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  1. A little progress...not too worried about extra detail as this will be OOB build. Dry brushed a bit and pencil to highlight instruments: Cockpit is bare but I can live with that, moving right along
  2. Just about two days into my build, including painting up the cockpit and I'm already pass the stages achterkich linked above, it is going together without fuss and I'm enjoying the build. Definitely a good kit.
  3. Decided to join my first GB, will be the following- Got cockpit snapped in, more pics to follow...
  4. Outstanding, Jake you made my new year, I might as well send you my bank card info to keep on file!! SH graphics continue to impress!!!
  5. Ahhhh thanks for the tip Mike...I had same issues with residue using blue tac as well...will be going out to get some silly putty. My F-5 is just ramping up, got nose section completed now...I'll post pictures when done, it's falling together fast, enjoying it... my first AFV kit-thanks for asking! Keep up the outstanding work, your BUFF looks gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing it with decals
  6. Any chance for some 113th TFW DCANG F-4Ds in Hill II, wing king, MIG killer and line birds, and 184th TFG KANG Jayhawks birds would be outstanding!!
  7. F-5N VFC-111 AH-1S, unit still undecided but later 80s, early 90s bird. OH-58D, unit still undecided. U-2S, 9th RW. F-16C 64th AGRS. All 1/48 scale
  8. Looking good Mike, as always, can I ask what you used for your camo demarcation lines...blue tack?
  9. Might throw my hat in the ring for my first ever GB with a 1/48 Testors AH-1S, US Army style...just wish I could find some NJARNG decals for the guys who used to buzz me as a kid in West Trenton.
  10. Agreed with all the above comments but I have to know, what color are your using for the metallic areas of your AIM-9s??? Definitely spot on!!!
  11. Thanks Scoob, I recall the AB sheet but it did not have an example of the TPS scheme TA-4Js, just the camouflage version...I'm after the gray paint scheme with red bort numbers. Those other makers you mentioned did they do the TPS scheme and if so who were they ?
  12. Was wondering if there were any decals made for the Redtails TA-4Js in their final years in TPS scheme, really fancy building one of these. TIA
  13. Fellow ARCers, I'm looking to trade my 1/48 Hasegawa A-4E for a 1/48 AFV Club F-5E. Kit is complete and sealed. Cost of shipping is assumed by trader. TIA.
  14. Looking for a 1/48 A-10, preferably HobbyBoss or the Italeri A-10C boxing, at a decent price or trade perhaps my 1/48 Hasegawa A-4E/F or TA-4J.
  15. Wow, I haven't been on ARC in a few days but now seeing how you put even my mailing address on here in the bad trader post really disgust me Dutch. No doubt there was a issue somewhere along the transit after leaving my hands, but I communicated with you Dutch the entire time...but due to this blast putting personal information out here in cyberspace I don't accept your apology and will no longer be posting on ARC. Your assumption on mailing was wrong, you could've simply asked around the site first before you assumed per usual that I'm a bad trader...you say error on me for mailing envelope
  16. Beautifully done...can't wait to see it in person in October when they come to Martin State for the airshow!! Looking forward to seeing it rip up the skies again...so glad they are coming back to MD again.
  17. OH yeah!!! A must have...if you could squeeze a VC-8 Saints TA-4J with GF tail codes and in the TPS scheme I'd be all in!!!!! Don't think the TPS grey VC-8 birds have ever been done. Good thing I just picked up a E model scooter to go with my TA-4J.
  18. CF, that's just what I was looking for!!! Excellent pictuture...thank you...Appreciate everyone's help.
  19. CF, that's just what I was looking for!!! Excellent pictuture...thank you...Appreciate everyone's help.
  20. What ever happened to the promised DCANG F-4D Hill grey F-4D?
  21. Totally agreed, decals are about it...the additional resins etc, I skip.
  22. My Eagle guide arrived today, two days in time before my birthday!! Looks absolutely outstanding, kudos to you Jake!!!! 😎
  23. Good to know, I guess I'll be getting a HB Hawg to put my Shull A-10 update set on!
  24. Yes, it's going to be a late U-2R/S, so gloss white it is...thanks Jens!!
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