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  1. Hi Jerry, I have a upper and lower F-14 fuselage parts your after if your still in need. Let me know, Duane
  2. Falcon053

    Modelcollect flying Dorito

  3. I like, thanks for posting. When I was deployed to Prince Sultan AB in 1997 and again in 2000 we would drive by their C-130s, but I don't recall ever seeing on fly, but like the desert camo they had.
  4. Falcon053

    Great Wall Hobby F-15E Strike Eagle 1:48

    I just ordered one also and I got word it shipped yesterday. I many of the gray eagle kits, but this will be my first bomb eagle.
  5. Falcon053

    CD48142 - 1/48 EF-111A Raven

    Will this still on the drawing board? Guessing release next year...
  6. Falcon053

    LTB C-17A 1/144

    Message me, I might be able to help.
  7. Falcon053

    QF-4 Heritage sheet

    I would be in for a couple of sheets. The only downside is a conversion set, which to my knowledge doesn't exist. SHM was thinking about doing one, but I haven't heard of them actually doing it. Not saying a good modeler couldn't do it.
  8. Falcon053

    Black Box EF-111

    Still in search of...anyone?
  9. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    Awesome, thanks for the help all.
  10. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    Here is a link to a Cannon EF-111... https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:430th_Electronic_Combat_Squadron_-_General_Dynamics_EF-111A_Raven_(EF-31)_67-037_with_Cannon-based_F-16_524th_TFS.jpg So were the EFs that had them a GPS that looked like an astrocompass? I haven't seen any Mt. Home Ravens or Upper Hyford have them.
  11. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    Thanks Habu.
  12. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    Thanks guys, so am I correct in thinking that the EF-111s that had the astrocompass were FB-111s in a previous life?
  13. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    So can someone educate me on the astrocompass located on some of the F-111s, especially the EF-111. I've been going over pictures in different books and Internet and I'm finding some have, and some dont. I'm starting to guess that the EF-111s that had it must have been jets that were converted from other jets that had them. Hope someone can help me as I'm getting a headache because of this. Duane
  14. Falcon053

    Afterburner Decals

    I never have had any issues with them. What sheet are you working with? Some of the very early sheets might have been a touch thicker, but still work great. Duane
  15. Think I have one, I'll check....