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  1. Can't remember where I read it. But someone else besides ICM is/was going to release a K-model. Alan
  2. Trumpeter squashed the canopy again! Think Vigilante, Corsair II........ One thing they're good at.
  3. Got mine from Russia yesterday. Took about 3 months. But I am happy to get it. Looks nice in the box. Also came with a 7 pacific 88 paint set and ResKit resin wheel set. Courtesy of the hobby shop there. Alan
  4. I have the Academy 1/400 Titanic. Not a ship builder. But always wanted to do a Titanic. Understand it has a few faults. Hope to get into working full time on it eventually. I am kinda looking for some stud link anchor chain for it. Links should be 2 mm long. Anybody make some in that size?
  5. Cool! Ordered from Luckymodel. Been waiting for a couple weeks now.
  6. Does anyone do resin wheels and tires for the 1/144 Revell Concorde?
  7. Me too! I ordered on April 27 and tracking says it was, "Released from Russia on May 20." Hopefully by the time it gets here, someone will have released a rivet set for it. Sorry off topic. But you get the gist of waiting for stuff from Eastern Europe. (Or China) Alan
  8. Here is a FedEx 727 I took photos of at Sacramento. Looks familiar as per 757 photos above.
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