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  1. Oh boy, where to begin without being a spoiler. Lets just say the whole series of books has a little bit of everything in it. In no particular order and going from memory, politics, terrorism, oil, corrupt billionaires, drug lords/cartels, stolen weapons from Russia/former eastern block nations, black ops, Russian leaders longing for the good old days... think Hunt for Red October meets Clear and Present Danger add a smattering of The Sum of All Fears, sprinkle in Red Storm Rising, and a dose of the movie "Act of Valor". I think that about covers the series without giving anything away LOL! T
  2. I liked the Ghost Recon series of books by David Michaels (books in order from 1-3): If you liked The Hunt for Red October, then check out the "Hunter Killer" series by George Wallace and Don Keith (Final Bearing is book 1: Loved the books! I believe there was a movie loosely based on the series. I have a few others but I won't hog LOL! Happy modeling!
  3. Unbelievable voice and images: These places will be filled again !
  4. Just a quick "Happy Easter!" to everyone. Hope all my fellow ARC'ers are safe, healthy, and as happy as can be expected.
  5. Those envelopes, catalogs, flyers etc can help keep the fires burning once you're done.
  6. Wow isn't that true. Amazingly close huh. Too funny ! Happy modeling!
  7. Hajo you completely fooled me! I thought sure you were modeling 1/35. Those are outstanding builds in 1/72. Well done! Happy modeling!
  8. Dutch that's cool! Very colorful and highly unique. Not something we see everyday. I've seen that kit on EBay but never pulled the trigger. Thanks for sharing and happy modeling!
  9. Nice HEMTT's Hajo! Italeri or Trumpeter? I built the Italeri HEMTT ages ago and aside from the tires thought it was a good kit. I have another Italeri and a Trumpeter in the stash for a rainy day. Thanks for sharing and happy modeling! EDIT: Spelling.
  10. 1/16! Now that's just way too awesome. I love my 1/35 but I must admit 1/16 interests me. Panzer I looks great. I love the German scout/light tanks like the Panzer I, II, and later the III. I have an ICM 1/35 Luchs that's been calling to me. The Type 94 Tankette's look great too! I have always liked the yellow, green, red brown Japanese camouflage. Is that a Chinese copy I see on the left in the photo? Good stuff thanks for sharing! Happy modeling! EDIT: I now have the urge to play World of Tanks...one of my other hobbies...
  11. Thanks for looking after the fort for us Phantom . No worries.. even on my current build tear you'll still end up with more done in 2020 then I will LOL! If you find the time...Happy Modeling! Cheers!
  12. You bet! Too much negativity isn't healthy. Step away and immerse yourself in something you love and brings you enjoyment...like modeling! Hey happy modeling to you Sir! Cheers!
  13. Hey a fellow Model Railroader! N Scale myself but I have been collecting some HO materials over the last long while (my eyes are not what they used to be so I am anticipating the inevitable switch). My layout is loosely based on the Conrail Appalachian routes...coal country. I run mainly 1980's-2000 diesels like SD40-2's, Geeps, SD70's, but I do have an AMTRACK and "Tourist Train" Super Chief (I LOVE the Warbonet paint scheme). Haven't run any trans in a while though as I've been busy and having fun model building. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing! Happy modeling all!
  14. Sweet! Dukes of Hazard was my go-to TV show back in the day. Loved the General Lee. Daisy was easy on the eyes too . Nice build, really looks the part. Thanks for sharing! Happy modeling all!
  15. That's awesome! The Tamiya Spit sure is a beauty of a kit huh. I built the Hasegawa Scooter years ago and loved it. Good luck and thanks for sharing! Happy modeling all!
  16. Hey all! What is everyone building while being in isolation? I shut the news off, avoid threads dealing with the doom and gloom, and I am flying through the builds and really putting my lockdown time to good use. I feel like a kid again, just building straight OOB and just having fun. Added to that my 11 year old Son has joined me and we've been having a blast! I wish I could post some pictures but since Photo Bucket did their thing I haven't found an easy site to post pictures from (recommendations for an easy hassle free means is greatly appreciated). Anyways, here is what I have accomplish
  17. This one is in stock pretty much everywhere. And its cheap at only $7.99! Easy installation AND portable. All you need is access to a hose. Of course the neighbors may find it objectionable... Happy modeling all!
  18. Yep that's a great site ^^^ for German KV-1's and KV-2's. I like this one for Western Front captured Sherman's: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/27-images-captured-sherman-tanks-german-hands.html Interesting topic. A whole group build could be done where the theme is captured materials being used against their original owners.
  19. ^^^Agreed. Beutepanzers have always interested me, especially for modeling subjects. I have a 1/35 Trumpeter KV-1 that is earmarked for these German markings: An eye popping overall white with black balkenkreuz and black stripe around the turret. Sherman's, Matilda's, Churchill's, French tanks, Czech tanks...so many trophy tanks in German hands. Add to that German tanks pressed into Allied service and a modeler has a lot of subjects to choose from. Another oddity on my "to do list" someday is the Japanese Tiger I tank bought by Japan, along with technical plans, b
  20. Kind of related, when the Canadian army was deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 it did so without any heavy armor, namely its Leopard C2 tanks. The Leopards were deemed irrelevant and obsolete on the modern battlefield by top brass in the Canadian army and were slowly being mothballed, sold, turned into memorials, sent to museums etc. However, by late 2005 early 2006 Canadian army commanders in theatre began asking for heavy armor to support the infantry on sweeps/patrols and guard bases. Luckily, there was a sufficient number of C2's and trained crews still in service that could be sent and upgr
  21. Cool! I'm off to check that site out now. Always good to have more resources. Thanks!
  22. Oh I wish there were some! There may be first hand accounts of T-54/55 crews as well as T-62, T-64, T-72, T-80 but nothing in the English language that I've found. There are many excellent design/tech references out there on these types, but nothing memoir like. I do recommend this book written by a fellow modeler if you ever choose to learn more about the T-55 (there is a companion book for the T-54 also recommended): Great book, not overly technical, great photos. You will walk away knowing a great deal about the most produced tank type in history (90,000-100,000 produced and stil
  23. I know armor isn't huge around here, but I jut finished this book: I thought it was a good read and a nice companion book to Tigers in the mud and others from the German perspective. Happy modeling all!
  24. So I've been working on a 1/35 T-34/85 and watching documentaries on the type while at the bench. I came cross this YouTube video and was fascinated! I've read so much on the Normandy campaign and yet never heard of this before. Oh it was well known that German units used captured Soviet tanks on the eastern front (and vice versa), and captured western allied tanks in the west (and vice versa in the Panther Cuckoo). But I had never heard of captured T-34's being used in Normandy. Interesting to say the least! Enjoy and happy modeling!
  25. Heck I had no idea that sea planes were still being used for military service! Brilliant! I may have to break out my ancient Hasegawa 1/72 PS-1 now.
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