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    World War II, Korean and Vietnam era 1/48 and 1/32
    aircraft. I throw in a modern jet every now and then for the heck of it.

    Also I am a amateur (ham) radio operator.

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  1. Ahhhh yes, another BUMP.....
  2. GT Resin 1/32 F-4C "Wild Weasel" Super Set For Tamiya Kit....$100.00 SOLD Shipping not included. Payment by PayPal or Money Order. PM me here or email to jerry.k5ikl@gmail.com Cheers, Jerry
  3. Whole load of Monogram/Revell 1/48 F-18C's on Ebay ranging from about $20 and up. One guy even had 2 listed for about $130. Sheeesh. Jerry
  4. And up here in the other end of Texas (Panhandle) we got nada. Which is weird because we usually have some snow by this time of the year. Until this week I was still running around in shorts and T-shirt. Finally got got cold enough Tuesday that I had to put on the long rompers. Jerry
  5. 1/32 Monogram F3F-3

    Very well done Darren. Good to see you step out of the Tomcat box. Jerry
  6. 2017 MLB World Series

    Way to go Astros!!!! One thing I noticed about this series, I never did see a player take a knee during the National Anthem. If any did, they must have been back in the dugout. Jerry
  7. Deal with confidence with Brian. Great guy to deal with....
  8. Diorama-"Return to England"

    Okay. See them now. Quite a unique idea and they look real good done that way. I like it. Jerry
  9. 2017 MLB World Series

    Ditto. Got to root for the Texas team. Plus I hate the Dodgers anyway. Loved the Bums when they were in Brooklyn but when they went west to Looney Tunes land I dropped them like a hot potato. Was kind of hoping for an Astros - Cubs series. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Diorama-"Return to England"

    I don''t see them either. Same error on every link.
  11. Okay Erik, I understand the work thing. Been there done that. Just keep me in the loop and let me know what's going on. Not trying to give you a hard time about it.