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  1. I saw this article yesterday. The second F-15EX was delivered yesterday to the 85th TES at Eglin AFB yesterday and was wondering if its not too late, and if there is room to put an OT bird on the sheet as well. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/second-f-15ex-arrives-at-eglin-afb-eagle-ii-ready-to-make-its-exercise-debut-at-northern-edge-2021/?fbclid=IwAR0Cvl9xGYitCykk6-zzwA9dOrpcMigecpsdeByY7gG2Z2g4PCkbageswqY
  2. I might have one...I'll check and let you know.
  3. Finally! Thank you for doing these, I have a squadron of GWH F-15s that I will be getting these for.
  4. Give me a few, I think Ive got a couple I can spare you one....
  5. Just ordered one, it will be awhile but cant wait to see it. To those that had it, how do the decals look?
  6. When I was at Bagrum in 2006, DM was there and most of their jets were A's with one C. They were seeing lots of combat during that time along with the F-15Es that were there too.
  7. At first I thought that was supposed to be there like you said, but only the right wing is warped and looking at pictures of Su-27UBs head on, the wings are really rather straight. Its not a twist front to back, more a outer wing sag inside to outer tip.
  8. I started work on my kit and cut the upper fuselage out of the sprues and notices the the right wing has a nice warp to it. Its nothing a flat surface and my wifes hair dryer should be able to fix, but anybody else have this?
  9. Thanks Marc, I actually found a distributor in Germany so I placed an order for a couple of decals, an RH-53D sheet and UH-1N sheet, so hoping the shipping time will ba a little less. Have you tried using them yet? Looking forward to receiving them. Duane
  10. Hello all, has anyone heard of or got gotten any decals from KMA Modeler? They have some interesting Iranian subjects, but can't figure out a way to order them and where they are located. Thanks for any help. Duane
  11. This is very welcome news. I was able to get the Fisher Models EC-121 sets shortly before their tragic loss and have just been waiting for a new sheet. Thank you!
  12. I actually got some of their ACES II ejection seats and A-10 intakes. I should have gotten some S-3 engines while I had the chance.
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