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  1. I see that Trumpeter have announced a 1/48 Mi-4 to be released in June. I also see that Trumpeter made the same subject in 1/35 all the way back in 2004, which makes it a pretty early Trumpeter kit. On the assumption that the 1/48 version will be based off the 1/35 model, what was the general consensus on the 1/35 kit in terms of accuracy? Thanks Jon
  2. I'm sure you don't need the affirmation Gabor, but I can confirm there's nothing wrong with your English comprehension 🙂 Best Jon
  3. Really excellent work as always. I'm glad to hear the kit goes together well. I plan on making the E version later this year. I'm thinking of filling the panel lines and using resin rivets to change the surface detail. Jon
  4. What's the feeling on how accurate the upcoming Cheetah D is? Jon
  5. No worries - I was agreeing with you 🙂 Jon
  6. Ha ha. Now you're misunderstanding me! I wasn't responding to you, which is why I didn't quote you... Jon
  7. You misunderstood him. He wasn't saying there's no Pave Tack, he was saying ResKit have not produced a cockpit for an F without Pave Tack. Which I think was pretty obvious from the context. Jon
  8. They've done multiple sets for different variants. The question is easily answered by just going to their website... Jon
  9. They've got nearly all the versions covered, including the FB and C. Jon
  10. £45.81 for the F-111A/E cockpit, so I'll stick with Hannants... Jon
  11. How much for postage? The preorder price at Hannants is just shy of £45.
  12. Available now: https://reskit-models.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59_61 The rivets look a bit big...? Jon
  13. Bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for any spare parts C38/39 from any 1/48 Hasegawa F-14. These are the small ECM bumps provided in the F-14A/D kits that are unused. If anyone has a couple spare they'd be willing to send to the UK for postage, I'd be most grateful. Thanks for looking Jon
  14. It's not been released yet. There's CAD and sprue shots floating around on their FB page and you can read more here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235039874-148-kaman-hh-43-oh-43d-hok-1-huskie-family-by-mikromir-huk-1hok-1-released-hh-43-final-renderssprues/ It's been imminent for a while... Jon
  15. Hello All, My eighth and final completion for 2021 is Airfix's 1/48 Spitfire PR.19. Not the best kit, with some significant fit issues, poor quality moulding and rather over-emphasised panel lines, but pretty accurate by all accounts and a model of a great looking aircraft. My only additions were the whip aerial and the Rebecca Mk.II landing aid under the rear fuselage missed by Airfix. The scheme is from an Xtradecals sheet, but the serials are not quite right so in the end I only used the roundels, squadron crests and zeroes on the underwing serials. The tail flashes and prop ste
  16. I used the Czech Model decals on my Sky Models 1/48 T-34C (which I guess is even harder to find than the CM one). The CM decals have all kinds of problems for the option I used: national insignia the wrong shape, sharkmouth design incorrect, completely wrong eyes, wrong RESCUE arrow, missing stencils, wrong font for the serial number, etc. I would have *loved* to be able to use some Caracal decals on this! Jon
  17. That was for the Trumpeter kit. Whether it would fit the Revell Panther is another question... Jon
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