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  1. Well, you have a couple of choices actually. You can get the 48th scale one from the Starship modeler store. (they are out of stock at the mo, but you can pre-order to get in on the next batch). I've got this kit and its a real beaut. If thats a bit too big or pricey, then Fantastic Plastic has a 72nd scale Blade wing coming soon.
  2. Well I got 2 in the stash. The first one I got was the Dambuster/grandslam version, which was a prezzie for my 14th or 15th birthday. The second one is the regular B.III version and I got that probably 10-12 years ago from Beaneys in Sittingbourne. I believe that was £49.99. The dambuster has been sitting in my cupboard unfinished for quite a few years now. A couple of months ago I was moving it to get something out, it slipped and one of the nacelles broke off.......I forgot just how much filler I had used to fair them in. I am planning to strip it down and rebuild it, so I might just get
  3. Trumpeter F9f-2 Panther from Bill Clarks e-bay shop. Cheers Bill.
  4. Yeah, I feel your pain. I just got my car back from the Subaru dealer..............Pop goes the modelling budget.
  5. I got my LS 144th Jolly Rogers Tomcat . Now I can do that Final countdown dio.
  6. Oh.......what a beautifull model. Top marks Dean, she looks t'riffic. :D
  7. Oh very interesting. Watching this one.
  8. Well this has just been posted in the thread over there. Quote:"A little birdie tells me that it is unlikely (extremely unlikely) that Revell will devote the necessary tooling to do a Pegasus - in any scale- in the first run of kits. They're not going to get bitten by another 'one episode wonder' (OK- so it was a few more than that, but you get the point) like the Kazon Torpedo and Maquis Fighter. If the first run is profitable enough to encourage them to continue the license, then a smaller multi-ship set with Galactica and Pegasus, and maybe a Base star (or 2?) is a distinct possibility."
  9. Starship modeller has a poll running. What subjects from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series would you like to see produced as new kits from a mainstream manufacturer. From the buzz over there, it sounds like one of the big model companies is very interested in our input. You can choose 4 subjects from a list of ships, but you can only vote once. Click on this link.
  10. I remember seeing that technique in an old issue of FSM. IIRC, it was on an F-86 and it looked spectacular. Really look forward to seeing this on the Hawk, Skii. :P
  11. Very nice job on the Falcon. What's yer handle on SSM?.
  12. Got some tool type stuff. A pair of nibbling cutters and some mastercasters sanding and polishing sticks. I've heard they're the mutts nutts, so I'm gonna try 'em on my Pucara wing and fuselage joints tonight.
  13. I have to agree, that is a beautifull job. :wacko: I've allways loved the Aardvarks markings on this bird. Nice job on the base too. Did you make it yourself?.
  14. E-bay purchase, Revell 32nd Phantom Mustang (got it half price). Oh and from a day or so ago, an old Esci 72nd F-100D (with PP aeroparts etched ladder and extra esci decal sheet)
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