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  1. 434 was assigned to A Co., 503rd Attack Battalion based at Fliegerhorst in Erlensee-Langendiebach in 1985-1988. I want to say it was painted by CW2 Ragsdale for the BN CO LTC Tommy A Green. Floyd
  2. We’ll I do sell a 1/32nd scale conversion for the AH-1F. Just sayin. LOL Floyd
  3. The kit is designed for the original version of the Kiowa Warrior. If you want that cowling you’ll need to buy the Werner’s Wings 35-01 OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Update set. If you want it now you had better place the order this morning as I will be going on vacation and shutting the website down for ordering until the 21st. Floyd
  4. I hate that they have to be less than 100kb. Here is the front cockpit. The seatbelts are Quinta Studios. Floyd
  5. The Quinta instrument panels work great and fit perfectly. Here is mine installed in the AH-1G Late cockpit along with some Eduard, a Russian company from Ebay, Cobra Company stuff, some Werner's Wings items that I'm debating on selling and some scratch built things. Overall pretty happy. I had to lighten the photo so you could see the instrument panel properly. Floyd
  6. The drop tank is available in either a Blackhawk kit or from Isracal in their Petran conversion Floyd
  7. If you need anything in particular hit me up on here in PM. I'll see what I can do. Floyd
  8. Sorry I do not have an extra copy. They all went out. Floyd
  9. What they said. I'd also offer up the Squadron/Signal book on the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Walk Around written by me. It is not as up to date as what your friend flew but it is pretty close and you'll see what it is suppose to be like. Floyd
  10. It will have one Marine, at least, and a Navy one Floyd
  11. I have two sets of these and two sets of the Eduard PE parts and another two PE sets from a Russian company I found on Ebay that looked interesting. I'll throw all that I have at my next one which will have the M-35 system. I still have some Fireball Modelworks decals so I may redo Cindy Ann since I sold the last one. Speaking of decals, if you or anyone you know has any good pictures of an AH-1G in Vietnam or markings that you might like done let me know. No promises but if I don't have the photos then I can promise you it won't be done. I have John Brennan's books, all of th
  12. I knew they existed but haven’t gotten a set yet Floyd
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