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  1. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    Thanks guys, so am I correct in thinking that the EF-111s that had the astrocompass were FB-111s in a previous life?
  2. Falcon053

    F-111 astrocompass

    So can someone educate me on the astrocompass located on some of the F-111s, especially the EF-111. I've been going over pictures in different books and Internet and I'm finding some have, and some dont. I'm starting to guess that the EF-111s that had it must have been jets that were converted from other jets that had them. Hope someone can help me as I'm getting a headache because of this. Duane
  3. Falcon053

    Afterburner Decals

    I never have had any issues with them. What sheet are you working with? Some of the very early sheets might have been a touch thicker, but still work great. Duane
  4. Think I have one, I'll check....
  5. Falcon053

    F-15 and Mig-29 kits

    For the F-15, the one thing I will say is the Oregon ANG anniversary jet kit does not have any weapons. As for the MiG, it all depends on what version you want, I have 5, though not built, are great looking in the box.
  6. Falcon053

    Wash DC Hobby Shops?

    Thank you for all of the information. We got word we will be staying in Alexandrea, down in Old Town I guess. So it sounds like Star Hobby might be the closest and easiest to visit. If I get a chance, I'll try to get to the others. Thanks again! Duane
  7. I am in search of a Black Box EF-111 cockpit. Would be happy to buy or work out a trade for one. PM me if able to help. Thank you, Duane
  8. Falcon053

    Wash DC Hobby Shops?

    I'm going to be TDY to Andrews AFB next month and was wondering if there are any hobby shops in the DC area worth visiting? Thanks, Duane
  9. Falcon053

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    So I was gathering my F-111 kits and opened an F-111E kit a friend had given me and inside were 2 AGM-69 SRAMs inside...SCORE!!! So to go along with the awesome sheet Kursad just came out with, I have my combat load too!
  10. Falcon053

    Resin air intake for Tamiya's F-16C 1:48

    If you come out with intakes for the Tamiya Viper, you will probably be able to put your kids through college due to all the people that have them in their stash.
  11. Falcon053

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    Thanks Jari, I'm starting to think the kit is a little more correct than I gave it credit for. I have seen the pictures you posted of the intakes and the black was throwing me, looking at the duse on the top, the cone shape is correct.
  12. Falcon053

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    So I started building my Voodoo, this is my first kit from Kitty Hawk...I'll say I'm already into working on the intakes and hope things improve, had to raid the Monogram kit for the engine faces, which actually do fit, unless someone can give me good pictures that the middle part as the KH parts are shaped like a cone? Also discovered that the clear panel behind the pilots seat isn't there and there is a total lack of a gun sight "HUD" at all unless it can be in a stowed position? Otherwise the build is going great!
  13. I am looking for the clear parts for a 1/48 Monogram F-14 kit. I bought one to build for one of my boys to play with during the summer and just discovered it doesn't have the canopy. All I need is the forward canopy and main canopy. Thanks, Duane
  14. Just looking around F-15D 78-562 was assigned to the 199th. http://www.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000414671/ https://m.facebook.com/LeFanaDelAviationMagazine/photos/pcb.1552573751476077/1552563788143740/?type=3&amp;source=48 Here's a shot of F-15B 75-081 I think. http://www.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000584628/ F-15B 74-140... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_PBGzvyx5MOw/R6TK0njT-0I/AAAAAAAABNg/a8gkaDf2YO0/s1600-h/74-0140.jpg HTH...
  15. Falcon053

    JAS 39 Gripen

    I apologize if this topic has been asked before, but I was thinking how about a sheet for the Gripen? I was looking at what is out there for markings and Sweeden, Hungary, Czech Republic you can find, but South Africa, Thailand you cant find and I think I heard Brazil is getting them. Just an idea. Duane