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    World War II, Korean and Vietnam era 1/48 and 1/32
    aircraft. I throw in a modern jet every now and then for the heck of it.

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  1. Looking for the Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C. Either kit #PT-49 07249 or P-10 07010 If anyone, in US, has one in the stash they would like to part with at a reasonable price (not eBay prices) I would be very interested in taking it off your hands. Thanks and Cheers, Jerry
  2. Yeah, I had it listed on LSP too. Guess I had better go check there and see if it is still there. Jerry
  3. Hi Robert, The F-86D sold a couple of months ago. I forgot to get it deleted off my sales list here on ARC. Sorry about that.. Cheers and thanks for the inquiry though. Jerry
  4. I knew they were just a two man operation and had real jobs but I haven't seen anything from them in a few years so thought maybe they had shut down their business. Sent them an email thru their website Tuesday but no replay as of yet. At 81 I can no longer make the modeling events. Thanks Jerry
  5. Thanks Cameron. That's pretty much what I thought. They need to take down their website.
  6. Are they still in business? Website comes up but everything seems to be "sold out". Particularly what I am looking for. Cheers, Jerry
  7. Anyone, within the US, have one in their stash they would like to part with? Thanks, Jerry
  8. Guess there is no interest but will give it a BUMP anyway.
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