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  1. Holy poop! That's pretty damn good! Alvin5182
  2. Gents: I'm good for about 13-14 models that are about 80-90% finished. I was going to make it a New Years resolution to clear the decks, but this might help. Count me in! Will send photos to document if required. Alvin5182
  3. Sounds like my X-wife (27 yrs ago). Trashed over 100 completed models while I was seeking "alternative housing" arrangements. I suspect she will receive her bag of coal "further on down the road"! She also put all my books in garbage bags and left them on the curb outside the house during a rainstorm. I recovered! Alvin5182
  4. R.I.P. Harry! Also starred in Dragnet for quite a few years as Joe Friday's partner. A long time fave! Alvin5182
  5. Barney: Always nice to see a Canadian "Stang"! Very nice work! Alvin5182
  6. I just happen to have one. Had it for years and really don't know why I kept it around. Send me your snail mail address, and I will put it in the mail for you. Alvin5182
  7. Just a word of caution on this one! It looks like the "early" Academy P-51- which came with 7 exhaust pipes per side as per the boxtop photo! Alvin5182
  8. THAT is "crazy" good! NICE job! Alvin5182
  9. You could always try www.live365.com. Over 2500 radio stations playing over 250 different genres of music. Alvin5182
  10. the Downsview park one in Toronto with the Arrow replica and the Lancaster restoration. Located in the old Dehavilland construction hangers. What a rip! They have thousands of acres of available land there and they want to replace the hangers with "hockey rinks" I know the issue is not "quite that simple" but can these people totally ignore the history of the place and the artifacts? Join in on the protest! This is B.S.! Alvin5182
  11. Cliff: Thanks for your "understanding" in this matter. I love it when people take the "moral high ground"! Al
  12. The only sign I can see of ANY kind of content, is the figure 70%. So, I'm guessing it's 70 "proof" which is 35% by volume. Average North American liquors are about 80 proof or 40% by volume. I stand to be corrected. Oh, by the way, this is only a very small bottle. Airline size. Thoughts? Alvin5182
  13. Gents: Especially you Eastern block folks, A friend of mine recently returned from a 2 month trip to Europe and brought me back a small bottle of Absinth (Staroplzemecky brand). I've heard some pretty silly stories about this stuff. Any hints to enjoy this "strange brew? Alvin5182 by the way, this stuff is "banned" and not for sale in Ontario, Canada. But, then again is marihuana!
  14. Gents: I had one similar in about '55 or '56. I was a "replica" (I use the term loosely) of a Sikorsky H-19 in some civilian guise that was attached to some sort of cable and you had a separate hand crank type item that moved the heli's rotors. The thing actually flew!!!!! It was on x-mas morning and I absolutely loved the thing. Only worked for about 4-5 hrs. Turns out my dad and his brother (WW2 vets) had a few "cocktails" on x-mas eve and played the thing to death. Marks on the wall paper and items of furniture showed the value of proper protective gear. But.............no one lost an eye! A fond memory Alvin5182
  15. I'm guessing you should change the avatar! Might get beat up! Alvin5182
  16. Cliff: Open up your mailbox for me!I have extremely extenuating circumstances and would like to offer an apology/ Alvin5182
  17. Gents: What a co-inky-dink! One flew over my house today in North Bay which is normally reserved for the Air Canada Jazz Dash 8s and the odd private Cessna types. Unmistakeable sound and climbs like scalded cat. Had to be about 10k ft up and climbing........rapidly! And I'm only about 10 miles from the airport! Appeared to be heading Ottawa way! Alvin5182
  18. Mike: Very interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing that! Al Davis
  19. Armando: Quite the story! You did the right thing. Still exploring a move to Canada? Al Davis
  20. I used it back in my "dial up" days! Entertaining at times and some useful info but quickly departed when ARC came along. Couldn't hack the bickering,pi--ing and moaning! Alvin5182
  21. Here! Here! on the renewal! What a dinosaur site! alvin5182
  22. Gents: And I just converted to FF 4 yesterday! Sheesh! alvin5182
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