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  1. When I was at Bagrum in 2006, DM was there and most of their jets were A's with one C. They were seeing lots of combat during that time along with the F-15Es that were there too.
  2. At first I thought that was supposed to be there like you said, but only the right wing is warped and looking at pictures of Su-27UBs head on, the wings are really rather straight. Its not a twist front to back, more a outer wing sag inside to outer tip.
  3. I started work on my kit and cut the upper fuselage out of the sprues and notices the the right wing has a nice warp to it. Its nothing a flat surface and my wifes hair dryer should be able to fix, but anybody else have this?
  4. Thanks Marc, I actually found a distributor in Germany so I placed an order for a couple of decals, an RH-53D sheet and UH-1N sheet, so hoping the shipping time will ba a little less. Have you tried using them yet? Looking forward to receiving them. Duane
  5. Hello all, has anyone heard of or got gotten any decals from KMA Modeler? They have some interesting Iranian subjects, but can't figure out a way to order them and where they are located. Thanks for any help. Duane
  6. This is very welcome news. I was able to get the Fisher Models EC-121 sets shortly before their tragic loss and have just been waiting for a new sheet. Thank you!
  7. I actually got some of their ACES II ejection seats and A-10 intakes. I should have gotten some S-3 engines while I had the chance.
  8. Oh great, another 130 to get. I just ordered the H, should be here this week.
  9. I'm in for helping. You never know what other people have to offer the cause.
  10. I was surprised that not many photos are out there of the 5th FIS. The Don Logan book only had 2 pages for the 5th, the other squadrons had more. I can go through my slides and see if I have any useful photos and try and get them to you. Duane
  11. Are you still looking for photos? I can dig around and come up with aome help and email you what I come up with.
  12. Here is a suggestion for you all. I was digging through my F-15 decals and thought a much needed make is the F-15 Fighter Interceptor Squadrons, especially the 318th FIS. To my knowledge, the Expert Choice decals were the last ones to do them and they are not great.
  13. Hello all, I am hoping someone can help, I am looking for Cutting Edge Decals CED48021, F-86F Saber, but only the 461st FDS markings. My uncle was in this squadron and would like to build the jet. Its the green/gray camo jet. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks, Duane
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