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  1. Nice clean build. Love it! Mark
  2. That's a real nice build of the new Tamiya kit! It is generally done very well but could be improved in some places. 1. It looks like you missed filling the seam on some parts of the wing glove. Also, you may want to try rescribing some of the panel lines lost while doing the filling in the same area. One prominent feature that may have been accidentally filled in is the glove vanes. 2. You may want to paint the little probes along the sides of the nose. They should be a metallic colour. 3. The AIM-54As that you added should have white bodies for the time period you have modelled. 4. Some people's opinion will differ here but an overall panel wash with a grey colour will enhance the panel lines and give a bit more depth to the model. Do it over the decals and you get the painted-on look for them. 5. Looks like there's quite a bit of stray lint from the cotton swab you used. I get this all the time as well. Checking and getting rid of them before the final clear coat will help here. You've done an amazing job on this kit. I have one in the stash as well and this build will serve as an inspiration to build it. Mark
  3. My $0.02. Although the admin has apologised for his actions, I think he should PM @ALF18 and apologise to him directly as well. Furthermore, the person who originally posted the link to the WIP on the SMCG page should be kicked from the group as his post was in clear contravention of the group's rules. Now that being said, can we all just move along? Mark
  4. I think we can and should choose to simply ignore what is being posted there. As already mentioned, that's their own echo chamber. Mark
  5.,+Temple,+TX+76501/@31.104253,-97.3301387,797m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x86456c5e5cddc349:0x39f277ab6a9a0bf0!8m2!3d31.104253!4d-97.32795 Mark
  6. The caption basically says that this shows the intake part dry-fitted to the fuselage but this is not a snap-fit kit. Mark
  7. This was started for the Build a Bear GB last year but alas I could not complete it on time as I was bogged down figuring a way to deal with the ordnance. Anyway, the previous thread from the GB sub-forum is here with the most recent update below. Since the last update, I have completed the application of the stencils, completed the painting and decal application of the missiles and started on the enamel wash. Mark
  8. No separate flaps and slats? Meh. Skip. Mark
  9. What brand? Mark
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but I think all the squadrons which were not disestablished before 1998 eventually gained Tomcats with "Bombcat" capability. Mark
  11. Mark
  12. Furball has a sheet. Mark
  13. Actually I think I may have the VF-14 portion of that sheet somewhere around. I used the VF-213 decals on a Hasegawa D many years back but never got around to using the rest of the sheet. They're yours if I can find them. Hopefully they haven't yellowed. Mark