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  1. Any idea of what happened to this?
  2. I got a reply form one of the EBay sellers regarding this kit: sunflower939 hello friend, i will check it with factory, and get back to you soon sunflower939 yes friend, the model is available, we usually take 3-5 business days to ship out So, has there been an announcement anywhere!?
  3. Personally I haven't had a lot of luck with model kit shops near me (Oshawa ON) and found EBay China was up to 15% cheaper with free shipping and no taxes. Fortunately a new shop opened up very close to me 'Great Hobby' just a few months ago and they do price matching all across Canada so I was able to make a few 'better than EBay' purchases. I am retired and need to count every penny so having options is great.
  4. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with PayPal. In regards to PayPal You said "You can't communicate with them, they're unresponsive..." I merely pointed out that this is false. Calling them and speaking to someone in person is very easy. You also said in regards to EBay, "Just remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is." I am also just pointing that most of my "too good to be true" kit purchases ended up being true. We each had our experiences and we shared them which in the end will hopefully help the community make an informed decision on whe
  5. You are doing something wrong. One of the contact options under 'Contact Us' is to 'Call Us'. I've called PayPal many times with no issues. Also with EBay Buyer Protection, China sales can't screw you over. Many of the more expensive kits are less expensive through EBay China stores and include free shipping. The only down side is you will be waiting a month to 6 weeks. All these kits with the exception of the maybe 6 were purchased from Ebay China stores this year (I recently got hooked on Aviation kits for some reason). I saves a small fortune compared with buying them locally.
  6. If something is damaged or missing, simply open a claim (not as described) and they will have to replace it or refund you. They are also responsible for return shipping. I have had cracked windscreens on 2 kits and they replaced them with no issues. I bought a GWH 1/48 F-15 that was missing the clear tree. I got a full refund and they decided it was too expensive for them to have it shipped back so they let me keep the kit. Of course GWH doesn't have ANY customer support so I can't get the parts I need but at least I am not out of pocket. EBay is probably the cheapest option for expe
  7. So this thing is showing up all over EBay for $75USD and no one has it posted as a preorder. Is this kit out now?
  8. I agree. The problem is many of the stores where I live have a "final sale" policy so if a kit is missing parts you are on your own to get them replaced. Also since I can never find GWH kits locally I rely on EBay and proving a kit is missing part and you didn't just take it out because you broke or lost it yourself is difficult especially when buying brand new kits form an EBay store. THIS is why customer support from the MFG is very important and after blowing $100 on a kit that is now worthless I am wary of buying GWH again moving forward.
  9. WOW! This is beautiful. I Would get 2 but I am still waiting for a reply from GWH for the missing clear parts from my Great Wall Hobby L4822 F-15E Strike Eagle kit. Worst customer service ever! 🙁
  10. Anyway, THANKS to everyone here that posted images of the parts of these kits and offered constructive criticism without acting like a child so the rest of can make informed decisions to buy or not buy these kits. I do appreciate your contributions. As for me, i said my piece and am out'a here since there is not much else to learn or be said. happy model building!
  11. I AM living in a 1st World Country talking about MY 1st World problems just like you are doing the same with your examples only from some 3rd world country or something ignoring the rest of the world. You are saying you never had any problem with GWH. Good for you! Here's your cookie! One of my kits is missing the clear parts so despite your good fortune, not everyone in the world is as fortunate as you and GWH has no customer support which makes them a shoot company.
  12. The kit was molded by Aviation Art who is now making a new tooling due to all the errors they made on the first go. There is even an entire thread on it here showing all the problems with the current Kinetic kit. Try to keep up.
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