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  1. Hi, thanks for the offer, but I 'll pass, not manga enough for my teen daughter. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, can you send a link or te name so i can look up, I'm looking for something anime / manga styled Thanks
  3. Hi With isolation looming, my daughter has finally expressed the desire to start modeling. I was hoping to find a 1/48 Idolmaster series model, or just the decals that I would slap into a model I allready have. Lemme know what you have and if you would ship it to Canada. Thanks Frank
  4. If only more of us had a stash that we could go thru while this crisis blows over... 🙂
  5. Hi Guys Got a few kits for sale from Canada, most include some canopy masks, and some also have color cockpit PE. Shipping is not included in price, but I'll round down for buyers from Canada. See pictures below, PM me for other pics or info, I accept paypal and I can make deals on multiple purchases. Kinetic Alpha Jet with canopy masks 30$ CAD 1/48 Red Star Reserves F/A-18C and F-5E decals 10$ CAD 1/48 J-Works camo masks 10$ CAD each (5$ if bought with a kit)
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