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  1. I'm calling this one done at this point. This was about 8-10 months of work. It's a 1/144 Revell full stack build. For the record - I'm sticking with Airfix for any future 1/144 stack builds. Granted it was some 8-10 months ago, but I'm never modifying one of those Revell ET's again. Anyway, I wanted to do something more than the standard shuttle stack on the pad display. This was inspired in great deal by a artist's print I've had for the longest time, and is one of favorites renditions: It's called "Separation Complete...The Cycle Continues" by renowned aerospace artist Mark Wa
  2. So I know I'm not the one you reached out to, but I think I recall seeing an earlier request awhile ago for a KU-band antenna. Turns out I started one a few months ago, and more or less finished it up a week or so ago. Below is what I was able to cobble together. I haven't yet printed it, so I'm not sure it even actually turns out. I was unable to find any dimensioned dwgs of the any of the devices that make up the full assembly, so this was made by purely going off of several photos I have in my collection. It could probably be scaled in a 3d Slicer to more or less be close to the actual
  3. Just want to add one more vote of motivation! Can't have too many shuttle modelers in which to share both our failures learnings and successes. Also glad to find out there's yet one soul on here with a lofty list of shuttles to model! Looking forward to see what you have to share!
  4. Wow...I've been sold on the medical tape version up to now, but those cardstock blankets really do look like the real deal. You may have me re-thinking how I'll go about them when I get around to tackling my first 1/72 build. Last time I was at the local craft store, having read about your earlier developments with that method, I sought out that very cardstock out, just in-case I wanted to attempt it. May want a detailed write up - application, coating/painting/sealing - that you clearly figured out to near perfection with this build.
  5. Thanks for the compliment! The CanadaArm/RMS is actually wrapped in aluminum foil. I had read, perhaps on this forum, that aluminum foil does a good job of replicating the creases in the thermal blanket. Sure enough, it does look pretty good at that scale. I used some other fabric for the payload bay liner and initially on the satellite sunshades. In the end, I wound up using aluminum foil on the sunshields, as well. I was hesitant to use it at first, mainly in part to wondering how well paint would adhear to it. To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure and not convinc
  6. Thanks for this, Homer. Again, all very wonderful parts. I, however, already have a resin printer that I bought, in small part, to avoid the overhead of Shapeways. I'd much rather go direct through you either for the parts (which you've noted could unfortunately be some time/years away) or for purchase of the actual digital files. If you ever find yourself in a comfortable position of selling the files, I'd very much be interested. I understand the potential hesitancy going that route. I have some parts I've developed myself, and have been mulling over
  7. My goodness...those parts look amazing. Especially being able to capture all the textures on that aft bulkhead...::chef's kiss:: magnificent. Any possibility of these parts or stl files being made available for purchase? I have some 1/72 scale builds in my future some of these would look great on.
  8. I figured instead of starting a new post, probably best to keep this one alive. So around Xmas last year, I wound up getting a new resin 3D printer (Anycubic Mono X). The main driver to one was to make an attempt at coming up with custom shuttle pieces, inspired partly by what I saw others on this forum doing. The other part was, despite the wonderful pieces that are available on shapeways, to avoid the substantial overhead that comes with using them. Below are several photos of the parts I've designed and printed to this point. Most some are just trial pieces, with some fine tuning requir
  9. This build actually precedes my Revell STS-41D model, which I also just posted in this forum. This particular model was built during the late Spring/Summer of 2020. HI there everyone. I wanted to post this record of my first real build in order to not only document it for general safekeeping, but also to share my experience with everyone else in this forum. This really is a hobby where everyone can get better by learning from one another. I spent many hours just pouring over all the previous posts from the past several years. Both the lessons learned and, primarily the
  10. Photos of my just completed (Minus display stand) Revell 1:144 model of Discovery on her maiden flight, STS-41D. Build time was approx 6-months, on and off. Display stand will be forth coming in the next couple weeks. Since Discovery is my favorite orbiter, I wanted to do a model of her with an interesting payload configuration. Turns out her maiden flight was quite the unique layout, especially with the OAST-1 solar array experiment. Custom detailed payload bay with OAST-1 Solar array deployed,
  11. Following... I had the very same idea, subsequent dilemma (Transport wings no longer available) and very similar questions about the Anigrand model. I found very little information online about the quality or build experience of the Anigrand 747, so I've held off on committing to purchasing one. Granted this particular build is way down on my to-build list, so I'm not in any rush. But thanks for posting the question. Will be following intently.
  12. Bill, You sound like you're in the exact same position as me (except the whole "having worked on the actual shuttle" thing - EXTREMELY jealous). Thanks for tee-ing up this particular post - I was also wondering about the aft skirts. I do have Bill's SRB nose cones / separation motors & Ice/Frost ramps. But about three weeks ago I started the same process - collect as many after-market parts as possible so that I was "full-kit" prior to starting my builds. This stay-at-home thing sparked the interest into getting (back) into the hobby. I'm starting with a 1/144 build
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