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  1. About time someone released it. I remember another company, can't remember who, but it never materialized. Floyd
  2. Cindy Ann has the tail rotor on the left side (early). Orange is on top of the elevators, but not sure of the top of the tail. In the picture I have the top of the tail is washed out. It could be orange like the nose cone. Floyd
  3. There are some very good sets. Microdesign (from Ebay) has the best interior. They also offer an exterior detail set. Metallic Details has an interior and exterior set as well as armament sets that are phenomenal. Quinta Studios offers a set of 3D decals that are very nice to use. I prefer these seatbelts. Eduard offers an interior and exterior set. I love the flooring. I'm sure there are more and I probably have them in the boxes. Floyd
  4. That is gorgeous. Beautiful work. I look forward to the Mi-28 as well. Hopefully the sanctions will be lifted soon and we'll be able to readily purchase them. Floyd
  5. They do start out life in a light silver blue but quickly fade to what you see here. Floyd
  6. Decals are available from Caracal. The resin upgrades are there from a couple of places, Reskit is one that comes to mind immediately. Mettalic Details also has exhausts Floyd
  7. Looks great. Heck I'd love to get the 3D files to print one. Floyd
  8. I was looking at the Neomega set on Ebay and there are some updates from Metallic Details that look really good for both the Ka-50/52, including new wings and underwing stores. Floyd
  9. Back on the topic of the model. It looks great. Very detailed. Saves me from buying the Neomega conversion for my Italeri Ka-50 and it looks much nicer. Floyd
  10. I'm sure I will love them. Now just to find time to build an Apache. Great job. Floyd
  11. We'll see. These look great and I ordered a set as soon as I heard of it. Great job Floyd
  12. What he said. Get what is available and you'll never be able to tell the difference. Floyd
  13. Its an Aux fuel tank. Werner's Wings sells them when I get moved in. Floyd
  14. I think the Staffel color. It certainly looks red to me Floyd
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