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  1. Hello!!! I am proudly presenting you my first finished model in 1/48 scale. This model represents a Hellenic Airforce F 16D Block52M fighter and most particular the a/c with s/n 023, carrying the scheme from NATO Tiger Meet 2018 exercise (PoznaƄ, Poland). The scheme was applied on CFTs and on the drop tanks and it's colour was inspired by white tiger of Bengal. It took me 4 months to complete the build (Jan 21 - Apr 21). The base of the model is Kinetic's 48076 kit. Also resin parts from Aires (pitot, seats and nozzle) as well as from Eduard (Wheels) were used.
  2. Hi and Greetings from Greece!!! Last months, I had absolutely no time to post here!!! So the update will be huge and will include lots of photos! Firstly the walkways and other details were painted Then different shades were painted in order to create depth and contrast. Then the decals were applied, the a/c with s/n 527 was chosen, due to its heavy weathering. In order to recreate the shading of the real aircraft I used oils.
  3. Finally the block52+ is painted, only some minor details are missing. Once again AK Real Colours were used, straight from the bottle. After the initial painting RLM66 filter was used to darken the colours. Then, I repainted the airplene in order to make a post shading effect. To produce the graphite colour I used AK Xtreme Metal Jetexhaust Finally to enhance the metallic effect I sprayed a very thin layer of AK Xtreme Metal Stainless Steel. Currently, I am painting some lines and the nose cone.
  4. Finally I had some time to almost finish the Block52M. I wasn't satisfied with the included pitot so I ordered some resin pitots. Now I have to deal with some fitting issues on the seats and find a way to improve static dischargers. Some minor details still have to be painted. Your opinion is very importand since it's my first complete 1/48 build and I tried to implement a lot of techniques for the first time. Also this kit was a nice testbed to test aegean ghost camo and the custom have glass varnish.
  5. Thank you very much Scott!!! I focused on finishing Blk52M, so I let Block52+ on shelf. I have finished sanding it and I have to glue main landing gear prior to paint it.
  6. Hi I would like to start building a GWH F 15I in 1 48. But I really don't know which weapons should I choose. Propably I will buy some resin missiles/bombs that's why I have the following questions. Does the IDF uses GBU 39 on its F 15Is? Do you have any pictures showing different loads, that you could share? I would like to build an airplane with mixed load (A/A missiles, bombs, drop tanks....). I am aware of Isradecals' book but I can't find someone to ship it in Greece. Thank you very much, Thanos
  7. A lot of progress on the build, but no time to post. After four days of decal application the airplane is almost finished. Next step weathering. I will paint some smoke on the gun and I will apply a light panel liner. Also I finished the seats. Unfortunately I received the resin seats with some broken parts and the seller didn't refund me or replaced them. Also I sanded the sides of the seats in order to make them fit into the cockpit.
  8. Sprues and their codes are looking the same to me. Thanos
  9. Hi scott, I bought the decalsheet from Scaleindetail http://scaleindetail.com/aftermarket/decals?product_id=381 Also you can buy it from the48ers.com
  10. You are right Block52+ have a darker colour due to coating's graphite. But this airplane will eventually become a Block52M, which have a cleaner finish closer to the one that Block 30/50 have. I created this thread almost a year ago, but during Christmas I got a twin seater as a present, from which I decided to build a Block52M, but I couldn't find out how to change the title. This is a photo of the actual aircraft. The lighting is not the best one in the indoor photos.
  11. Hello fellow modellers The painting is fanally finished. Details like antennas and some lines on the wings were painted with FS36270, the despensers were painted with Jet Exhaust and the Exhaust of the jet fuel starter was painted with stainless steel. Finally I received a new decalsheet with a lot more decals than the other decalsheets. Also the roundels' colour seems more accurate. Another nice feature is that faded decals are also included. Thank you very much!!
  12. Finally after a lot of painting and masking the camo is almost finished. Coloured varnish was used (X 22 mixed with X 19 & X 23)
  13. Thank you very much Scott Yes the paints were used straight from the bottle. I agree with you but I wanted to finish with the main camo prior to radome and CFts' painting.
  14. Today I was able to take some pictures under the sunlight. I reduce a little bit the pre shading effect and paint the refueling port. Thanos
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