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  1. Here is a Korean War Invader of the 452nd BW/ 729 BS(L) Air Force Reserve (CA). It was a SHORAN equipped aircraft. First 3 photos of the actual City of Santa Rosa. The others belong to the Pacific Coast Air Museum's A-26 painted up to represent the City of Santa Rosa.
  2. Comparison of engines. Says the -73 similar to -39. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/216037-allison-v-1710-engine-tests/
  3. I think that I will hold onto them for a little longer. Plus they're buried in a large storage locker.
  4. Great news! I'd still get both if Revell's is any good. But whatever am I to do with the 4 1/48 Italeri SR's and 2 YF-12's that I have?
  5. Is there really any worthwhile info left to post here?
  6. Would like to see family of 1/48 407's. Want to do this one.
  7. Been hoping someone comes out with this family so I can do this one. Sonoma County Sheriff "Henry 1" Oops wrong thread. I thought I was in the 407 thread. Nonetheless I would like to see some 1/48 Long Rangers. Alan
  8. Yes the models. Will even built models in the first season. The robot is awesome and the Chariot is super cool. Super popular show, 0 models. Crappy 1990's movie, lot's of models.
  9. Anyone know if there is anything from the Netflix show possibly coming out? Would be nice to see the Jupiter, Chariot and of course the robot.
  10. An accurate Su-15, Su-24 family would be nice.
  11. Bravo! Superb job! Definitely a must have in the collection. Needs to be kitted by someone.
  12. Yes, they were all current or prior military. https://www.coulsonaviationusa.com/newsmedia
  13. Nice shot of right intake here. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason2/p-59a_airacomet/index.php?Page=2 Check these out too. https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/bell-p-59a-airacomet-walk/
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