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  1. Yes! Ive been waiting for a new sheet to come out so I can do a Hill jet.
  2. I dont sell on EBay often, this one I'll never get too. I've not seen another one in quite a while. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-48-Classic-Airframes-E-E-Canberra-T-17/303620911277?pageci=5678e12a-1ee7-4bfb-873b-bfa91a581fc5
  3. Is there any news about this sheet possibly being produced down the road?
  4. What kind of Sake are they drinking in Japan? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Italeri-1-48-Sh-60-B-Seahwawk-Sh-60-Seahawk-Airplane-Series-No-2620-2620/303600753529?hash=item46b003db79:g:oT4AAOSwUJNe7Mxh
  5. Well, someone beat me to it, shows as Out of Stock. I'm back to my original question.
  6. Why is it so hard to find a 1/48 SH-60 kit? Its like the work horse for the Navy right now and there isnt one to be found.
  7. Like the title says, I am searching for a set of the Sierra Hotel S-3 Intake set, either early or late version. Im pulling an old S-3 off the shelf of doom and would like to add them. If anybody has a set, would love to talk a trade or payment. Thanks Duane
  8. I've got this conversion kit and have always wanted to do it, but wasnt happy with the markings provided, now I'm happy.
  9. And the 466th FS, the first Reserve squadron to fly the F-35, also at HILL AFB.
  10. I have the sheet with the afternburner Diamondback's markings, let me know if you don't have any prospects...Im in Maryland.


  11. Hello all, I am in need some decals from Afterburner Decals Balad Vipers #48050. All I need is the markings for the 466th Figher Squadron, my home squadron. I am really just after the decals for the 466th FS, including the little insert with the squadron badge, but I'd be willing to buy the whole sheet. If you can help, send me your demands. Thanks, Duane
  12. I've got a couple of slides of VX-31 A-6E with the dust devil on the tail.
  13. Question about Super Hornet exhausts, do they still have the white marks on the inside of the exhausts like this: And, what are they there for? Thanks
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