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  1. That's the way to do it. Get a bunch together and order. I swear the EU just doesn't want small businesses to do business there. The latest regulations are making me seriously reconsider dealing with the EU, even though they make up a large portion of my sales Floyd
  2. Products and Pricing - Werner's Wings (wernerswings.com) under 1/48 Next page Floyd
  3. None that I found. It is wobbly to be sure. I thought about putting a tiedown on it, but it doesn't lend itself to pivot down. Floyd
  4. I think I can do it for $7. Floyd I have the 1/48 ones on the site now. I should get the 1/32nd ones in this weekend. Floyd
  5. I have them. I just need to make the instructions and package them Floyd
  6. I'll take a whack at it. The tube-style skids were always there. THey were just covered with the aerodynamic fairings. It was up to the unit if they wanted to remove them or not. They were a pain in the butt and broke frequently. More towards the end of Vietnam did units start leaving them off. It will depend on the unit and aircraft. "The Gladiator" had them removed. Main rotor blades, black on the bottom. OD on top with 6 inch yellow marking at the tip. Early war some had 1/3rd painted white, 1/3rd the way down the blade on top only. Later some were painted all wh
  7. There are the helmet sensors in the AH-64D and vents are missing. The other thing is that the aircraft represented need the older style ORT display. Other than that I think it is pretty complete. Floyd
  8. Inside the cockpit, flat black. Exterior US Army Helicopter Green FS34031 with touch up in whatever color you like.
  9. Says the file is unavailable. Can you reach out to me on email at fwernerjr@comcast.net ? Floyd
  10. Love it. I'd love to sell this and your other upgrades through Werner's Wings. I'm working on a decal sheet currently Floyd
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