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  1. I'm getting the photos done today and hopefully the instructions done soon. Floyd
  2. Send me pics of the one you’d like. No promises but if I don’t have the references I can’t do it Floyd
  3. I am thinking about doing it but I need pictures of the differences so we can do it up in CAD. Who can help? Floyd
  4. I only have Night Stalkers Part 1 in stock anymore and I have less than 10 of them left The rest are sold out Floyd
  5. Remember the Cobra had the standard zinc chromate. The Kiowa Warrior had that epoxy primer green Floyd
  6. I'd say a good set of decals for Robin Olds. The ones in the Academy kit are not accurate, certainly not as accurate as yours would be. I can send you the artwork that we did up in 1/32nd scale. Floyd
  7. On Cobras and Kiowas, I use either the small Testor's bottle of zinc chromate or Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green. It is just plain old zinc chromate. I have seen some where the doors are painted dark green but that was unusual. Now Kiowa Warriors use an epoxy primer that I've only found in the Mr. Paint line. It is a very fluorescent green. Floyd
  8. I have three sets for the AH-6J but nothing for the M. What do you think is needed? I do think it needs some black boxes in the rear that the AH-6J correction set would do well to help. Floyd
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