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  1. What Phantom said!!! I'll be looking to get this one too, hopefully SHD will also re-release his 1/48 Gunfighter F-4E decals so I can build a NJANG bird.
  2. You Sir are the king of the Eagles...yet another masterpiece F-15, just like your EX! This is a stunner!!
  3. More decal applying tonight. May get the whole of it completed in this session. A few other small additions like HUD and nav lights-then landing gear. I'm determined to get to the finish line even with the continued setbacks.
  4. Time to wrap this build up and get it back on track! I've run into one disaster after the next. Original plans of MIANG decals got canned due to my Expert Choice sheet shattering upon entering water-almost shelfed the build because of this. Moved on to my backup plan-PRANG decals, only for them to not appear to match('PR' lettering black not grey on decal)sooooo I moved on and decided some old school markings from my home state...and lo and behold, had the 'check ' arrow decal shattered. I won't even get into the AQM-37 ughhh. This build has fought me every step!!! I'll take some better pictu
  5. Good to know, hopefully my pre-ordered Meng kit ships sooner than later. Can't wait to get my grubby paws on it.
  6. You attached the ZM kit option, do we know what the other Meng kit options are, box art shows one option being a Hill grey 561st jet, my understanding is there are three options in the Meng kit.
  7. Got mine ordered, glad I waited. Can't wait to do a old school 561st bird in Euro 1. Speedhunter decals bring on them Weasels!
  8. Final paint put down today, finish line is in sight. I have some touch up paint areas to tend to and bang seats need some finishing. Here's a few pics before glosscoat and decals this week. Not too happy with how the Pratt motor came out, I'm thinking about using the AK brush aluminum.
  9. Excellent, thanks all for the input, I'll be getting a later boxing in that case.
  10. Can a late D or E be made from this kit? Or do I need to go the route of the Korean/Taiwan boxing? I have some BAM models ASPI exhaust already.
  11. Yup, that's exactly what my airbrush kept doing. Guess it didn't help that is very humid outside too 🤔
  12. Gwen, Thank you, I'm pushing this one to complete. Got the paint issue smooth out so it's on to next color and then landing gear/load out. Yeah I've had this bottle of GG for about the same time as you. Think I'm going to have to face the music and switch to some different brands now that MM is no longer...I'm thinking Tamiya and Gunze. BTW, Yes this kit rendition does come with the extended brake chute tail.
  13. A couple quick pictures after painting gunship, got some overspray areas and spider webbing that need some clean up...thinking this happened as a result of a old bottle of model master 36118. Hopefully some light wet sanding will smooth out grains. Looking to add L. Ghost and be donzo...this one is fighting me to the end
  14. Your Viper came out fantastic looking! You nailed the SEA scheme on it!
  15. That's the family model I'm planning on building in my contribution to the group build..BTW Da SWO, let me know if the deal falls through with you backup deal, I can offer a spare if needed from my EC decal sheet.
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