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  1. Question about Super Hornet exhausts, do they still have the white marks on the inside of the exhausts like this: And, what are they there for? Thanks
  2. I am in need of a pair of Tamiya F-16 vertical tails. If you have one or two I be happy to pay for them. Thanks Duane
  3. Thank you guys, Airfix it is.
  4. So question: which 1/72 Handley Page Victor K2 Tanker kit is the better one... the Airfix or Revell kit? Duane
  5. I'm on the hunt for the Canadian side of the Academy F/A-18A kit #12107. If you have this kit and dont need them, I can provide them with a good home and a project to come at a later date. Thanks, Duane
  6. I got mine the other day and is just as awesome as all your other books. Another ultimate reference for the library.
  7. Their Spitfire's and Tempest kits and they are really, really nice also. I've got 5 of their MiG-21s also in the really, really nice category. I also have one of the Overtrees of the Hasegawa/Eduard F-8E, wish I could find more.
  8. I'm with Darren, I am working on the intakes and think this was over engineered and something simpler could have been done. I prefer having intakes showing than a cover over the opening.
  9. Depending on what version you are building. The later MiG-29s have them, they are a type of missile warning system, sorry I dont know what the actual nomenclature is or what the designation is, but they are usually white, though I have seen a off gray from time to time. So you will just have to look at your references. Duane
  10. I am looking for Furball Decals 1/48 Mig Masters: F-8 Crusaders of the Vietnam War sheet. I come to find out that Col. Dick Schaffert attends the same church as I do, actually sat next to him today, and I'm looking to do a VF-111 Crusader. It's a long shot, but does anyone have a extra sheet they would be willing to sell. Let me know, thanks. Duane
  11. I wish I had known you were going to be doing this, I've got a walk around of an E from the Utah National Guard last year with some nice markings.
  12. How long did your order arrive? I just ordered mine from Hobbyeasy the other day and this is the first time I've ordered from them.
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