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  1. Looking to trade my 1/48 Hasegawa F-22 for a Hobby boss 1/48 A-7K two seater. The F-22 is opened but all inner bags are sealed, along with kit decals having a slight crease. Each trader covers respective shipping cost.
  2. DAMN!!!!! Nail Fac to pedro mustaches, that's a pretty comprehensive sheet. No need to buy any other A-10 sheet!!!
  3. Thanks flyboy3394, your strike is looking good. I'm just on the cockpit part of my strike. I am going for a subdue look on my GG finish, so im thinking a drop or two of white because my experience with MM GG is so stark out of bottle.
  4. Question for you guys, i've just started my Revell strike also and wanted to know if there are any 1/48 scale SDB available? Also, do you guys spray gunship straight from the bottle or lighten it up a bit with some white?
  5. The kit does come with the small disc like sensors for the wingtips and tail. As Finn said they are separate parts you add on.
  6. Pardon if this question had been asked but I am wondering if there are any seamless intakes for the 1/48 Academy F-4J.
  7. My bad, forget to mention the kit does come with the RHAW equipment for the nose and wingtip and tailcone. You will have to sand/ saw off the under nose square like blister near the gun. As you can see in Habu2s pic of the jet above..it's no longer on 'C' models.
  8. I recently built this kit and added the Shull24 A-10 upgrade kit. The kit overall went together with little fuss, although attention/extra sanding will be needed around the assembly of the engine cowlings. Don't forget to add some nose weight as it will definitely be a tailsitter-if I remember correctly, I added about 4 fishing leads. The kit itself comes with some A-10C suite parts i.e., gps dome, SATCom antenna, but as you have mentioned, the cockpit is not a 'C.' In the end I just convinced myself it would be a A-10A+ I guess- not fully upgraded.
  9. Sweeeeet...got a U-2S waiting now for some markings! Can't wait till Fall! Perfect timing. Can't wait to see profiles.
  10. I'm seeking these old decals if someone has a set or knows a source where I can obtain them. TIA
  11. Almost lost my MOJO on this one, sat for a whIle but I'm calling this done. Going to add a bit more wash and this is done. Took a couple quick pics while grilling out tonight. I'll post a few more in the hangar later.
  12. Looking for the McGuire bird from this sheet if someone has this left over, so partial sheet works too. I know it's a stretch because it's long OOP. Would also be interested in Mass ANG markings from any maker if someone has these left ovet.
  13. 113th jet went down this am near JB Andrews, pilot ejected safely with no serious injuries its being reported. No injuries on the ground thus far.
  14. Sweeeeeeeet!!! Thanks boom, your guys definitely put in work as evident from that scoreboard!!!
  15. Thanks boom!!! Was hoping to see some pics of these guys on the Internet by now with the mustaches and scoreboards now that they are back home...got buzzed by 4 of them today for opening day flyover ceremonies.
  16. Not sure about the application for the R/M A-10, but that detail set looks just like kit supplied parts in the Italeri 2725 boxing so save yourself some extra money if your thinking the Italeri route and get the 'Blacksnakes' boxing.
  17. Totally gorgeous..you knocked that out the park!!!
  18. Anyone get pics of them in DC? I wish I could catch a glimpse of these guys..thought they might be staged out of Andrews.
  19. Looking to trade a Hasegawa 1/48 bug for Kinetic 1/48 bug, each buyer covers respective shipping. TIA
  20. Awesome!!! I'll check out DC definitely, be nice if Langley was a show.
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