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  1. CoMMiESfest 6's official 'Fifty Shades of Green' tee-shirt! For the IPMS Region 10 Regionals on June 12 & 13 @ Holiday Inn Denver East - Stapleton! More information here & here! Hope to see you there! Black or Green
  2. kylwell


    Anybody know of where to get a plan & profile for this aircraft? http://www.stavatti.com/SM27ST_OVERVIEW.html
  3. Armored Core Fascinator Ver. CR-C06U5 1/72 Kotobukiya $35.00 parts still in org bags SOLD Armored Core Mirage C01-GAEA 1/72 Kotobukiya $35.00 parts still in org bags Battlestar Galactica 30th Anniversary Viper 1/32 Revell $20.00 parts still in org bags SOLD Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Valkyrie 1/2500 Bad-Azz $85.00 parts still in org bags SOLD Border Break Cougar type-I 1/35 Kotobukiya $30.00 parts still in org bags Dorvack Berlon PA-36K 1/24 Gunze-Sangyo $25.00 parts still in org bags SOLD Dorvack Tinkle Bell PAM-74 1/24 Gunze-Sangyo $25.00 parts still in ziplock bags SOLD Dorvack
  4. Love that Swede scheme.
  5. Thanks! I've done a Polish scheme, would love to do some others but I only have 1 other SV-51 kit.
  6. And here are some of the scheme's I've done for the '51 http://www.hungrylizardstudio.com/sv51/svpage1.html
  7. Started a new thread to keep this one clean for the YF-19s.
  8. How would you finish your Hasegawa SV-51 kit? Have at it... Zip PS file can be had here
  9. Consider it done...in a bit...me need breakfast.
  10. oooh, spiffy. If I PM you with an email can you zip me an Illustrator version of the line work? I'll trade you a SV-51 linework....
  11. Thanks. The Iraq photos are from Vern who's over there for the next couple of months. IIRC he's a F-16 crew chief. The chipped looks is really three layers of paint. The base material layer, consisting of various Alclad paints, tan, and some carbon fiber decals. Sealed that and salt masked the entire thing, which uses water and a dribble of salt to mask the material layer. Then a few colors of Tamiya. Rub the salt off (it'll stick better than you'd think) and seal it. Give it a coat of Hairspray (which I've now seen I got a bit thick in places) and paint over with red. The hairspray acts as
  12. Captured Falke flown by SDR pilot Lt Manny Richthofen. More images can be found here.
  13. The Majin Brutishdog Halk Sovat Gazette Dragonar-3 Dragonar-2 Custom 1/1000 TOS Enterprise Escape Pod E-Wing F-19 Neuel Ziel SD Gordam (Gundam) Zaku II Zapper Zaku Hummer(s) Gasaraki Ishtar Lancia Stratos LOTG Spaceship P-61 Republic Star Destroyer Powered Suit Scopedog SAAB 91 Fenics Shooting Star Stingbat LHX TIE Bomber Trade Fed Transport Uchikoma Droid Trifighter SD Gundams The Ideon Gundam RX-F91 Shining Gundam Zambot 3 Thank you for looking.
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