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  1. And with this update, I'm out of new photo's again 🙂 This update deals with a lot of time wasted unfortunatelt 🙂 First off, I'm definitely going ahead with my plan to make the wings detachable. Which requires holes drilled in the fuselage to accept brass rod, but also in the wings so they can slot in. And that requires precise drilling. Which is not my forte. Which shows. My best effort means marking the hole in the fuselage that I drilled The two black lines are visible when looking from above And then you can pa
  2. Smallish update today. The cockpit section's not completely done yet, but progress is made. As usual, parts fit is deplorable, and plans were made. And executed. First off, on the side of the cockpit section, there's 3 windows. The clearpart didn't fit all that well. Not extremely bad, but still. SO I pondered making a frame out of plastic strip, and ficing that nice. Then afterwards, make the windows out of PVA glue. In the end, I thought the PVA glue might not work in the square windows. Well, not exactly square but still. Hmm.
  3. after my previous major update, on April 29th, I'd promised myself not to wait so long until the next update. Guess what - I failed. It's been a whole month to the day, and I have 112 pictures of the past weeks worth of work to show for it. But relax, I won't throw them all at you in this one update 🙂 Unfortunately, the daily live shows have come to an end today, which is sad since there's no way I would have been at this point without them. I need them to get my daily dose of a good 2 hrs bench time 🙂 Anyways, I've been working on the gear, gear bays, joins of wings to fus
  4. Nice photo's. The aft wheelbay is pretty much together now, not sure if I can do much in there anymore but I'll have a look. I'm working on the front one now, so plenty of room there. Thanx!
  5. I need to get this aft wheelbay thing solved before I can move on. First off, lets get the two parts of the roof together, by giving it something more to hold on to that just the thin parts that fit together. I finally figured out how this works. You build up the box of the wheelbay, then you build up the gear strut, and if you do it right, you can just slide said strut in when all the build is done. Which will prevent things breaking, which is good. So, on to the parts that do the sliding. Drill out some h
  6. Next up: aft landing gear strut. A lot of small fragile parts that need cleanup. And if you're like me and are worried if this is going to be strong enough to carry the weight of the Bison and the Buran on the roof.... especially since the real thing has a metal pipe that's the actual strut, and in this kit, those are two parts. That don't touch. (parts 134 and 142) And all is to be supported by part 138. Which I neatly broke in two because there's a big sinkhole right in the middle where 142 attaches. So I drilled hole in
  7. Time for another progress report. Judging from the amount of photo's perhaps I should do this more often. Also - it's going all over the place with this build. Can't be helped, a lot of stuff needs to be done, and a lot of thinking required that puts subassemblies on hold. Anyways First part of this update is progress on the aft wheelbay. The detail is mostly there, but it's not very cleanly molded, not very sharp, and all a bit fiddly which makes cleanup a nightmare because the bits are so fragile. And the fit of course is mediocre at best. Last time I showed you the f
  8. Now technically I doubt I have the space to properly display this beast once done, but that's why I want it to be with detachable wings and Buran. The Buran is easy, I haven't figured out how to do the wings yet, and make sure it looks good when attached. No magnet is going to hold that wing in place.... Anyway, progress is made. And brick walls are hit. Let's start with progress. I glued the Buran cockpit in place and glued the canopy in place. With a considerable dallop (sp???) of 2-part epoxy glue, and then a large amount of superglue to fill the seams. It ain't pretty, but
  9. Well, time goes on ever so slowly. And slowly, progress is being made. First off, one of the few images I could find: When I showed this, someone asked if that's a bison, and the aanswer given was 'basically yes with a different tail end'. Well, they did a little bit more than just change the tail end: Anyways, this update has 3 things in mind - the cockpuit itself needs to come together - there's this nasty issue of paint not sticking - and a surprise. Let's start at the beginning. The easy part is the cockpuit. there's gotta be s
  10. I've been working on this one for a bit now, so I'm just gonna dump everything upto now here. Progress will be much slower from here on. I've been working on the seams on the Buran. They're pretty sandable, but the problem is this glassfiber/resin stuff isn't very thick. Or there's just air bubbles in it, because several times after a sanding, holes started popping up. Which is annoying. Anyways, I've also started on the Buran's cockpit. First off are the sidepanels, which are one piece, and then you basically add three very very ill-fitting panels to them, leaving huge
  11. A while back, I decided to finally get started on this monster. And a monster indeed it is.... As you can see, the box is quite a bit larger than my cutting mat of nearly 60 cm. Don't let the boxart fool you, despite the huge image of the Myasischev 3M Bison carrying a giant fuel tank, the kit is actually of the small insert in the top right: the same modified 3M Bison, but fitted with all the stuff needed to transport a Buran airframe, which is also included. Now the interesting part - my friend has challenged me to get this done in time for Telford ne
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