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  1. Doing nothing but reading these days. We moved to very small house on the Ottawa River last April. Absolutely no place to model, or store models, or reference . materials, paints, tools, decals etc etc. Off they went to a storage container in town. Late last summer we had the house lifted and a 10 ft high walk out basement was added using poured concrete. Got the basement framed in and spray foamed. Then winter arrived early and stayed. Over the winter I began to plan and equip an area for modelling. Picked up a huge “L” shaped desk to start the ball rolling about two months ago. On
  2. Gents: i intend to repair the 6-7 a/c I finished last year and transported in a house move last year. (Didn’t go well) Had to leave about 150 completed models in a move prior to the last one. Donated to local air cadets. A few shelf queens available in the stash along with long term projects. Probably about 150+ in the stored stash. Just completed a house lift which gives me a 9ft walk out sub basement. Man cave plans underway! 72 scale Xtra kit MK XII Spitfire 595 Sqn (AAC Sqn) late ‘44 early ‘45 Alvin5182
  3. Bruce Toronto boy as well, work took me to North Bay for 40 yrs. Haley Station? Small townsite between Cobden and Renfrew, just off Hwy 17. Built in 1943 to support staff @ large open pit magnesium mine which produced the highest quality magnesium in the world during WWII. Obvious signs of military involvement. Houses are built to a standard military base standard of the time. ie. built like a “tank”. I have Milberrys books. Just haven’t gotten to them as yet. Have Air enthusiast articles on Spartan as well as CAHS articles (2) on Spartan. alvin5182
  4. Thanks Bud! Late this aft I found a photo in an old CAHS magazine which showed the red markings on the main and tail planes. I believe the a/c was on strength of the RCAF from April til November of the year. RAF were not interested in the expense of return of the aircraft and signed off on it. Then sold to Spartan and thusly to Kenting aviaation. thanks again Alvin5182
  5. Gents: i am looking for wing and tail plane markings as well as the colour of the spinners in regard to the a/m aircraft. Have only seen a couple of photos which are inconclusive at best. I know the roundel types applied. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve pulled the old Special Hobby 72nd scale F20 off the shelf of doom and it really doesn’t look all that bad. I would like to finish it. Thanks in advance alvin5182
  6. 12 yrs for me now and enjoying every minute. Even moved house to Haley Station (townsite)! Keeping my retirement gift to myself at Arnprior Marina!
  7. Congrats on your retirement! Enjoy your new ride!
  8. Gents: I am happy to be back on the boards, and see a few familiar names again. Gone for 3-4 yrs! Happy to get back to building again! Obviously a good week to "start over". Alvin5182 (Al Davis)
  9. Martin: Had to take a 3-4 year hiatus from modelling. I'll send you a message tomorrow am and we'll work something out. I have 14 people coming for dinner at 4 pm and my spousal unit needs me busy right now. Nice to be back on the board again tho. Al Davis
  10. Martin: I've got a set here in Haley Station (near Renfrew) that you can have. Alvin5182
  11. Mike: Much conversation on this for the last month or so on the Key Publishing forums. ie: "Flypast" magazine. Al
  12. Greywolf: At 63 yrs old, I am fully cognizant of the finances involved. Still doesn't make it right or "interesting". I started watching NFL in the 50s when the local American station (CBS-Buffalo) carried the Cleveland Browns games. (Prior to the AFL and the subsequent merger with the NFL). Hell, the CFL was an alternative to the NFL, salary wise, for disgruntled American bred players. Tobin Rote, "Cookie" Gilchrist, Joe Theisman et al. Funny tho, the English Premier League (Soccer) whose salaries, marketing, owners money etc more than equal NFL stats can broadcast 45 minute halfs uninterru
  13. Plus rather than bashing or running into someone, there is a skill in tackling the ball holder. https://www.youtube....h?v=TyDpjjarQ5Q I've often thought and said that NFLr's could learn a lot from Rugby tacklers! I'm less interested in the NFL every year owing to the propensity of commercials while watching on TV. Punishing! A 60 minute game now takes 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours to watch. A team can not take advantage of a turnover these days. (interception, fumble recovery etc) There has to now be a 5 minute break for commercials. What happened to the old days when your team could take advantage
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