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  1. Arcers- Looking to trade a 1/48 Hasegawa Harrier plus for a 1/48 Wolfpack T-38A. Both traders cover respective shipping. Thanks.
  2. Yesssir!! That Whiskey is coming along nicely!!!
  3. Whatever that's supposed to mean, it was meant as a dig at myself for not being patient but settling for a rudimentary kit, not a jab at this new kit annoucement..lighten up!!!
  4. Thanks Mike, looking forward to seeing your WHISKEY completed..like you I have to work on the step at my canopy/ fuselage mating, and add some weathering and paint chipping here and there and I can jump back into my VFC111 bird!
  5. Tamiya extra thin is my all around go to..won't use anything else. Very forgiving to use but also a very 'stronge' immediate bond...perhaps the biggest pro for me is no stringy continuation from the application to the model or crusty dried clump in cap when recapped-ala Testors brand..the brush is the truth!
  6. ARCERS, I some how lost the 2nd nose RWR blister from my KF-5E kit. I tried academy NJ parts distributor but I'm being told my kit is a Korean made kit so I'm kinda out luck. Anyone have an extra one to part with or I can source?
  7. Looking very tenpting....just when I purchased the bare bone Testors kit and have it almost finished of course.. good news is it stalled out on me at the painting stage so this may be just the justification I need to give it check flight into the garbage can!!
  8. Last couple of quick pictures before I wrap this build up and post in the hangar. The markings are some creative license...put together to depict a guard bird, so it's not 100% accurate but I will have a SNAKE on my shelf...to be continued... Thanks for looking!
  9. Nice change up on your longbow, that finish came out fantastic!
  10. Mike your birds looking outstanding, I too have that same problem with the step on my canopy mate at the fuselage, going to scrap and sand s well and hope for the best. That load outs looking superb also. Can't wait to the see the end result, I always enjoy seeing your completed work!
  11. Couple of quick pictures, lighting not great and using my phone, I will have to take some more tomorrow. Fresh out the paint barn and because photobucket was having some issues I haven't been able to post. Anywho, I'm almost at the finish line. The kit was fun to build, and few hiccups here and there...thanks Floyd for the info and hookup on the stencils. Mask just off and now cleanup. Mike the F-5 is nearing completion as well, thanks for the words guys.
  12. Your Sea king is looking great so far bro, I know you said your undecided on markings but can ya tell us whether your going for a high vis or low vis bird or not sure yet either?
  13. Thanks falcon20driver, much appreciated. Hoping to have it ready for paint in a couple days. Working on trying to get some decals to cobble together to try make a NJ-NG bird(fond memories of them as a kid flying out of Mercer Airport in West Trenton, NJ) if that doesn't work I'll settle for another unit. Rotorwash would you happen to know which version the NJ-NG flew? I was under the impression they were S models but I have a feeling they were F's.
  14. Thanks Gents for the comments. I'm not very familiar with the cobra subvariants so I'm learning as I go. TobiK you are absolutely correct it is a very basic kit. I took the easy way out and added some Tamiya F-16 kit decals for the seatbelts. Next is working on loadout and cleaning up and sanding/ smoothing/filling.
  15. AGREED!!! Shaping up to be a gorgeous build Pappy!
  16. Off to a nice start Falcon20, office is looking fantastic!!
  17. Outstanding work so far Mike! Looking great so far!!
  18. Got some scribe work on the Snake, next is some filling and sanding and finish masking the greenhouse, and a little more scribing Not too bad of a fit job overall for a older kit. Still trying to source some Army reserve markings for it.
  19. Don, My F did not require any nose weight, and sits nicely on its feet still, 3 years later.
  20. Wait, so does this re-issue F model come with a retractable refueling probe? My first issue kit did not.
  21. Thanks falcon20, I'm enjoying the group build so far, looking forward to your build.
  22. Not too much work done, cleaning up cockpit and attached top ...a bit fiddly with the alignment, I think I may just have to scratch some seat belts just to add a little flavor to the plain seats, hmmm. Still undecided on markings- I'm thinking of fixing up my TOWS as unloaded or empty, something about that look that I dig. Hmmm
  23. Looking very good Pappy! I especially like the office.
  24. Echo the sentiment Mike, nice choice, I' m also bringing a Snake to the party!!
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