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  1. Hopefully he is supposed to send me the stuff for the AH-1G and AH-1S(Mod). Floyd
  2. I tried 1/72nd scale decals and resin pieces. All have been dismal failures despite kits being available and horrible kit decals. I still have plenty of each sheet and the two resin sets that I did sold so poorly that I barely got my money back. 72nd scale guys say they want this and that but in reality they don't purchase them. I've stopped making decals because like Dave said, I have to print 250 minimum, when they don't sell I'm stuck with them. It has to make monetary sense to make them and they just don't sell. This goes for helicopters and for jets. I made Steve Ritchie F-4 Phantom
  3. I have access and photos of the SX-16 already. It is what we fly in the BPD and I made sure I got measurements on those before I left. Floyd
  4. We want to do it. Our plan is to do it. I'm waiting on my HH-60H. Now we just need interior shots of the cabin to figure out what we want to put back there. The nose radome shouldn't be too big a problem. If we had the dimensions it would be better but we have some good shots. Same with the FLIR ball. There are at least three different kinds. Another thing we need references on are the searchlight fitted to the aircraft. Floyd
  5. Is this from the kit part? If it doesn't have the 'ledge' in there I believe it is 2.5mm to the TOP of the part. If it has the ledge in there then it is correct. Floyd
  6. I was wrong. I have stock of three left in my inventory. Floyd
  7. I am out of stock with very little hope of getting anymore, at least anytime soon. Floyd
  8. I keep asking about the 1/35th scale UH-1D/H. Nothing yet other than it is coming. So I wait. They have been given information to bring the 1/48th scale up to 1/35th scale correctly and include the UH-1H mods as well. So hopefully they will correct the inaccuracies and update the kit to include the D and H. Floyd
  9. Someone who does CAD could fix this for us all. I would produce it in various scales if someone would do the CAD work Floyd
  10. Somebody just asked me about these. I'll see if I can find that email Floyd
  11. In a word, yes. That is what you'll need in addition to the 7 bolt wheels and the 35-20 H-60 Upgrade. I tried to make it logical parts breakdowns. Floyd
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