, NASA 1960 - ALSORF-104A, 60-749, NASA 1961 - ALSORJF-104A, 52-961, NASA 1961 - RCSF-104A, 60-763, USAF 1964 - chase for X-15F-104A, 52-961, NASA 1965F-104A, 52-961, 818 NASANF-104A, 60-756, USAF, 1963-71NF-104A, 60-760, USAF, 1963NF-104A, 60-762, G-762 USAF, 1963NF-104A, 60-762, NF-762 USAF, 1963F-104N, 011 NASA 1963F-104N, 012 NASA 1963F-104N, 013 NASA 1963F-104N, 812 NASA 1963F-104G, 811 NASA 1975F-104G, 826 NASA 1975F-104N, 811 NASA 1975F-104A, 818 NASA 1975F-104A, 820 NASA 1975F-104G, 820 NASA 1983
  5. SinisterVampire319

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    Here are some stuff to look over whether you need anything or not. There some nice seats, Wheels and Pitots and other bits though. https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q="Lockheed+F-104+Starfighter"+1%3A48
  6. SinisterVampire319

    1/32 & 1/48 - Hughes TH-55 Osage by AMP - 3D renders

    One and only.
  7. SinisterVampire319

    1/32 & 1/48 - Hughes TH-55 Osage by AMP - 3D renders

    From this version I would like to do a US Army trainer from Ft. Rucker. But want one with floats for this one.
  8. SinisterVampire319

    Bad year...

    Unless it be a 1/48 AH-1G Cobra
  9. SinisterVampire319

    I've never seen a car model that looked close to real!

    Is there some kind of hatred between car and aircraft modelers that I didn't know of?
  10. SinisterVampire319

    New 1/35 N I K E - Hercules kit!

    Happy about this release!
  11. SinisterVampire319

    1/144 P-3 Firebomber tank

    Thank you Master!
  12. SinisterVampire319

    Something for the few What-If builders on ARC

    Really nice looking stuff!
  13. SinisterVampire319

    1/144 P-3 Firebomber tank

    I recently acquired a Arii 1/144 P-3 Orion and the Drawdecals sheet for it. Is there an aftermarket tank available for it?
  14. Can't wait for this one. Have a Fujimi one in my stash. If this one makes it obsolete, the Fujimi one is going in the sale bin.