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  1. SinisterVampire319

    ready made cockpits

    Just build Drones then. Problem solved! No cockpit to worry about.
  2. SinisterVampire319

    Praying for Fisher Models family and Paradise fire folks

    Made some deliveries there earlier this year. Very sad news. Glad Paul made it out. Met him at our model show a few years ago here in Santa Rosa. Really nice guy. Prayers to those still missing. The sign in happier times. Back in May.
  3. SinisterVampire319

    Hobbyshops in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Whenever I could get down from here, I always hit up Tower and San Antonio. Even with their attitudes there. Also in the city The Hobby Co. and a couple of others. Hobby Co. is still there. But their model section went to hell. It's kind of a drive for you, but the local model club is having a model contest here in Rohnert Park on the 27th.
  4. SinisterVampire319

    GWH Jumping on the 1/48 Tomcat Bandwagon?

    Best Tomcat kit ever!
  5. SinisterVampire319

    Park Patriot 2018

    OMG! Thanks so much for this! I want to go so bad now. Being former ADA myself I'd be crawling all over those vehicles. But everything else is fantastic as well. I would be a very happy little 54 year old kid.
  6. SinisterVampire319

    AFV Club U-2A

    Ecstatic!!! Now what to do with my Hawk kits?
  7. SinisterVampire319

    Hobbyshops in the San Francisco Bay Area

    I really miss San Antonio and Tower records across the street. After they closed. I heard a former employee named Yanni opened up (albeit way smaller) shop nearby. Did you make it to his place? I believe it didn't last too long. D&J used to be good. Then they moved and that seemed to be the nail in the coffin for that one too.
  8. SinisterVampire319

    Hobbyshops in the San Francisco Bay Area

    There isn't much left here anymore. There is Hobbies Unlimited in San Leandro. http://www.hobbiesunlimited.net/ Ace Hardware in Bezerkeley moved to a new location and downsized. There is also Viking Hobby in Sacramento. But is very small shop. Majority of the good stores closed up over the years.
  9. SinisterVampire319

    The Bandit Is Gone RIP Burt Reynolds

    RIP Burt. Enjoy this classical funny moment.
  10. SinisterVampire319

    R.I.P. David Hannant

    Sad news RIP.
  11. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    Yeah I was afraid of that. I have never seen anything before. Was just hoping this find everything on the interwebs would come through. Bummer.
  12. SinisterVampire319

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  13. SinisterVampire319

    George Welch's P-40

    Thanks Niels, I try to find one. What I meant by Google not having everything. Is I have found stuff from Asian and Eastern European companies that are ghosts to Google. Alan
  14. SinisterVampire319

    "Miss Clawd IV" - Details and references

    Thanks for responding Hugh!
  15. SinisterVampire319

    1/48 XP-40

    Sorry RCAFFAN, When I first saw this post, I just read the title and glanced at the photo. Selective viewing! LOL. I didn't realize there was a XP-40 closer to the production version. Learn something new everyday. So if you want to do an early XP-40 then no? Again my apologies. Alan