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  1. Very nice and great camo scheme. Did your kit come with the clear canopy? I am working on one of those off and on and mine came with the smokey grey canopy. Would like to find a clear one if possible. Jerry
  2. I use Google Chrome with adblock and don't get them. Jerry
  3. Yes, trust Andrew on the above statement. I was born and raised in southern NM down on the Mexican border (Deming) and know the chili culture quite well. Was only 45 miles from the famous Hatch Valley chili farms. Green for me only sir.
  4. Exactly!!!
  5. It's a tourist trap but Old Town is worth the visit. Also you can make a quick 4 hour road trip east on I-40 and come visit me. LOL. But, definately see the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. Have a great trip Anthony. Jerry
  6. Exactly the same with me. I just don't have the artistic eye to capture weathering where it looks right to me so I gave up years ago trying to weather. Mine are all cleaned up for an airshow appearance plus I have a very good crew chief. Jerry
  7. Who has it in the US? Just found it....
  8. Moving right along there and looking quite good. Jerry
  9. I was so impressed with her Spifire diorama I am going to follow along with this build. Good luck with it. Cheers, Jerry
  10. OMG Mike, I am at a loss for words except that you have my deepest condolences for the loss of Charolette. Prayers to you and your wife. Such a tragic loss of a little one. Jerry
  11. The one I built has the centerline tank and I just checked my other one and it has the centerline tank too...And it is not the Marine version. Jerry