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  1. I decided to do some 3D CAD work after I located some plans. I am scaling this to 1/48th then breaking it down into 23 STL files for 3D printing my intent is to make the file package available to whomever wants it. Ill post some photos of the test prints I plan to make myself one. Here are some random screen shots of the CAD process it takes several programs to render. Thanks for looking more to follow.
  2. Most figure sub classes I have seen are related to scale and most figures are part of a diorama. Busts are a catagory in themselves. I guess you could have categories for Civilian, military, sci-fi ect...in different scales.
  3. I had an idea earlier this year to do a post apocalyptic diorama featuring a figure. In didnt know what it would look like until I came across the MB series figures. I decides to try to duplicate in part these scenes using a combination of 3D printing and figure kits. I purchased the 1/24 Master Box Post-Apocalyptic Vadim Elderly Raider w/Cart & Packs. Fast forward I didnt like the kit figure stance so I had to straighten the left leg so that he was more standing than walking. The surface details are weak to say the least so I developed a syst
  4. Have a look at BSI-Bob Smith Industries (Gap filling glue odorless) has medium consistency it is a cyanoacrylate made for adhering clear parts with the strength of super glue. I use BSI accelerator to really speed up the curing its fast drying and clear. No need with these products to dip your clear parts.
  5. For the last year I have been dedicated to learning 3D printing. I wanted to expand that capability to making parts and pieces from scratch which is pretty daunting when your new to the 3D world. If I can make the process easier for the beginners and skip some of the hard parts that's what forums are all about. So I discovered while using a 3D cad program called Tinker cad www.tincercad.com that the program had a option to generate text in many ways. Here is the process to make your own custom plaques for displaying with your models. To start I opened the program (after
  6. I just used alot of very detailed photos that's all I had to go with. Now that I have been learning CAD and 3D printing my own parts I could measure and reproduce these with better detail. I'll try to fit it into my schedule if your interested we can chat off line about getting a set to you. That was a black dog interior conversion kit and a tail conversion kit. I think the exterior detail set was Eduard.
  7. Hey all thanks for checking in. I have the project covered up but not forgotten. With all this great summer weather I discovered the ebike craze. It's a whole new addition some good tunes and miles of open road...gone all day. I have also been working on a few 100% 3D printed projects refining my 3D skills. I plan to order the acrylic for the pour in October as the fall weather closes in and being indoors is a good thing. I live on the West Coast near Seattle and we get epic rain. I am still contemplating adding an mini led light to the diver I just can't think of how I can make the wire disap
  8. Looking good so far do you have a scene or diorama planned? What colors are you planning on?
  9. I am slowly being converted to Maschinen Krieger and other cool mechs. This year I purchased a Anycubic Photon SE my first project from a year of saved favorites was a STL package I found on GC Trader 100% 3D printed. Maschinen Krieger painted in Luftwaffe colors. After I completed this project and had all the kinks worked out for using a 3D printer I started looking at an idea for small diorama scene from a Artstation print I saw on Pintrest. I like this scene the combination of sci-fi and old school combined. Of course finding this exact mech is not possi
  10. Your Fulcrum is amazing love those colors and the over all finish. The hydraulics and wiring your working on is giving me some new ideas you have some great techniques.
  11. The CMK conversion kit is made to accept the nose from the Hasegawa GR7 kit only. From left to right top to bottom the nose meets the convesion perfectly. It cannot be cut short, the camera angle forces the perspective and makes it look longer than it is. I spent many hours examining this issue when converging the kits I am pretty confident the specifications are correct. The older AV-8B Night attack kit has a optics sensor that attaches to the nose so the kit nose is cut short to accomodate the clear plastic part. Also the older night attack kit does not incorperate the wind screen fairing it
  12. I have an Hasegawa Kit I think ill do it in F-18C "Fighting Omars" VFC-12 love that tri blue gray scheme. Time to warm up that 3D printer. Dave my local model shop is low on inventory can you resupply them lol.
  13. Aaaaarrggg this is by far the worst build ever I love this jet but obviously I have to pay in spades to the modeling gods in order to add this to my collection. I stepped away for a bit got distracted with my 3D printer building a Machine Kriegen painted in Luftwaffe colours 100% 3D printed so much fun. Here is a peek not to get too off track. This thing is huge 11" tall. Anyways back to the Harrier, I was impressed by the detail in the CMK wheel well detail set however it is made to fit a standard Hasagawa kit not the CMK TAV forward cockpit section. So
  14. Looking so good love the direction your heading with this ill be following along. Here is a GWH Mig-29 I did lasy year if your interested.
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