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  1. Hello all, As the title says, I'm looking for a Wingman Models 1/48 Kfir C10 conversion kit. I have trade items or just an out right buy. Duane
  2. Okay, thanks everybody for the help. So from what I'm understanding is the rails for dropping versus shooting things is different, I get that and understand stand that part, got it. All I am asking is are the tanks that slap onto the side of the intakes, under the wings are the same as all the other ones used. I have a couple of the early F-15E kits and so have everything I need. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your response. So in what way are they different? I pulled out my Hasegawa F-15E prototype kit and looking at the CFTs in that kit versus the GWH kit and I honestly can't tell the difference between them. Yes there are panel line differences, but profile wise they look much the same.
  4. Guess what I'm asking is, are the CFTs for the F-15 fleet the same? I understand the rails will be different, A-2-A racks. Are the IAF CFTs the same as on the F-15E?
  5. I've been looking and looking at pictures of Israeli F-15Cs and trying to decide if the CFTs on their jets are the older type like the ones the USAF used on their F-15As and Cs or are they the ones that are on the F-15E Strike Eagle family? Whats the verdict on this so I can sleep at night. Thank you for any help.
  6. For sure I'd be interested in you doing them. I was really, really lucky to find a boxing of a Hasegawa E kit, but if you built it, I'd be ordering.
  7. Hope on the next sheet the Edwards AFB C-17 makes it on! https://www.edwards.af.mil/News/Article/394785/c-17-airdrop-sets-record-completes-next-step-for-ares-i-program/
  8. Hello, I am looking to buy a Revell 1/72 EC 635. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04647-eurocopter-ec635-military--102286 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duane
  9. I have several of the books and I think they are great. They have good information about the subject and have some really well done detail pictures that really are helpful. They cover some subjects that really have not yet been covered by anyone and some of their upcoming Russian subjects is really exciting to see coming soon.
  10. YES!!! Finally, I picked up a Rascal conversion kit years ago at a Nats show to put on my B-47 when I got around to it, but nobody's ever done squadron markings...guess its time to bust that beast out. Yes, thank you Kursad!
  11. I wanted to build the Vulcan that was stolen in Thunderball, but its a B.1 version. If Airfix comes out with a B.1, that would be moved to the top of the build list.
  12. Really great work. My order just arrived also, yep, might just have to switch gears and do an EX.
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