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  1. Does anyone do resin wheels and tires for the 1/144 Revell Concorde?
  2. Me too! I ordered on April 27 and tracking says it was, "Released from Russia on May 20." Hopefully by the time it gets here, someone will have released a rivet set for it. Sorry off topic. But you get the gist of waiting for stuff from Eastern Europe. (Or China) Alan
  3. Here is a FedEx 727 I took photos of at Sacramento. Looks familiar as per 757 photos above.
  4. So you lost a part in the carpet, and now you want to know how to find it?
  5. Also they released a Beagle bomber last year as well.
  6. I saw a review somewhere a while back. Stick with Bobcats.
  7. Yeah, me too. But that boarding ladder set up sure looks nice though. Alan
  8. My Condolences to you Terry. Sorry for your loss. Alan
  9. But. Are they still available or for future release?
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