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  1. Yes. Werner's Wings does on the UH-1Y-Deadly Venom sheet Floyd
  2. They are old preliminary CAD drawings. Don't think I didn't 'ring' them up when I saw the pictures. They are the same pictures as the 1/48th scale pics. Take the photos with a grain of salt. Those pics are not the latest or greatest. This was just an announcement. Do I wish they handled these pre-release announcements differently? Sure, but I don't pay the bills. Kitty Hawk has gotten our list of changes based off the 1/48th scale kit. I've been assured that Ray and I will see the CAD prior to cutting metal. They want it to be perfect. We want it perfect. You want it perfect. We want to be able to do any US UH-1D or H model. If we can incorporate other countries I'm sure we will. We want the ultimate large scale UH-1D/H and we want it perfect, out of the box. I'm quite happy just to provide decal options for the kit. Floyd
  3. I’m working on a CAD redesign. We are experiencing some warpage though. Still working on it. Floyd
  4. The secure commo gear and radios behind the seat are not in the kit. I'm not sure there was a thread. I found out about it and produced a correction/update set. Floyd
  5. Yes, the cockpit, nose and exhausts as well as ASE. Floyd
  6. We proofed parts for a ‘Basic’ W and a late one. So we proofed a non-NTS nose and canopy and an NTS nose and canopy. Both exhausts were proofed as well. I make no promises on what is in the box. I’m not privy to that information until it comes out Floyd
  7. Apparently I was an fool to Loose Seal. I apologize. I was wrong. Post deleted Floyd
  8. I take full responsibility for the AH-6J missing parts. I didn’t have access to the —10 operators manual until after it was released Floyd
  9. We didn’t miss it. They didn’t include it for some reason Floyd
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