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  1. Thanks. That what I would have thought, but a CH-46 mech on FB has just informed me it should be metallic, so I'll go with that. Cheers Jon
  2. I've a feeling I might be asking quite a few questions of this group... I'm making the CH-46E in this image, from AOA : The rotor blades are pretty worn, but what I don't know is what colour they wore down to. It is metallic, or grey? Any help is appreciated Jon
  3. Hello, I'm starting Academy's 1/48 CH-46E today and will be using the AOA decals to model 157664 EH-03. AOA supply three great photos of this airframe, but they are a little small and only partial on the left side. I've done quite a lot of Googling, but not come up with any more images. Is anyone aware of any more photos of this airframe from the 2006 USS Bantaan deployment with HMM-264? Just looking for more references. Many thanks for your consideration Jon
  4. That is a -6. This is an interpretation of the original scheme - there's at least one more (e.g. with floats in blue). There is a photo of the original airframe kicking around. 8563 also wore a different silver scheme earlier in its life. Jon
  5. The -6 also had a different front fuselage behind the cowling and the cowling itself was different to the earlier variants. None of the 1/48 kits have it correct. It's not widely remarked upon (e.g. not mentioned at all in the Ginter book) but obvious when you start comparing photos of -5s and -6s. Jon
  6. No problem and thanks for the answer. Looks like such a great scheme I'll get the sheet anyway 🙂 Cheers Jon
  7. This poster has not been on ARC since 2017, so I don't think I'm going to get any joy, but did any of the photos he had get posted or published anywhere? I would like to buy this Caracal sheet and make 'Cilda' but I need to know if this aircraft had the large drag chute housing or the smaller ventral keel? I think it probably had the larger housing, but 45th TRS polka-dot aircraft had both kinds and I'd like to be sure. I don't fancy converting the Tanmodel kit to remove the large chute housing as that's already proving enough of a ballache on the Kinetic F-84F I'm backdating...
  8. Here's a HUK-1: https://jonbryon.com/amp-1-48-kaman-huk-1-huskie/ Jon
  9. I've built the HUK-1 and have the HH-43B. The sprues are all different. The rotor blades look very similar if not identical. It should be described as a new tool in my view; I can't see any commonality. Jon
  10. Maybe. Maybe not. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235108534-148-fairchild-republic-thunderbolt-ii-warthog-by-gwh/#comment-4371503 Jon
  11. Yes, e.g. https://jonbryon.com/kinetic-1-48-lockheed-general-dynamics-f-16b-fighting-falcon/ Jon
  12. Pleasure. I spent a lot of time on Google when I was making mine... Jon
  13. OB-924 (44-93224) is usually drawn without red areas. Below are photos I believe from 1950. OB-999 is also usually illustrated in the same manner: 44-33939 did have the red areas. The same photos are variously captioned from 1947, 1948, 1949 and 1952 depending on the publication. According to http://usafunithistory.com/index.html, the 4th RS was based in Guam until September 1949 when it relocated to Hamilton, California, which possibly casts doubt on the June 1948 date for these pictures.
  14. If you mean this airframe, it's the only one I can find marked up as such. All the other photos I could find for other airframes did not have the red, but I'm limited to what can be found on the internet. This is the Revell 1/48 kit in the scheme provided in the box, although it's so inaccurate all the markings are masked and airbrushed. Jon
  15. Thanks guys. This is encouraging! Jon
  16. I see that Trumpeter have announced a 1/48 Mi-4 to be released in June. I also see that Trumpeter made the same subject in 1/35 all the way back in 2004, which makes it a pretty early Trumpeter kit. On the assumption that the 1/48 version will be based off the 1/35 model, what was the general consensus on the 1/35 kit in terms of accuracy? Thanks Jon
  17. I'm sure you don't need the affirmation Gabor, but I can confirm there's nothing wrong with your English comprehension 🙂 Best Jon
  18. Really excellent work as always. I'm glad to hear the kit goes together well. I plan on making the E version later this year. I'm thinking of filling the panel lines and using resin rivets to change the surface detail. Jon
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