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  1. Looking for resources to convert an 1/48 Italiary UH-1N to a 412EP Fire Rescue variant. I am ok with having to scratch build some parts or if any other modeller can 3D print some parts but I thought I would exaust the retail market first just havent seen an 1/48 kit in the civilian variant I am looking for lots of 1/72 kits. 1. I have seen the Bell 412 HR2 Griffon detail conversion set for 84sq RAF Akroti-by Whirlybird but locating one to buy havent seen one. I know Belcher bits has a kit but its not as detailed as Whirlybirds. If there anyother conversion kits out there I apprecia
  2. Use in well ventilated area safety first. You can also water it down or use another favorite product like simply green. I know Windex works on all paints and it's cheap. You can also use your airbrush cleaning solution mixed with water but that can get expensive.
  3. So here is my Vevor ultrasonic digital cleaner. I used this airbrush heavily for a big priming job it's a spare airbrush. It had about 6 months of crud in places I can't reach. Here it is disassembled into a tank of Windex 100%. Smaller parts went into a basket key for safety is not to allow parts to touch bottom or sides. Temp was set to 56 Celsius on full wave for one hour. Here is the paint that came off after I thought it was already clean. Parts are ultra clean like surgical clean. I'll lubricate
  4. As a Canadian and retired CF member I am loving your commitment to this project and looking forward to seeing the line-up. Great work and attention to details. So many Hornet schemes worldwide so little time.
  5. Looking really good nice details in all regards. I'll follow along for sure what squadron and scheme are you going for?
  6. I have had a few ideas to do a forced perspective diorama not many out there. That looks very realistic. I thought also creating a shadow box to make the viewer look from only one angle would be a good idea. Anyway nice to see something different if I see one more plane sitting on a tarmac with the canopy open I'll scream even though I am guilty.
  7. Sometimes the most obvious ideas escape us. I tried the warm water for those afterburner decals I just did on the F-18 repainting project and they went on much better. Why have I always been using cold water? Thanks for the tip I have a mug warmer I use to keep resin warm when doing acrylic pours but now I have another use for it?
  8. If you all want to clean your airbrush deep into the crevices you cant even see then invest in an ultra sonic cleaner it has a stainless steel cleaning tank 110V with Heater & Digital Timer for Electronic Tools Jewelry Watch Dentures Glasses Rings Dental/Lab/Hospital Instruments. Amazon sells a variety of sizes good prices. I clean mine in the vessel once per week.
  9. I have heard through a post I did on same subject the owner passed away.
  10. If it has not been addded https://www.vpmt.com.au/decals.html has a great selection of hard to find decals and vintage model kits.
  11. Recap photos Before-too orange After Real aircraft I am happy with the results it was worth the work. Knowing the colours are correct makes me feel better about the project and learning new skills. Thanks for looking. If your interested in the colors and paint used drop me a message. Cheers
  12. Oops sorry its AK Interactive Ultra Matt great product the best matt finish I have used.
  13. No worries...I would very interested in what other units-in photos used this scheme I have only seen it on this aircraft for this squadron.
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments. I have just started some preliminary colour tests on the paint scheme for Bu 153488. It took about a week under intense magnification to match the colors to the decals. I had to custom blend the lighter green. I really like this unique scheme it's going to be a real challenge with all the small patches and multiple colours.
  15. Just got the new decals on and two coats of ultra Matt. Also starting a bunch of minor touch ups before re-attaching the landing gear. So far the effort has been worth it. It's good to know there is a way to revive or correct a finish.
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