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  1. ...and this is lower side with suction channel. Fuel strainer and draining box is still visible very vell. Thanks for watching! 😉
  2. Hi guys, on the lower side of engine firewall which is part of wings is fuel strainer and engine drain box. I made it and prepare connection rods for hydraulic and fuel tubes. This units are still visible on the model lower side, but this is maximum which I can able put on this small space.
  3. ...and here is the top and bottom view with the wing attached. Thanks for watching! 😉
  4. Hi guys, step by step, slowly to the finish line :-) Not yet, I know... But, I have done both gun bays and glued together with wings. I had to replace twisted heating cables because I wasn´t satisfied with this. Parallel cables are better. I made also guns covers from Eduard PE (yes, I used lot of debonder :-) ). Wings aren´t glued to the fuselage, only for check and photos.
  5. Hi guys, right gun bay is practically finished, only small details are missing, these will be added only after mounting in the wing.
  6. Gun bays. I have complete right bay with guns and cables connected firing solenoids and heating plates. PE Parts are Eduard again. Some small PE parts isn´t still on position, will be glued after insertion to the wing Guns not glued now, only cables and side walls. Guns and bays will be painted separately, it´s to small for any show 😊
  7. Hi guys, engine compartment is finally done at 99% (some small PE parts missing and I will do some oil leaks). Because I working on this about 3 months I really need some change 😊 Next step will be a gun bays. Thanks for watching 😉
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the positive comments, I really appreciate it! On this moment I have done left side of engine. On this side is connected inlet tube of battery ventilation, vacuum tube between daschboard and restriction valve and control rod for propeler governor.
  9. Hi, battery cables are on place plus bowden line from engine head to the tachometer generator. I´m also start work on lower side of air chanel.
  10. Hi, next small step, I did new glass jar which is used in battery ventilation system to absorbing acid fumes from battery box. I also working on main power wires from battery to ground and to the disconnect solenoid. Finally I prepare ventilation inlet from left side of fuselage to the battery box and engine is done! 😉
  11. Thanks Steve! I finished "day of tubes", lower side of engine bay is done. I also made some changes on oil ventilation line, especially connection to the engine heads.
  12. Thank you guys! So, Packard is in frame and now I need connect everything what is possible :-) On the top between oil tank and compressor will be a profile for battery support and finally space under battery will invisible, so there is a pic from this area...
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