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  1. Hi, I'm not overly familiar with the F-86 to be able to comment on it specifically, but with regards to the decals portion of your question... In my opinion decals should always get a sealing clear coat over them, as it will help them to last many years into the future without cracking or peeling. Plus if you want to do any weathering over them it may help to have a glass clear coat over the top, do your weathering, then apply another more matt clear coat to finish. With regards to clearing before decals, the decals can sit better and look more realistic when they're laid down on a very smooth surface. If your colour top coat isn't overly smooth you may choose to put down come gloss clear before the decals, then a more matt clear after the decals to finish. And as with eveything new you tackle in modeling, test it all first before trying it in your prized build so you can learn any mistakes the easy way! 👍 I've not used Vallejo paints specifically for Airbrushing (that will be rectified soon!) so can't comment on them with specifics, but like suggested, practise on some cheap plastic spoons or a scrap kit first so you know what to expect.
  2. I love the way you've mounted the kit, the entire thing has come up great! 👊
  3. Great work up to this point, looking forward to more updates! 👍
  4. Damn that came up REALLY nice! I can certainly see elements of an F-16 in that aircraft, and perhaps an FA-18 too... 🤔
  5. If you hadn't mentioned the nav lights I would never have noticed! The whole build has really come up great, so much so that I actually feel like adding that kit (or one like it) to the stash...! 🤔
  6. Wow that canopy really looks like it's glass in those pics, did you do anything to it to bring it up like that?? Great build! 👍
  7. Wow you really did that cockpit justice, nice work. The camo work looks great as well, I can imagine that took quite a bit of time!
  8. Outstanding work, and the pictures are top notch too! I agree the sunlight shots are probably a little better, but all of the photos are really good regardless.👍
  9. A great addition to the collection, nicely done! I'm also curious about the camo F-18...?
  10. It amazes me how you guys seem to get the weathering and paint chipping so perfect, truly and outstanding build all round! 👍
  11. Outstanding finish all round, pretty much every aspect of it looks perfect! 👊
  12. Now that is outstanding, very well done sir! 👊 Every aspect of it seems picture perfect!!
  13. Nice work on the interior so far, you've done well to get the details to stand out! 👍
  14. Hi Dai Phan, I'll second what many have said here with a few tips that really helped my model photos/pictures and that didn't require new lenses or upgraded cameras: LIGHTING: Make sure you have very good lighting, which means outdoors in the shade preferably. I've found direct sunlight isn't ideal but often gives me better macro type photos (i.e. better clarity and crispness I suppose you could say) than indoor photos where my lighting isn't sufficient. If you do photograph indoors make sure you have very good lighting, and my preference is for light bulbs that don't throw out too much 'yellow' in the light; TRIPOD: Get a tripod to take your model pictures with, it can make a big difference when you're trying to get in nice and close to get that amazing shot of your finished build without your hands shaking the camera around everywhere; BACKGROUND 'NOISE': aim to have a uniform background, not the clutter of a model desk or some such thing. The camera will have an easier time focusing on your model rather than all the 'stuff' in the background which will make the job a lot simpler; When I started doing the above three things my pictures got noticeably better and didn't require any additional knowledge about camera settings or buying new gear (outside of a tripod). Of course you can go to all the trouble of learning all this more advanced stuff and there's a heap of excellent information in this thread already, but I'd recommend starting out by nailing the three points above first. Good luck, and good question! 👍
  15. I love how you've made the cockpit look worn, there's definitely some skill and practice that goes into that! Will be keeping an eye on your build. 👍
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