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  1. BTW Ken Middleton, the aeromaster sheets are long out of production, so how can one those Check their website-and a quick search of the internet yeilds nothing-but don't despair because afterburnerdecals is here to save the day
  2. afterburnerdecals-rock on It's bout time someone listens, I have seen the preview of the first sheet (East Coast demo) on your website-one word-HOT Can't wait to the other offerings now that you say others are on the way-its beginning to look alot like christmas :D Good 'ear-to-the-ground' afterburnerdecals-the F-16 family of sheets is off the wall-can't wait for the 'fighterhen' sheets
  3. Hey guys speaking of which, does anyone have any ideal who produces 1/48 scale F-15C Mod Eagle decals-I mean how about a combo sheet (Vince :lol: of F-15C/F-15E Mudhens-Maybe of the 366th "Gunfighters" F-15C/F-15E(I know they are drawing down now to where Mt. Home will be an all Mudhen base), or 325th FW (TY) and 48th FW (LN) and of course 1st FW (FF) and/or 173rd PortlandANG. There are plenty of F-15C kits out there, but few decals for Mod Eagle jets-twobobs good hit with the LA ANG jet by the way-I missed the two birds they sent up to McGuire's air show this year :lol: But maybe a combina
  4. I also have four twobobs 'Razorbacks' decals if you would like them-complete with "let's roll" insignia, being as the sheet is out of stock at twobobs. I plan on doing the wing king jet and my home-state -the 177th jet-that leaves three unused razorbacks, however, I could never figure out why the line bird on the sheet has blood on the hawg's tusk, and the commander's jet does not :lol: I will most certainly do the jet with the blood on the tusk-but they are yours if you'd like em :lol:
  5. I would definately go with the ACC gunship gray scheme-not only is it more attractive and makes the BONE look that much more sexy :lol: -but there are not too many decals for the old SAC scheme. I have a 1/72nd BONE from Aifix-stay far away from this kit :lol: Oh, and by the way, there ARE featherless "cans' available for the 1/48 BONE by Cutting Edge. Couple that with the resin towed-target by shull24.com, and you got yourself a true 'BAD-To-da BONE' B-ONE!!! BONE's 4-EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :lol:
  6. Well guys, that's proabably more "heat" blown, than that created by a BONE on maximum takeoff :wacko: But I have an solution, let me post the images of my VMdecals 113th TFW F-4 when it's completed, and then we can have the www define QUALITY :wacko:
  7. well I know that I simply attached an image of the jet in question for him to do, along with sending an attachement of the unit squadron badges on the aircraft, and he had it drawn up in a couple of days. You may know this already too, however, if you send him what you want, he may be able to do it
  8. To all my fellow modellers in search of custom decals. I am in the process of having a 'custom' set of decals for a 113th Tactical Figher Wing 1:48 F-4D. The man behind this phabulous project is Vince Maddeux of VMDecals.com. This guy is phenomenal, and has created a "hot" sheet for me to do this long-desired model. So, if you have that special unit, maybe unique to your state, shoot Vince an email, and you will be genuinely happy with the end results :)
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