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  1. I think the Staffel color. It certainly looks red to me Floyd
  2. I'd go with the green, but not zinc chromate green. More of a field green. Floyd
  3. This looks fabulous. I would say that if you are going to add them to a Cobra, Huey, Loaches, Kiowa or early Kiowa Warriors, that you leave off the end and crimp the paper on the end of the shoulder harness. They don't use the metal ends like shown. The fabric is sewn into a loop. The rest however is perfect for US Army helicopters up through the 1980s. Apaches and Blackhawks have five point harnesses in the front. Floyd
  4. Let me recommend Metallic Details. Great stuff. I don't believe they have the XM-35, but a lot of other really cool stuff. The Special Hobbies boxing takes care of a lot of the shortcomings of the ICM kit at less than $10 more. Some other good stuff should you choose to use it is the MicroDesign Interior and Exterior sets. I got mine off of eBay. I'll be starting this kit shortly. Floyd
  5. Only the HH-60H. The SH-60F is close but it has the wrong door configuration on the left side. Floyd
  6. Just to be clear, these things have sold like hotcakes. I was quickly sold out of what I had on hand. I have more coming so if you've ordered and paid for them please be patient. I'm getting more made but it takes time to print them. Floyd
  7. OK didn't know. I had no idea. I was just wondering. Thanks. Hopefully he will be okay Floyd
  8. Is it me or has there been no update since 13 Dec? Just checking Floyd
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