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  1. Two photos of the engine humps here. One taken in the angle requested by Chris and another top-down shot. Looks like the humps are not tapered as much as the original and are thus wrongly shaped. This reminds me of the problem on the Academy F-15 kits. Mark
  2. Just picked up my Su-35 from the LHS and measured some parts of interest. Also measured the same parts on the HB Su-27. Width of canopy frame measured at the point where it meets the windshield i.e. across the bottom of the omega shape Kitty Hawk: 19.8mm Hobby Boss: 19.7mm Diameter of nose cone Kitty Hawk: 24.8mm Hobby Boss: 26.2mm Hope this is useful. Mark
  3. Poll says Cold War till now. Mark
  4. A Hawker Sea Fury downed a MiG-15 during the Korean War. Mark
  5. Which photo are you referring to? The one in the initial post is a E flown by VFA-195. The one in the link to the Syrian Su-22 shootdown is a D. Mark
  6. What is a Saab 35 Draken? Mark
  7. I have seen photos of Singapore Block 52s carrying the AIM-7 on its associated pylon during air shows. Not sure if it was used operationally though. Mark
  8. Hi res scans of the instruction sheet are up on Hobby Search. Mark
  9. High res scans of the instruction sheet are up on HobbySearch. Mark
  10. If I am not mistaken, the Kinetic F-16A and B kits come with the ADF tail base. Not sure about its accuracy though. Mark
  11. A bit of a long shot here but does anyone have a spare A-4C nose? Maybe you built the B version from the Argentinian B/C boxing and have this part handy? Will pay for shipping. Thanks! Mark
  12. And I am thankful for that. But as I said in my post one can share that information without being sarcastic. Those who want to listen to him will listen. Those who don't want to listen will not. Mark
  13. I humbly disagree with this. This forum is for the discussion of aircraft modelling and this topic specifically discusses a model kit. Someone pointed out its flaws which is perfectly alright because this is the correct platform to do so. What is not appreciated is that this discussion has descended to personal attacks just because some do not view issues with the kit as importantly as others. If you spot a problem with a kit, is it so difficult to just highlight the problem and let each individual decide whether it is important? If they voice out that they did not think likewise, is it that difficult to not respond with an insult or sarcasm? Just walk away knowing that you have done a service to the community by bringing up the flaw and let each one choose if they mind this error. But while highlighting the error, do provide details as to what exactly is wrong and let each one judge if this was an issue for themselves. So please keep the critique coming but please, don't be a douche about it. Mark
  14. Sorry but what was this for? Mark