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  1. Hi guys, some progress on left side engine frame. As ussually I use some Eduard PE ( support battery frame, covers lock etc.). On the frame top side is vacuum restrictor on tube from daschboard to engine vacuum pump. On real plane is front part of frame open U profile, but I hope that this solution is ok. Beside tube is rod for propeler adjustment - only upper part now, second will be add after cockpit finishing, because I can easily destroy it now.
  2. Thank you guys! The truth is that one of my next projekts will be F4U-1D on assembly line. There are nice photos from LIFE magazin, I have a Tamyia 1/32 and I´m thinking about composition. But it will be a next time 😉. Now I´m working on radiators section, this is a simple, no a pipes and wires... 😃 Ok, one tube is added, it´s input for cockpit air heating. It´s short tube on first photo.
  3. Hi guys, right side of cockpit is completely done. Work with Barracuda decals was sometime hell, but finally looks good.
  4. Thanks guys! Right side of fuselage is painted on basic colours, waiting for decals and finally wash and oils. On matt electronic boxes are scratches by aluminium and normal HB pencil.
  5. Thanks :-) References? 99.9% internet, study of original photos and especially Mustang instruction manual. The last 0.1% is a deduction, an experience of how which part can work.
  6. Hallo 11bee, I´m glad you like it! You are right with function of signal lamp. I found it on Enchantress pic, but I didn't know what it was :-) Fortunately we have the internet, some hours with work with original pics and Mustang instruction manual and "voilà" :-) Here is signal lamp on Enchantress:
  7. Looks good under surfacer, let´s go to the paint... :-)
  8. Thank you Brett! Finally, I finished right side of fuselage, ready to surfacer now. On engine frame are lot of tubes which will connect to the firewall. Some wires and tubes will add after fuselage and engine closed. Next step will be final painting of right side of fuselage, I need some change... 😁
  9. Thanks guys for your positive comments, it´s new energy for me everytime... 😉 I currently working on right side of engine frame. There is new tube from vacuum pump to oil separator, manifold pressure and fuel line. After painting they will be connect to the engine. Also is there right side of battery frame - this is Eduard PE as quick skew holders.
  10. Hello gentlemens, currently I finished internal part of cockpit. Long work, lot of things will be invisible after fuselage close, but I´m satisfied now. Next step will be cockpit sides and engine frame.
  11. Thanks, I´m doing what I can, with lot of mistakes :-) Here is another finished part, dashboard. As I say previously, I use Eduard Look with few drops of gloss varnish and transparent yellow. Dust is AK.
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