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  1. Third that motion plus DCANG F-4Ds !!
  2. What color did you paint your cockpit? Ready to begin GWH MIG-29 with Quinta studio decals. Your Fulcrum came out stunning!
  3. Thanks gents, good information to know. I'm going to wrap up the last attachment of parts this weekend and get some paint laid down...now to decide what I want to hang from her. Any suggestions? I know family model B's really didn't stand alert in ADF units tasked with NORAD duties.
  4. That's just sexiness all day and all night...she's going to be stunning... I absolutely love these Ole skool bird's!! Nothing beats those 80s/90s bird's I grew up on!!
  5. As title says, wanting to trade my RF-4B for a F-4G.
  6. Hot damn, you nailed the Euro 1 scheme...I've read some dislike it on the phantom but I absolutely love em in this scheme! I want to build one now. What paints did you use?
  7. Thanks Gwen, yes I'm going wheels down but I guess I'll say the pilot was cycling his flight controls lol...figured I'd try some different pose for my build if the option is there.
  8. Got treated to a rarity this morning ...heard the whine of different engines taxi by and went out to look and lo and behold a PAF IL-78M!!! I was super stoked!! She flew in this morning at BWI-TM, pictures aren't the best, used my phone but what a treat to see this bird in person!!
  9. Couple of quick pics. Made some progress, almost ready for paint. Thanks all for the comments. The fit of the kit has been a challenge, main reason I'm building slowly. The intake sub assembly is set off to the side being held with CA and clamps...many gaps in fitting...hence it's not being attached in these photos. Hoping to attach this week coming up and possible paint barn.
  10. Small update, had some time to sit back down and get some work done. I will say though, this kit is fighting me... many fit woes. Was able to wrestle the IP down after a fight with CA, not perfect but will do for my palate. Weather starting to be nice out, so I'm anxious to finish up and get some paint down. Some perfect putty applied today. To be continued...
  11. Moving along, hit a bit of a snag, gap between IP and shroud. Think I'll hold here to figure out a solution, thinking attaching IP to shroud.
  12. Dave Wiiliams, I know what speak of, having same fit issues with my Kinetic F-16B, I think I'm going to remove the IP from pit tub and glue it directly to the shroud, hoping that works
  13. Your Viper came out great looking Geoff M! Hoping mine will be as good as yours!!
  14. Quinta set arrived today and I got right to it. Calling for snow this weekend so I plan on some sub assembly at most-no painting unfortunately.
  15. Waiting on my Quinta F-16B cockpit decal set, I'm really excited to use these. Meantime a little work, clean up then paint. Not feeling the many injection marks.
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