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  1. The rest of the markings and stencils. These are works in progress and not the final product. We hope to get all the markings on two sheets and a stencil sheet. I will also sell the stencils separately. Sorry for the small pics but that is all that this forum allows. If you want to see more pics, check out the Werner's Wings Facebook page Floyd
  2. A preview of the upcoming decals. My hope is to have them available in 1/48 and 1/35. This is not the last layout. Also I will be releasing AH-64D/E upturned exhausts in 1/48th scale shortly. Formerly from BAM Models. See below posts for other markings Floyd
  3. Very nice. I just finished up the 1/48th scale AH-1Q. The AH-1S(Mod) is next on the list. Floyd
  4. G-4 classified. Can't reveal the source, but it is a declassified photo. Floyd
  5. I have acquired the rights to produce the BAM Models AH-64 upturned exhausts for the Hasegawa kits for Werner's Wings. They should be available sometime in January for sale. Floyd
  6. I'm attempting to get the rights to produce the BAM Models exhausts under Werner's Wings. I'm waiting for him to respond to me. Stay tuned Floyd
  7. Try BAM Models. They produce an upturned exhaust for the Apache that is better than the kit ones. Floyd
  8. Not that I'm aware of. Look up Lycoming T53 Shipping Container. I might be able to measure one at work. I'll see if we have one. Floyd
  9. They are engine shipping containers. Do them up in 3D CAD. They are used a lot. Floyd
  10. Email me at fwernerjr@comcast.net . I can't share them here Floyd
  11. Werner's Wings has a 1/32nd scale AH-1F conversion available while supplies last. Floyd
  12. These look great. I ordered three sets to test out on my kits. I like them better than my sets at Werner's Wings. I will continue to sell mine as long as I have stock, but these are superior. I would like to have the option to add missiles. Not all of them but just one or two missiles, because I don't ever remember carrying more than three missiles, not even during Desert Storm. The AH-1Q/S/P/E/F and the AH-1T/W all carried the TOW missile. So far none of the Army Cobras are available in the larger scales, except for the Werner's Wings AH-1F/S Super Conversion. ICM or Speci
  13. Two 1/48th scale decal sheets are on sale at www.wernerswings.com . Both are $20 plus shipping WW Decals 48-19 AH-1G-First Attack Pt 1 Covers eight Army AH-1Gs WW Decals 48-20 Vietnam Scarface- AH-1G First Attack Pt 2 Covers five Marine and Navy AH-1Gs Both sheets include stencils for one aircraft plus extra numbers to do other aircraft. Once I sell enough of these, I'll do 1/32nd and 1/35th. Eventually, if they sell, 1/72nd. I can't seem to be able to post pics here. Check out our Facebook page or our webpage for the dec
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