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    1/72nd a/c, armor, and figures from 1914-1945. Reenacting and living history (WWII RKKA and Heer, and maybe some F&I in the future. I did hard core CW & 19th c. for 16+ years.)
  1. Nick's e-book is more than worth the pittance you pay for it. Best hobby research money I've spent in years. Warren
  2. Hmmm RKic, I had no trouble at all. Did you write the mods telling them of your trouble? Warren
  3. Stefano, What type of wood are you using for the wing spars, ribs, etc.? What type for the fuselage framing? Seat? Thanks, and again: beautiful work! Warren
  4. As Major Tom said, the WWI Modeling List is a great place, you'd be welcomed there I am sure. Warren Past Member
  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I really look forward to you posting more pics of your progress. The Nieuport 17 is one of my all time favorite a/c. Warren
  6. For Sale: 1/72nd Haseagawa H8K2 Emily. Decals yellowed as usual with these kits. Old boxing with the white border. $15.00 plus shipping from 42220 E-mail me at dixieflyer500 - at - yahoo.com if you have questions, need a pic of the kit, etc. I'm clearing out the shelves of a lot of stuff. Warren
  7. Webb Wilder, the last of the full grown men, is in mine. Warren
  8. And Hobby Link Japan now offers it as a complete model with both issues as a package deal. Expensive? For a 1/72nd scale kit, yes, BUT these A6M series kits truly are state of the art. One hardly needs any kind of after market stuff for these. Are the instructions in the magazine annoying? I guess so for some, but it doesn't take a mental gymnast to figure it out. I also ended up making a friend of Japanese modeler over on j-aircraft.com a few years back. When there is something in the magazine I feel I just have to know, I ask him, and he very kindly tells me the gist of what it is saying. The rest I can pretty much figure out for myself. I'm still debating getting this one for a couple of reasons, primarily because my interest in PTO a/c tends towards the early to mid-war period. I view it kind of like I do my beer: I don't drink beer often, but when I do, I tend to splurge on something new and not common. That means spending some cash. Same way with my kit buying. My build rate is slower than molasses in the winter. I figure I'll own very few Zeros, and get even fewer built. I don't mind spending money for something I will really enjoy building when I get around to it. FWIW, YMMV, Warren
  9. No, they most certainly did not race at Las Vegas or anywhere else in the West. Warren
  10. I'm a big coffee drinker, and if I drink anything at all in my man cave while modeling, it's most likely coffee. A lesson: if you use one of your old coffee cups to clean the acryllic paint from your brushes, please be sure to double check your coffee cup before you take a sip. Now, my return to the hobby was a 1/72nd scale Fokker Dr.I, and it's small enough, but he p/e is even smaller. After having a hard time with it, I learned that having a Newcastle before applying p/e helped me tremendously. So, it's beer for me if applying p/e is in the works. Warren
  11. dixieflyer

    Lady be Good

    I remember building the "Blue Streak" too ('72?), and reading about LBG when I was a kid. If memory serves me correctly, didn't Shep Paine do a diorama of LBG that was featured in his diorama book? Warren
  12. Very nice! These look like great kits. B) I look forward to seeing your progress. Warren
  13. Funny enough, but when they mentioned the use of an x-ray of Homer Simpson's head to illustrate the genitic link to MS I just lost it.
  14. Thanks for posting these Dave! I may have to pick up a couple. Warren
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