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  1. Crap, XMM showing sold out, I think I missed my window here. I'm still interested if you have any spares, Brian. Thanks!
  2. Hi again, Arnaud 🙂 Good question. I picked this up before I decided to go full-fledged aftermarket. But good to know the CJ boxings are cheaper for future builds. Keep in touch with how your in-flight F-16 build goes too.
  3. My second model in ten years, first was 87-0290, also a 1/48th Tamiya Viper that I finished a couple of months ago. I got a decent result, but am definitely a bit rusty, and it was a challenging build. This time around I wanted to get more practice in with resin, so I added the detail sets pictured below. I started with the loadout pictured below while waiting for the cockpit set to arrive. I’ll move onto the cockpit after painting and finishing these bits off over the next few days. Happy for any tips or advice from others who built this kit as I go along!
  4. Hey Brian, yes! Do you have any for the Hasegawa F-4E? Hoping to use them for the JSDF F-4EJ I'll be working. Happy to pay for part/shipping via Paypal etc. -Chris
  5. Thanks! I ended up using a sewing needle for this part and worked out pretty well 🙂
  6. Hi, does anyone know how I might go about scratch building a couple of AOA probe covers for my 1/48 Tamiya F-16. I think I'm giving up hope of seeing the steel beach set ever coming back in stock. Thanks!
  7. Do guys know what is a good tool is to rescribe the small rivet holes on the forward fusealge that surround the joint that meets the nose cone? I'm having to do a bit more sanding than I would have liked to get a smooth transition to the nose cone on this Tamiya kit, and am starting to lose some of these rivets.
  8. parts J29 and J14 lost to the carpet. willing to pay for parts and shipping via Paypal, cash app etc. . Thanks! - Chris
  9. Thanks, good eye. What about this forward vent. I'm not seeing this in the Tamiya instructions...?
  10. Hello, does any know if 87290 has wing strenghtening plates? I can make out fuselage strengthening plates, but am having a hard seeing if it has the wing strenghtening plates and or/RAM panels? I'd like to use the appropriate after market pieces on my build. Kind regards,
  11. Having trouble finding the Steel Beach Accessories cover set, and just need the AOA probe covers. Thank You.
  12. Thanks for the link Jbryan911 and info habu2. I've never built a Tamiya kit before, so I ordered one to see how it compares to prior Hasegawa builds I've done. We'll see how this goes, first build in 10 years or so.
  13. Thanks seawinder, you have me curious now. Does the Tamiya kit have everything for a block 30? I see one kit (TAM61098). Is that the go-to one?
  14. Hi all, thanks for replies. Is the Tamiya considered a superior kit? I have 3 Hasegawas in my stash. I'm returning to models after a hiatus, and figured if I can save money using one I already have that would be perfect. Habu2 - regarding which inlets to use - does the attached help? Also, do you know what a 'standard' training loadout might look like? I'd like to add something besdies just the external tanks for visual interest. I can't find any pictures of this specific aircraft with anything but the external tanks, but have found other pics of 93 FS Makoes with trai
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