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  1. I know this post of yours is 9 years old but would you still happen to have microscale sheet 48-622? After PRANG F-16 option.


  2. Looking for these old sheets partial will work also as I'm interested in any options for the PRANG ADF Vipers, as long as it's a line bird or commander's jet.
  3. Agreed, I have a 1/48 BB F-4D set for Hasegawa I will never use.
  4. I know you didn't mention the F-4D variant, but I have an unused blackbox 1/48 F-4D cockpit I'm not interested in building anymore if your interested.


    1. Maverick


      Thanks for the offer. I'm not a big stickler for being too "accurate" and this would be going in an AMT/Ertl Kit. So I think the black box kit would be overboard, and I'm not used to working with resin.

  5. Thanks for the reply....here's hoping for Hill Grey DCANG F-4Ds, 113th flagship in particular;)
  6. I have the sheet with the afternburner Diamondback's markings, let me know if you don't have any prospects...Im in Maryland.


  7. KursadA....any time frame on when this 'new' sheet will be available, and what units you have settled on adding?
  8. As I have tried contacting Tamiya USA customer service with no luck to obtain sprue K from the F-14A kit, I am eager to begin my D model as a late A and just need the Martin Baker seats and both P&W TF-30s. If anyone has these items available please contact me, I can pay or trade my NACES and GE F110s from my Delta for them.
  9. My sentiments exactly!! If those 113th TFW F-4Ds are in Hill II grey also Im all over these! Are these sized for ZM or hasy?
  10. 184th TFW Kansas ANG Jayhawks and 113th TFW DC ANG Wing Commanders, Hill II grey F-4Ds.
  11. Perfect! Think Im going to get two Kittyhawk kits now!
  12. Christian Junker photo. https://images.app.goo.gl/y3R1Q7TEUs2eF8mTA
  13. Gents, Does FlyingLeatherNecks or anyone make HMM-163 1/48 Evil Eyes decals for UH-1Ns, want to build a November with these markings.
  14. Looking to trade my 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J for 1/48 Kittyhawk UH-1N. Each seller covers own shipping.
  15. Looks like we all been had...whats also of interest is the number of recipients who have replied about not receiving a paid for kit when the number of kits posted for sale was four or five...makes me wonder if this guy accepted multiple offers for the same kits...glad I got my money back from PP. Damn shame!
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