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  1. Wolfpack makes said seats. Mark
  2. New CADs. Mark
  3. Here's my rendition of the venerable Dragon King Tiger. This build represents a Tiger II assigned to SS-PzAbt 501 during the Ardennes Offensive of 1944/45. It was painted with Gunze lacquers and weathered with enamels and pigments from AK Interactive as well as artists' oil paints. Decals came from Echelon Fine Details. The mud in the lower hull was done with AK Interactive's Diorama texture paste and was applied to the model with the help of some water. The wet look of the mud is simply Future floor polish. Hope you enjoy the photos! Critique and feedback are most welcome. Mark
  4. Nah. I didn't get it. Photo was from a friend who happened to be at the shop when the shipment came in. Price here is about US$35. Mark
  5. Kit has been released. Mark
  6. Yes. Mark
  7. Link seems to redirect back to this page. Not sure why. Mark
  8. New CADs. Mark
  9. Well, that covers all of the operational F-14D squadrons except VF-11. That's quite a good spread with 5 options. Mark EDIT: Just re-read their FB post. Seems that there will be a 6th "special" scheme which will be revealed when the kit is released. My guess is that it will be the retirement jet in retro grey over white with the Tomcat patch on the vertical stabilisers.
  10. Have you checked out GT Resins? They have a NSI intake/PW exhaust combo for the Tamiya kit. Mark
  11. Not sure if that is possible considering the Block 32 kit is OOP. But if you do manage to find a source for these parts, please let me know as I really want to build a Block 52 Viper. Mark
  12. Try this link. Mark
  13. Whatever suits your fancy. Also, what is this doing in the Jets section? Last I checked, both the Spitfire and 109 had spinny things on their noses. Mark