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  1. I believe he meant Portuguese Air Force. Mark
  2. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Well done! Mark
  3. gb_madcat_sl


    No. That kit comes with a C nose and resin bits to do a SU. Mark
  4. Great work so far! Are you going to use the included cockpit decals? They fit a treat and really make the cockpit pop. Mark
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-48-DASSAULT-RAFALE-C-PLASTIC-KIT-R03901/153390838210?hash=item23b6ce71c2:g:kI4AAOSwL1RccDnz
  6. Reid Air Publications’ second edition of the Modern Eagle Guide has photos of those antennae as well. Mark
  7. Vingtor did a sheet with this scheme. Not sure if it is still available though. Mark
  8. I apologise if my previous post caused any negative feelings but this is just my observation of what’s been going on with regard to AMK’s posts so far and seen through my eyes as a Chinese person born and raised in a Chinese majority country. Granted that times are changing and globalisation has helped more western ideals spread to the Far East. But having lived here all my life, I’ll say that this issue of face is something that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. @Dave Williams: I’m quite certain that the “competition” mentioned is a company that AMK had a falling out with a while ago: Kinetic/Lucky Model. Mark
  9. If you guys want to understand why AMK is doing what it is to shift blame around for its shortcomings and stuff, you must first remember that AMK is a Chinese company. And here’s the thing: one of the most important things to a Chinese person is the notion of “face”. You see, Chinese people are thin-skinned so if you cause them to lose face, the first reaction is to be defensive and try to cover up or deny that mistakes were made in an attempt to save face. From a personal perspective, this could mean getting a person’s pride and ego hurt, and having to deal with shame. But for a company, this could mean the loss of business. In AMK’s Tomcat, we have the ultimate example of how much face could be lost. Years ago and probably buoyed by the tremendous reception of the MiG-31 kit, the company promised that their rendition of the Tomcat would be the greatest of all time. They set the bar so high and tooted their horns so loudly that if they fail to deliver the greatest Tomcat kit of all time, it will be a mistake they never recover from. Now that it’s pretty clear that their kit will not be the greatest ever, the company has started to shift the blame to their competitors and shut down their critics. Mark
  10. Much thanks for the compliments everyone! Mark
  11. They are lacquers plain and simple just like Mr Color aka Gunze paints. Thin with lacquer thinner. Mark
  12. That’s really cool. Will you be using it with the recently-announced DCS F-16 that’s slated to come out later this year? Mark
  13. May I direct you to the appropriate forum to highlight these issues? https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=395 Mark
  14. Those GE-engined Mudhens are Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SGs. Mark
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