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  1. Just as an aside, NEVER declare the value of a "toy" or "plastic parts" to exceed $20.00. That seems to be the "magic" point for Canada Customs. NEVER been charged taxes or brokerage fees on any amounts less than that! Alvin5182
  2. Why worry about the "media" when you can "perform" for 1,000 or so cameras and end up on facebook or some other social media! Many arrests made over the years for "performing without a permit".(Drunk and stupid in a public place) By the time they sober up and are released "unconditionally" you can direct them to city hall to obtain a "permit". Much fun at city hall!
  3. Gents; We always used to laugh that the crowd looked like a Mountain Eqt Co-op had exploded and on the way out of the store, they gave every one a camera. Un-believable the people that hang around these demonstrations. People with babies and young children ('Cause it's their right under the charter!) Take them aside and explain to them it's dangerous? They will not listen. Arrested a few over the years under child welfare acts for exposing their kids to mayhem! Got them out of the way temporarily but, they'd be back the next day. It's the hangers on and spectators that tend to get in the way and create a cushion for the hard core types to perform their "magic". I heartily endorse a persons right to protest what they perceive a wrongdoing, and I would have protected them in that pursuit, but there are true trolls in this world that seek these opportunities to express their 'displeasure" with society and institutions that have supposedly done them some kind of wrong. "What? They expect me to work? Not do hard core drugs? "
  4. Scooby: Someone dropped the ball on staffing levels! VPD had about 600 people on the ground. Probly should have had 4,000 "trained" public order unit people on the ground. VPD did everything correctly according to present day "technology" in crowd management, they just became overwhelmed by the numbers of the crowds. In most jurisdictions in Canada larger centers do not hesitate to rely on Mutual Support. I have worked G-8s, G-20s, Nato ministers conferences, OCAP protests in Toronto, PC party conventions etc etc etc all across the country. (Altho stationed in Ontario) Example: I'm working the G-20 in Calgary a few years ago and I am in a squad with Calgary P.D., Metro Toronto, Peel Regional, Kitchener-Waterloo, Edmonton P.D., RCMP and many other depts. Believe it or not "crowd management" is a bit of a science. Starts off with mere police presence and escalates as needed to the point of all out battle. It just needs informed personnel on the ground who recognize the signs of change within the crowd and utilizing the proper application of force to suit the situation. Unleashing a multitude of untrained military or police personnel into the equation spells BAD THINGS are going to happen. My only question is to Vancouver City Leaders! How could you not see things were going to be bad, regardless of the outcome of the game? It'll all come out in the wash I guess! Alvin5182
  5. Gents: I've "lived" that for the last two days! Boat launch this a.m.! Alvin5182
  6. Gents: It landed wheels down with an on board engine fire(#2-inboard port)in a soggy wheat/corn field.Masterful job of piloting. Check out the topic on Warbird Information Exchange! Lots of photos including in flight with the fire "ongoing"! Alvin5182
  7. Julien: WHAT? no Canadian stuff? Very nice builds. Like 'em both! Alvin5182
  8. Gents: Working outside in the yard, with the blackflies and mosquitoes, I heard a distant "whine" and looked up to see what I thought were blackflies in formation........................ as they got closer I realized something was amiss............... A few seconds later I realized it was that rare visitor to North Bay in this day and age.............The Snowbirds arriving for their appearance at Armed Forces Day tomorrow. Did a great loop over the nearby lake and travelled around the edge of the property! Nice to see! Alvin5182
  9. 137 gallon tanks for the SEAC T-Bolts! Alvin5182
  10. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I better get a move on. But, there's the boat to get ready, lawns to be cut, new liner for the pool and what ever else gets put on the "Honey-do" list! Alvin5182
  11. David: Check Canmilair decals. They do them in any scale! REALLY nice decals and easy to work with! Alvin5182
  12. Bin Laden's Tombstone REVEALED! Exclusive CIA Photo! Alvin5182
  13. Alvis: Kind of reminds me of the CF-100 swept wing wooden mock up made by AVRO (Canada) Looks good! Alvin5182
  14. Mike: Just pondering what to do with the canopy. It was a beyaaatch to mask for paint. I may just leave it as is going on the premise the "erks" would keep that area polished. For some reason I'm not having much luck with Micro Mask of late. Al
  15. Gents: In each forum posting there is a "preview topic" directly to the left of the posters name(centre column)Hold the cursor over it and click on the green arrow and you get a small box which gives a preview of the post. Clever! I guess my avatar "died" in the transition! I no longer have one! Alvin5182
  16. All very cool AND FAST! Alvin5182
  17. Gents: IPMS Canada "RT" Volume 33 #1 States that all the first batch were in natural metal finish and remained that way as late as 1970. The issue has quite a few profiles and a free decal sheet for "one off" Canadian Voodoos! Worth a look! Alvin5182
  18. Julien: If you can get a hold of Larry Milberry's excellent book on "The Canadair Sabre" There are pictures of RCAF "Carte Blanche" Sabres on pages 130, 131 and 204 (in colour). alvin5182
  19. Alf: Thanks! It's probably the 30 odd years working with Humbrol enamels that helps. The Avenger is brush painted as well. Al
  20. Gents: A third build is in the works. It is the a/m a/c. Got this kit in a trade a "few" years ago. Some parts had been removed by the previous owner (apparently with a large knife) Nicks and slices abound! Found the one fuselage side had been previously been broken and very neatly glued back together. I only discovered this when I was attempting to fit the wings and the glue "let go" on the break! Large "short shots" on the underside wing tips. Decals are hopefully the kit's. Cooper Details Spitfire set used on the interior. Pettipas' books on RCN Seafires and Martins book on RCN a/c and Markings for reference. Parts off the "trees" and cleaned up a bit! Cooper Detail set added along with some framework Paint on the interior done Fuselage buttoned up Airframe completed and sanded Interesting to note that the Ventura instructions are apparently wrong with regard to the underwing markings on this a/c. There is a picture in Pettipas book which clearly shows this a/c has underwing roundels as opposed to the large VG-AAJ markings and a small letter "J" under the nose. Alvin5182
  21. Painted, but a few panels to re-do owing to a local "dust storm" in my office! The black shows EVERYTHING! Sheesh! Alvin5182
  22. Painted and decals applied. A few touch ups to do, satin coat to take some of the "shine" off it. Add the radome and bomb bay doors to do as well. Alvin5182
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