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  1. Been online checking, even code one magazine however no clear picture seem to show if the main landing gear struts are standard white or some other color. FWIW, I'm building the late Testors 1/48 kit and they call for steel however I wanted to be sure before I committed as I know often times the research is not accurate by the kit producer. Does anyone know definitively. TIA.
  2. That ADF F-16A looks to be a former 171st FS Michigan bird.
  3. One of the finest, if not, best Skyhawks I've seen! Truly eyewatering. Have to know your technique for those tires, they look absolutely real with the dust/dirt on tire look especially on the nose wheel...looks like it just rolled to a stop!
  4. Really fancy building a TPS TA-4J with VC-8 markings and GF tail codes with red star. Are there any 1/48 decals available for this unit in their final days-not the camouflage scheme.
  5. Great, just as I was about to mail a medium box to Canada myself, guess I better be prepared for sticker shock too when I go to the post office...already had a joke of a experience there whereby the clerk would not allow me to use 'their' scotch tape for a mailing label but rather she states BUY a USPS label instead, and then she blatantly lies when I ask if I can use some of theirs I see on the counter behind her saying "we don't keep scotch tap in the office." No wonder the usps is going to the toilet, crap floats! And now they want to charge astronomical fees to mail to the north...what, a
  6. Hmmmmm, agreed....not sure if I likey either but it's a super so it's still sex!
  7. I got a couple of pics on my phone I took of two VFC-111 F-5s at Andrews AFB open house this past September, they are not close ups but you can see the black disc like shape.
  8. B-ONE27


    Yet another bird I wish I had the privilege to see fly before they were gone 😔
  9. B-ONE27


    Or you can grab a GWH eagle from lucky models at $39-limited edition kit...this is what I did, add shipping brings you north of $45 when all said and done. Me personally I like the shape and detail of the GWH eagle-these newer companies are producing fantastic kits, often times pale in comparison to the older kits.
  10. Beautiful, nicely done and paints look spot on.
  11. Dutch, Shoot me a PM, got one set I'm willing to part with.
  12. Jake, how about a MIG killer series sheet as you said, perhaps F-15 MIG killers then and now, mix of compass schemes and Mod Eagle..desert storm up to now...Sosterburg, Eglin, Langley, Bitburg killers then and now with kill markings applied.
  13. Agreed...now if only the books could come with sound, I'd probably lose my day job and wife!!
  14. Great 411 guys, already had nato black planned for my U-2R, guess I'll throw a combination of tire black on also or grey black.
  15. Life is gooooooood!! Got my order in too. Can't wait to get my grubby mits on mine ....Jake you rock!!!
  16. Hope we get some nice aftermarket decals along with it, MAC/AMC would be gravy...want to do a Mcguire 438th or Andrews AFRES 459th jet.
  17. If you built a F-16 with the WAR hud and have a extra WAC Hud I can really use it to complete my block 25. TIA
  18. Trying to slim down again, interested in trading my 1/48 Hasegawa F-15C for the Academy 1/48 U-2S-also have a couple decal sheets I can toss in with it.
  19. 1st FW and all its squadrons MIG killers would rock, Eglins been done but maybe a more comprehensive coverage of all squadrons, or mix of various single, double, and triple killers.
  20. Jake, any idea what MIG killers will be on part II, I.e., active duty, air guard? I'm planning my GWH Eagle now and really want a MIG killer. Regards.
  21. Gonz if that falls thru let me know I have a 1/48 Has F-15C.
  22. Saw a recent picture of a Langley T-38 aggressor bird with red tail and and Ironmen title- has the 71st been re-activated as the aggressors of the 1st FW- can anyone confirm?
  23. Oh man, I need this sheet in 1/48!!!! SCANG and OHANG birds look absolutely sick!
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