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  1. Got vacu-form parts off eBay but messed up the cockpit glass.(Rookie move) Fuselage turned out decent but wouldn't mind redoing with a "real" part. Thought I'd try my luck here for. Thanks folks.
  2. Thank you Rob and dnl42! Much appreciated!
  3. 1st post. Pardon my newbie-ness. How impossible is it to find missing parts to an old kit? I purchased a Monogram P-39 Airacobra (Kit No. 6844) circa 1973 at an antique shop a while back. Sealed bag, instructions and decals intact. Pulled out recently during our isolation and noticed its missing all cockpit and fuselage window/glass. Or all clear tree pieces. Long shot I'm sure but is there a source or do go topless? Thanks for any help here.
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