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  1. That is some impressive airbrushing for that scale I must say. Look forward to seeing the finished jet.
  2. We learn the putty lesson I did the same thing to a F-18 Not long ago. Next time use silly putty or just crazy glue every in place. As for the nose most companies keep spare parts for just this occasion. I have ordered parts just send the kit description, sprune tree number and part number from the instructions. Good luck.
  3. Thanks...yeh I like it too there is also a series called Freedom models compact series they are alot more detailed and seem to be some where between an egg plane and a full 1/48 I would say 1/60th scale. I bought their F-5E and an F-16D to try out. https://freedommks.com/portfolio_entries/compact-series/
  4. Getting close to finishing both jets here are a few photos of the second. Masking out pattern from Twobobs sheet. Masks removed Side by side almost ready for the diorama base tarmmac with support equipment ill hang some "Remove before flight tags and I have some crew cockpit ladders to add.
  5. You have the patients of Jobe in that video how do you keep everything so clean? I would have those latex gloves gluedto the model. Look forward to seeing more.
  6. Paint and Decals done. It was a bit tricky handling this model without parts breaking off. Fun build just waiting for some paint to arrive for the second plane in the blue scheme. I am going to stick them on a tarmac with some maintenance equipment.
  7. Take the plunge and use those expensive Quinta decals I havent seen a build with them yet so I am sure you will have alot of modelers following along.
  8. Yes, there is a product here in Canada called Dettol I think its sold around the world. Dettol will make the plastics (temporarily) soft, so be careful when handling them during the stripping process. They won't break out of themselves, they're just less resistant to pressure. Dettol will also dissolve the glue bonds.
  9. Alot of interesting comments. I had this exact problem and here is your solution a Paasche in line moisture trap it works like a dream. I live on the west coast rain forest belt super high humidity I solved some of my issues by switching from enamel to acrylic. It matters because if moisture makes it into your brush the atomized moisturs can be absorbed by acrylic paint. Additionally the inline moisture trap gives you a hint when it is overloaded by releasing a little spit through a set screw on the side. When that happens I just open up the set screw and let the moisture blow out. Best of luc
  10. Thanks to everyone for all the great advice the airbrush is one of the most expensive but critical tools for modelling and we all want value and performance for our hard earned dollars. I feel assured from the users that this airbrush is a good purchase.
  11. Great start your detailing is amazing look forward to seeing what you do with the landing gear. Any special reason you chose the South Carolina ANG?
  12. First paint scheme done still alot of touch up areas before flat coat. Later that day...
  13. Just taking a break from my full on 1/48 TA-4J Skyhawk project and working on these fun little novelty aircraft. I have to say my wife just loves them and that helps justify modelling so amen! lol. These little models do represent a challenge to take as many specs of the full scale and cram it into the compact size. Ill give them the same finishing treatment I would on any model to bump them up a bit good weathering, decals and detailing. Here is the kit pretty cheap about $15. believe it or not they make detail sets seen here by Retro Wing $8.00 The
  14. Where do you get that glazing spotting putty? Great start look forward to seeing your progress.
  15. Tonight started opening up all the wing flaps lines and laying out the airbrake detail kit. Opening up areas between hinge points. Kit parts cut out ready for PE airbrakes.
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