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  1. Hmmm. If the length In the bottom right is correct, the kit’s scale will be about 1/62. Mark
  2. This is the wrong forum for this. May I direct you to the Eagle Dynamics/Heatblur Sims one? https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=395 Mark
  3. Academy’s kit is a joke? How so? Mark
  4. Just had a look at my kit. Concur with the findings that rivet detail is missing from the underside of the dirty wing. However, I found my slats for both the clean and dirty wings to be molded correctly with complete panel lines and rivets. Mark
  5. Lol. They’ve done what every Skyhawk kit producer couldn’t. Mark
  6. The Sufa is a block 52. You’ll need wheels for a block 40 Barak. Mark
  7. Looks good so far. But I think you have installed the RIO’s upper panel upside down. Mark
  8. The kit is finally here at my LHS. Snagged these two for S$70 so about US$50. No pre-ordering drama. Mark
  9. To put it simply, price point and availability. The Fine Molds F-14D was a limited edition kit bundled with several issues of Model Graphix magazine. The GWH kit retails for almost US$45 where I’m at. The Academy kit will probably retail for half that. Mark
  10. Saw this on MMZone. Looks like a new tool kit. http://mmzone.co.kr/mms_tool/mt_view.php?mms_db_name=mmz_media&no=5393 Mark
  11. I think @Dave Roof is the best person to help with this question. Mark
  12. I don’t understand what you mean here about no photos of the kit being available. Weren’t 10 copies given to a bunch of modellers in the US and another 10 to modellers in Malaysia? They’ve been building and posting photos of their builds. Mark
  13. Full instruction manual has been uploaded on Facebook. Mark
  14. Nah. It’s unbuildable because it doesn’t come with pilot figures! 😂 How about a list comparing this kit with the Hasegawa Tomcat? 😬 Mark
  15. Erm. I wasn’t trying to find fault with the kit. I just figured out what some of the others were talking about when then mentioned “axial misalignment” and pointed it out to Terry who didn’t recognise it from the photo posted earlier. Mark
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