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  1. Where did you get this info from?
  2. Which builds? Photos please. Mark
  3. Looks like we have a winner! 300 pages!
  4. I think they are solid parts in the kit Mark
  5. Still need to fabricate the slime light covers and nav lights. There are no spares for these in the box. Not too difficult though. Mark
  6. Picked up the kit from my LHS over the weekend. Looks really nice! Mark
  7. I see. Do you have links to these builds? I have the kit in hand and would like to have some guidance when I tackle it. Mark
  8. You’re privy to the fit issues because you have the kit in hand and are building it or is this second-hand conjecture from builds you see online? Mark
  9. Hi there Mark,


    Just saw your post on the  P-38G Lightning. Very nicely done. Can I ask if that was some kind of lighting lens on the inboard side of both engine cowling? 


    S K Loh

  10. Hope they don't carry over their god-awful rendition of the AIM-9X. Mark
  11. Here's my rendition of Tamiya's recent iteration of the iconic P-38 Lightning. I dressed mine up to represent "Miss Virginia" which was involved in Operation Vengeance; the aerial assassination of Admiral Yamamoto who was the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The kit fell together really well with minimal filler used for seam lines. However, the kit decals were a tad thick. For aftermarket, I used PE seatbelts by Eduard and metal gun barrels by Master Models. The wire antenna was done using 0.1mm copper wire, brass tubing and rigging fibre by Infini. The kit was painted with Mr Color lacquers and weathered with oils, enamels and pencils. All in all, the kit was a pleasure to build. Looking forward to Tamiya releasing other variants! Mark
  12. Pretty sure this list refers to Warthogs in 1/72. OP is asking about 1/48. Mark
  13. Hmm. That's interesting. I'm looking at the sets from the Tomcat kit as well as the ordnance set and all 8 of mine are molded perfectly. Maybe @Sio or @Martin @ AMK Models can arrange for a set of replacements to be sent you way? Mark
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