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  1. I have done alot of resin work think I can help you what size- width, length and depth in inches are you thinking of?
  2. Great work for that scale so much detail and a spectacular paint job on both Harriers.
  3. Great job these will be a nice display edition for you collection you can add other varients too.
  4. Reedoak also makes the deck tie down block hooks and chains I want to get these on and the Firescout glued to the deck before the figures are done. As I place the figures and work on their final position I dont want the helicopter moving or the accessories.
  5. Last night I did a dry run on the placement of the figures. I did a scrounge through my small parts box and actually found a laptop for the crew I thinking I would have to scratch build it. I did have to make the APU cart and add the electrical cables. Ill paint the crew in the same colors for the uniforms. So I have to say feeling a bit intimidated at this point I haven't done much figure painting in the past so the faces and hands at 1/48th aaarrrg. This is my last attempt at 1/35th and figures can iether make or break a diorama may
  6. Thanks ill have to admit I had this build in my head for a year and started planning and researching about six months ago. I do have a major idea/ build that will test all my skill and wallet. After this project is done I am going to get started. All I can say now is I have only seen one other modeler attempt this type of build. It will be months of work that ill have to do trials on the final stage because it will iether be a huge success or a colossal failure in a matter of a few hours.
  7. Nice job on the engines striking paint job.
  8. Received the deck saftey nets from Shapeways I did a dry fit and looked back at some reference photos. I knew they would need some modification it was just coming up with a plan. I started with the bar that the nets swing from the stowed to deployed position. Then added the mounting brackets made from stock and the cable ties. It took a few days but I am very happy with the 3D printed product. I layed on two coats and they are ready for some weathering ill get too later. I also ordered 1/48 Reedoak Navy deck cr
  9. This will make you feel better lol😆 this was the paint job from hell. I was of the same mind half way through...what did I get into here.
  10. Great job you did the right thing looks 100% better actually pops more if anything going through the process helps define skills and the next time you'll have it down able to get it done quickly. Look forward to seeing it all weatherd and decals up on its feet.
  11. If you want to work on the ARC honor system I can mail them members discount $10 would be fine then you can etransfer or perhaps you have some surplus decals or detail sets we could trade. The decals have a thinning issue that can be fixed using Micro Sol liuid decal film. Just applied a light coat tracing the decal let dry then treat as any decal application. Dave
  12. I have some decals if your still interested by Authentic Decals for the HH-60 and SH-60 Google them to see details.
  13. I would wait for your Hasagawa kit it looks far superior. I found a good hack if you are going to scribe pannel lines which inevitability like most you skip off the intended trail with a good sctatch. 3M glazing compound super thin great working time, it can be a bit soft not meant for big gaps but great for fixing scratches.
  14. Hello wondering if you able to help me source where you purchased your Aliitaliane Harrier conversion kit. Would you have an website, email or address?



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