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  1. Looking good so far do you have a scene or diorama planned? What colors are you planning on?
  2. I am slowly being converted to Maschinen Krieger and other cool mechs. This year I purchased a Anycubic Photon SE my first project from a year of saved favorites was a STL package I found on GC Trader 100% 3D printed. Maschinen Krieger painted in Luftwaffe colors. After I completed this project and had all the kinks worked out for using a 3D printer I started looking at an idea for small diorama scene from a Artstation print I saw on Pintrest. I like this scene the combination of sci-fi and old school combined. Of course finding this exact mech is not possi
  3. Your Fulcrum is amazing love those colors and the over all finish. The hydraulics and wiring your working on is giving me some new ideas you have some great techniques.
  4. The CMK conversion kit is made to accept the nose from the Hasegawa GR7 kit only. From left to right top to bottom the nose meets the convesion perfectly. It cannot be cut short, the camera angle forces the perspective and makes it look longer than it is. I spent many hours examining this issue when converging the kits I am pretty confident the specifications are correct. The older AV-8B Night attack kit has a optics sensor that attaches to the nose so the kit nose is cut short to accomodate the clear plastic part. Also the older night attack kit does not incorperate the wind screen fairing it
  5. I have an Hasegawa Kit I think ill do it in F-18C "Fighting Omars" VFC-12 love that tri blue gray scheme. Time to warm up that 3D printer. Dave my local model shop is low on inventory can you resupply them lol.
  6. Aaaaarrggg this is by far the worst build ever I love this jet but obviously I have to pay in spades to the modeling gods in order to add this to my collection. I stepped away for a bit got distracted with my 3D printer building a Machine Kriegen painted in Luftwaffe colours 100% 3D printed so much fun. Here is a peek not to get too off track. This thing is huge 11" tall. Anyways back to the Harrier, I was impressed by the detail in the CMK wheel well detail set however it is made to fit a standard Hasagawa kit not the CMK TAV forward cockpit section. So
  7. Looking so good love the direction your heading with this ill be following along. Here is a GWH Mig-29 I did lasy year if your interested.
  8. I have done this many times with great results its not difficult at all. *Dip your canopy in Pledge clear floor wax and let dry for two days 1. Mask the canopy inside and out low tac hobby tape or masking solution leaving the frame exposed. Its time consuming but required. 2. Paint the interior frame usually a flat black and prime the exterior in a light gray 3. When paint is dry add your PE using super glue, because you have have already sealed your canopy with wax you do not need to worry about the off gasing fumes etching your canopy. 4. Paint PE and frame i
  9. The scene is a depiction at depth where light is limited and color disappears. Once I add the blue acrylic the realism will come to life the greys will take on shades of blue. Adding color other than the water will make the scene unrealistic. Here is a good example. And here was one of the test beds I did earlier. I was asked some time ago how I was going to give the divers air bubble clouds. This was another test where a simple repeated insertion of a wood dowel which is porus pushes air into the acrylic when its almost cured leaving bubbles behind.
  10. I wouldn't say mastered I have tired a few larger prints that failed. What I can say about 3D printing for the scale hobbyist is the resin printer is good. The technology needs to be way more intuitive at this stage its fairly new to the every day user and the companies like Anycubic have not made the leap to making the hobby user friendly. They are trying but from what I can see there is a few years to go, I was expecting a plug and play like a new cell phone this is like going back to the early 2000s when cell phones were new any you had to set everything up manually. Having to tinker with t
  11. Looking so good your always doing something amazing, if your considering it stay away from that after market CMK nose wheel bay kit its a doesn't fit in the least no matter how much you stim it down. I would like to get the circuit as well but I am running out of room with all the gadgets. Ill be following along.
  12. Its been a few weeks got pretty sick thought it was Covid but just a bad Flu. During my quarantine I watched many YouTube videos on the do's and don'ts of 3D printing. Still a lot to learn but I did have some success improving the fish print quality so I went into full production mode printing four species. I was abble to print 40-50 at a time. Then it was onto cleaning, priming, painting then placement. I used the method I trialed a few months back suspending them with individual strands of fine clear fishing line there is an irony somewhere in that! I studies photos of their behavior around
  13. Thanks I think it's ok to repost about subject that may be new to others but gets lost in the thousands of posts decade's old. Sometimes the more experience modelers forget that the basics are not basic to the young beginners.
  14. Merry Christmas to all. Its been a few months since I posted on this project. My time hasn't been idle besides work and life I did allot of research on 3D printers. Yeh its a pretty saturated market now that they are more mainstream and the choices are endless. So I decided that the printer didn't have to be anything big all I want it for it to make my own custom parts usually in 1/48th. I finally decided on Anycubic Photon Mono SE 2K LCD Resin 3D Printer its a mid range printer I timed it for the Black Friday sales Anycubic had a great deal the printer+ Wash and Cure
  15. Hi 


    I am new to 3D printing wondering what you recommend for a program to make custom parts?





    1. crackerjazz


      Hi Dave,


      I would glady recommend Fusion360.  For personal, hobby use it's free  and there's lots of great video tutorials on youtube.   For businesses you pay a subscription fee.  I've tried it and it's pretty intuitive.   You save your files onto their server though so you have to have your internet connection always on.  As for me, I use Solidworks which is not free but the learning curve I feel is much steeper.  I can use it offline and save onto my pc, though.   The big downside of Solidworks I find is that organic/sculpted shapes are not as easy to create compared to Fusion360.   Dave Roof uses Fusion360 too for his business -  for his Flying Leatherneck aftermarket products -- very impressive stuff!




    2. Night Owl Models

      Night Owl Models

      Hey Joe, Thanks I have downloaded Fusion 360 tried a YouTube tutorial it will take some training for sure. I am so eager to get good at it its hard to be patient lol. I just got a great Black Friday deal from Anycubics on a 3D printer and UV hardener unit so I am eager to make some custom parts. Is their a community evolving within ARC for file sharing STLs or OBJs? that would be something.


      I have another big project in the works. I work full time at an Ammunition Depot for the Canadian Forces last year they decommissioned the CH-124 Sea King Helo and dropped one off in the training are for the troops to train with as a downed AC scenario.  Well I was on that thing like stink on a cow. I took at least a 100 photos and made pages of sketches and measurements of the interior flamework  and AESOP Station. My plan 2022 is to build the exposed interior structure in parts in Fusion and print them for installation in the Hasegawa kit. The kit is very generic lacks detail in every aspect.


      I have found a STL file for the diver I was looking for, for the "Sunken Hellcat Bikini Atolls" project so getting that printed and about 50-60 tiny fish is the first part of 2022. I am excited about all this new tech that i can take my modelling to even a higher level.



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