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  1. I'm about start working on the Academy 1/35 kit, so I'm after any references also. I came across this FB post a little bit back, I can't remember how, so whoever did post it, thank you. It's a very nice walk around of a Z. HTH https://m.facebook.com/oneofive.thud/albums/276547762457818/
  2. I am in need of help, I have somehow lost my air brake for my 1/48 Hasegawa F-18D, damn carpet monster. Does anyone happen to have one? Duane
  3. I'm thinking post Vietnam, but I'm still in the planning phase, maybe in the late 70s into the 80s.
  4. Thank you for the help Gary. The tanker intruder hasn't been done a bunch in decal form, so I'm looking at what I can do. I have a couple of the Aeromaster Nimitz Cruise sheets that have VA-35 which I'm leaning towards.
  5. So I'm planning a 1/48 KA-6D and I have the Cobra Co. conversion and Steel Beach set and have a question, how common was it for them to fly with a Buddy Pod on the center? I would think it's for a back-up for the built-in refueling system. Also, did every Intruder squadron have KA-6Ds? Thanks. Duane
  6. I have another F-14B kit on EBay. This one I had a couple of weeks ago, but buyer never paid, so here's another shot. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hasegawa-1-48-Scale-F-14B-Tomcat-Jolly-Rogers-VF-103-Last-Flight-w-extras-/303083403489
  7. The only thing I've got was a couple of years back a -53 was here at the Hill AFB air show, but I'm sure you've covered them to death.
  8. I know this question comes up from time to time so I apologize, is there any ideas when a new sheet might/will come out? I'm one of the lucky ones that have your first sheet, but just wondering if another one will come out and will it have any RF-4ETMs with it? Thanks
  9. I can find out for you Monday if your interested. PM a message with an address.
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