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  1. Who has it in the US? Just found it....
  2. Moving right along there and looking quite good. Jerry
  3. I was so impressed with her Spifire diorama I am going to follow along with this build. Good luck with it. Cheers, Jerry
  4. OMG Mike, I am at a loss for words except that you have my deepest condolences for the loss of Charolette. Prayers to you and your wife. Such a tragic loss of a little one. Jerry
  5. The one I built has the centerline tank and I just checked my other one and it has the centerline tank too...And it is not the Marine version. Jerry
  6. New topic title, same old stuff. Need to move this stuff from my stash to yours. Payment by PayPal, money order, well concealed cash, or personal check. If using PayPal please use the FAMILY & FRIENDS OPTION. Personal checks are allowed 5 working days for clearance before shipping. Shipping Not Included, Buyer Pays For Shipping. US sales only. Please Email me ONLY at jerry.k5ikl (AT) gmail (dot) com Cheers Jerry (S) = Sealed (O) = Box Open, Contents still sealed. (OL) = Box Open Loose Contents not bagged. MONOGRAM/REVELL 1/48: F-4J Phantom II “MiG Ace”…(S)…..$15.00 F-105D Thunderchief T-Stick II…(O)…..$15.00 F-106 Delta Dart…(O)…..$15.00 F-14D Super Tomcat…(O)…..$15.00 ea. MiG-29 Fulcrum…(O)…..$15.00 F-18E Super Hornet…3 Available (O)…..$20.00 ea. (One is missing the kit decals, but have substituted a Super Scale Sheet) HOBBY BOSS 1/48: A-7E Corsair II…(O)…..$40.00 (Missing the kit decals, but have substituted 2 Super Scale sheets) REVELL 1/32: F-4E Phantom “MiG Killer”…2 Available (S) …..$35.00 ea. (Each kit also includes the Sierra Hotel resin F-4E/G Corrected Nose) F-4G Phantom “Wild Weasel” (O) …..$120.00 (With GT Resin F-4G Super Set & Corrected F-4G Nose) HASEGAWA 1/32: A-4E/F Skyhawk “Top Gun”…(O)…..$35.00 Junkers Ju-87D Stuka…(S)…..$50.00 TAMIYA 1/32: A6M5 Zero…(O)…..$75.00 TRUMPETER 1/32: Bf-109E-4…(O)…..$35.00 F4F-3 Wildcat (Late)…(O)…..$45.00 CUTTING EDGE: 1/32 F-14 GRU-7A Seats (Contains 2 Seats)...…..$10.00 AIRES: 1/48 F-14A Cockpit Set #4124…..$20.00
  7. I haven't had the flu in so long that I can't even remember when I last had a case of it. Been a good 30+ years I am sure. Get my flu shot each year. Feel for you though Steve. Jerry
  8. A very nice selection. I like the Intruder. Nicely done. and Happy New Year. Jerry
  9. You have been a busy boy. Real nice selection. Being a plane guy I like your planes but that sub is really nice. Job well done for 2016. Cheers and Happy New Year, Jerry