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  1. frankycee

    Need Information for Selling Kits

    You might want to do a couple of dummy shipping quotes from your place to East and west coast, and offer models with prices including shipping to the US...you'll get more hits and spend less time getting quotes...sometimes you'll make a few bucks more, sometimes less, but it should even out in the long run...
  2. Hi, I recently saw that Hannats in UK has some in stock if it helps...
  3. Hi Bob, I have one that i can part with for next to nothing, say 5$ shipped from Canada... This one Frank
  4. frankycee

    Canopy painting

    Hi Guys, like title says, do you guys use canopy masks for most 1/48 kits, or cut tape with X-acto? I used to do it freehand with a sharp X-acto blade...but I wonder if I should go for Eduard masks...find em expensive though...5-10$ per kit just for maks seems a bit steep...
  5. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ftd48010.htm Sprue brothers has one if that helps...
  6. Hi, i'm looking for 2 'Bort' numbers (Red 5 if possible) for and F-16, plus some red stars for the wings, (4 would be great, but 2 would do). No specific sheet it needs to come from, anything will do... Thanks
  7. frankycee

    North American F-86F "Mig Mad Marine"

    Can't wait to see how it turns out... Keep us posted...
  8. frankycee

    1/48 Academy F-16A

    Well S&*t... decals exploded/shattered into a few pieces...scrap that project! Airbrush giving me trouble... sigh... I think i'll pause for a while...
  9. frankycee

    GB Banner

    A few tests...
  10. frankycee

    1/72 Revell-Germany Go-229

    Love the Go-339, cant wait to see it finished...
  11. frankycee

    F-4D 65-0608

    Got a story on her Mig kill?
  12. frankycee

    Killer Proposal

    I will be building a classic. Randy Cunningham's 'Showtime 100' from Hasegawa with Eduard Zoom cockpit PE There's a lot of notes on the web on what ordinance it was carrying on what day, what markings were painted on/not painted on... don't know what I'm gonna do yet for the build...ordinance on or not, what markings...
  13. frankycee

    1/48 Academy F-16A

    So I got this kit maybe 5-6 years ago for 10$ and ordered some Two Bobs TMOTA decals for it. Started painting it, and I hated the fit between canopy and fuselage and got too lazy to file and fix it... Then I stopped the hobby for work reasons etc... Just got the urge to build again, so I dusted the kit off and stated work on it again, mostly to check if my airbrush is OK for my Mig Killer GB F-4J. Really not impressed with the Academy Kit...
  14. Hi guys. Started a new build (1st in a few years) this week, Hasegawa 1/48 F-4J. I'll try to use some slightly yellowed 'Showtime 100' decals donated to me by Phantom, or it they dont work good, I'll use some from am IPMS Yankee Station Killers found at Sprue Brothers... FIrst impressions of the kit is that it's great! Actually my first Hasegawa kit. As always, work stated with the cockpit (always wanted to write this...it's a classic...), also pictured are the some of decals I wanna use... If they are too yellowed, i'll use this sheet from SprueBrothers...
  15. frankycee

    How did your first ever scale model turn out?

    Dont remember much apart from the fact that Testor Yellow wouldnt cover the aluminium oaint on my F-86...must put 20 coats and still didnt look yellow...