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  1. I can confirm that it is not included in the new Academy kit. Mark
  2. You need references for Singapore Vipers? There are a couple on static display at the airshow over this weekend. Mark
  3. Ooh. Looks like Hubbie got hit by the ban hammer.
  4. The Hasegawa wings are missing the hinges and some actuators. Corrections covered in this article. http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/f14constructiondwa_3.htm Mark
  5. Where did you get this info from?
  6. Which builds? Photos please. Mark
  7. Looks like we have a winner! 300 pages!
  8. I think they are solid parts in the kit Mark
  9. Still need to fabricate the slime light covers and nav lights. There are no spares for these in the box. Not too difficult though. Mark
  10. Picked up the kit from my LHS over the weekend. Looks really nice! Mark
  11. I see. Do you have links to these builds? I have the kit in hand and would like to have some guidance when I tackle it. Mark
  12. You’re privy to the fit issues because you have the kit in hand and are building it or is this second-hand conjecture from builds you see online? Mark
  13. Hi there Mark,


    Just saw your post on the  P-38G Lightning. Very nicely done. Can I ask if that was some kind of lighting lens on the inboard side of both engine cowling? 


    S K Loh

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