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  1. Falcon053

    CD48140 & CD48141 - 1/48 F-35A & F-35B

    The 4th and 34th FS both have tail flash or whatever they're calling it for a while now. I saw them first probably around the early spring. I dont know if the 466th FS has something on their one marked jet.
  2. I am on the hunt for this version, anyone have one in their stash? Duane
  3. Falcon053

    Possible new topics?

  4. Falcon053

    RAF Gr.1 vs. Gr.4 question

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I am pulling together stuff for a planned build eventually of GR.4A ZA737 from 2 Squadron. It was here visiting Hill AFB years ago and I was able to get the opportunity to take pictures of it. I'm getting a crash course on Tornados. In my research today I was saddened to find out that it had been retired, but it had a great career.
  5. Falcon053

    RAF Gr.1 vs. Gr.4 question

    Disregard, found my answer to the first question. The others are more just rants
  6. Send me a message, got you covered.
  7. Falcon053

    RAF Gr.1 vs. Gr.4 question

    Just a quick curiosity question, are the RAF Gr.4s redone Gr.1s or were they new off the line jets? And why aren't there any good decals of line jets?!?! If you want to do any anniversary jet, your covered, but just normal squadron markings.
  8. Praying for all the people that are there. I did an order with Fisher Models earlier this year to get his EC-121 resin, which one year I plan to build. Hope everyone makes it out and praying for the firefighters battling this to save what's left.
  9. So I am in need of a new upper fuselage, sprue "A". I was working on my F/A-18D ATARS conversion and farked-up mine. Anybody out there happen to have an extra? Thanks for any help. Duane
  10. Falcon053

    F/A-18 external tanks ???

    Thanks guys! Happen to know where to get correct ones? Legend did them years ago, but I never got any.
  11. Falcon053

    F/A-18 external tanks ???

    Are the external drop tanks on the F/A-18A-D the same as the F/A-18E-F? I've started working on a 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet and I know the drop tanks are too small, and was wondering if the Super Hornets use the same tanks. Thanks for any help. Duane
  12. Oooo, thanks for posting the picture. It looks like the nose matches up better than I thought, I might go with the Wolfpack instead. My original plan required cutting my MAW nose, but since they are not made anymore it was going to be very risky cutting job. Keep going and posting!
  13. Which ATARS conversion are you going to use, if I may ask? I'm in the process of gathering bits and pieces for a Red Devils ATARS also. I have the Blackbox set, the Attack Squadron one with a MAW nose, and the Wolf Pack set on the way. They all have their downside, but my plan so far is to use the Blackbox ATARS cockpit but use the Attack Squadron and MAW nose. I've read that the Wolf Pack nose is a touch smaller. Duane
  14. Falcon053


    Thanks for the info. I'll pick up an Academy kit and enjoy building it and if a Hasegawa one comes along I'll pick it up as well, just in knowing I have a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa than the Hasegawa kit.
  15. Falcon053


    I'm thinking I'll have to go 1/72, but I'm in no hurry so maybe I'll come across one or Hasegawa pops out some more.