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  1. Outstanding Dave, I'll certainly standby and be on the look out!! Thanks for the reply
  2. Was perusing FlyingLeatherNecks and Phasehangerresins and did not see any so I was wondering if any consideration be given on some 3-D print 1/48 & 1/32 wheel chocks. I'd be interested in USAF versions with ropes; if possible in 3D print capabilty, and the unique style USN/USMC versions with adjustable arms. Both wood and metal iterations from Vietnam till present would be great.
  3. For anyone looking to grab one of these, Hobbylinc has them at a low price of $59.99. I've not seen them ever marked down that low. Just snagged myself up one.
  4. Missed out on this sheet when it was released and nowhere to be found on the net, but if you have the Nail Fac (NF) OA-10A or (SF) OA-10A markings please let me know your asking price.
  5. Thanks for posting. I too went to this show, static displays were a bit disappointing from years past, and I really wish this was a venue for flares use...water is at the end of the runway at the north end, but sadly no flares show...I was soooooo hoping for it.
  6. Here we go!!!! Time to dig up my RF-4B from the stash. This is most welcome... Me have a feeling 2023 is going to be the year of the mighty Phantom for me!!!
  7. Outstanding news!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store!! Have a Meng E on it's way that will look phabulous in my home state NJ markings!!
  8. Sure hope NJANG and DCANG F-4Ds are on the reprint.
  9. Jake, with the soon to be released 1/48 Kinetic F-16D, how about some family model love. Eielson artic jets, Edward's test, TF-16Ns and some ANG Have Glass are just a few that come to mind-especially fancy that 113th Wing 'Capitols' jet.
  10. You Sir are the king of the Eagles...yet another masterpiece F-15, just like your EX! This is a stunner!!
  11. More decal applying tonight. May get the whole of it completed in this session. A few other small additions like HUD and nav lights-then landing gear. I'm determined to get to the finish line even with the continued setbacks.
  12. Time to wrap this build up and get it back on track! I've run into one disaster after the next. Original plans of MIANG decals got canned due to my Expert Choice sheet shattering upon entering water-almost shelfed the build because of this. Moved on to my backup plan-PRANG decals, only for them to not appear to match('PR' lettering black not grey on decal)sooooo I moved on and decided some old school markings from my home state...and lo and behold, had the 'check ' arrow decal shattered. I won't even get into the AQM-37 ughhh. This build has fought me every step!!! I'll take some better pictu
  13. Good to know, hopefully my pre-ordered Meng kit ships sooner than later. Can't wait to get my grubby paws on it.
  14. You attached the ZM kit option, do we know what the other Meng kit options are, box art shows one option being a Hill grey 561st jet, my understanding is there are three options in the Meng kit.
  15. Got mine ordered, glad I waited. Can't wait to do a old school 561st bird in Euro 1. Speedhunter decals bring on them Weasels!
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