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  1. Thank you very much Scott. Your photos were really helpful. I will post tomorrow photos from the current progress.
  2. Hello to all, After almost a month without time to upload, it's time for an update. I solved the problem on the Iris T and finally all missiles are finished. Then I faded a little the decals on the drop tanks. And I started applying decals on the 023's drop tanks. I know that the placement is not the best, but I had difficulties dealing with the large decals (It was also the first time I applied too large and too many decals), but I am really happy with their integration with the surface.
  3. I will try to find a yellow permanent marker, to tell you the truth I cleaned the canopy and I found out that the plastic got a foggy appearance I don't know why, I used Mr Levelling thinner to clean it.
  4. Should I use future or something similar?
  5. Thank you very much!! I could say that I am both fortunate and unfortunate, because I test the colour on a F 16 canopy I broke while polising it (Fortunately I have a second one). I will try it tomorrow.
  6. I forgot to mention it. In order to achieve the dual colour effect, should I spray the gold colour first and then the purple?
  7. I just made a try to achieve a smooth finish. I am going to use clear blue and red for purple and a drop of X 8 into X 19 for gold.
  8. Thank you very much for your replies, @Collin my method was based on the method presented in that video. @RichardL Since I don't have MRP and Alclad colours, I used X 19 thinned with Mr. Leveling thinner (30 70 ratio) and now I am waiting.
  9. Thank you very much, I have already done the first one, but I did for 58 and 63 decals and I realized that they have a lot of extra length. To tell you the truth I really want to paint the orange stripes, I know that it's very time consuming, but I really liked the result on the missiles.
  10. Hello, I primed the launchers and the 2 drop tanks with Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black (023 Drop tanks were primed with Mr. Surfacer 1200 Grey). Also I received a pair of Iris T missiles, I painted them with lightened FS36320, because I don't have the FS36375 colour. The paint on the second one was ripped of while applying decals. I am using X 22 as varnish (24h cure) and TAMIYA Mark Fit Strong. Fortunately I have spare decals to repair it. I tried to modify decals in order to look like the actual dro
  11. Hello, Currently, I am building 2 Kinetic F 16s. Since Kinetic doesn't provide a tinted canopies, I would like to tint them by my self. I tried to used X 19 and then future but the canopy has a fogey finish. I am new to the hobby and I haven't tinted a canopy before. This is areference photo from the actual aircraft. And here is a link for my thread.
  12. Hallo to all of you!!! The base paint for the nozzles is done. I used RLM74 over Stainless Steel to create this result. The top nozzle it's going to be used on the Block 52M, while the bottom one on the Block 52+. My goal was to create a cleaner finish on the top nozzle, due to the fact that Block 52M is a newer aircraft. Block 52+ Block 52M (The weathering is not finished) After their repainting AGM 88 missiles are finished. The mix I used to paint the yellow stripe (1 ml of X-8 + 2 dr
  13. Hallo to all of you! After I found some pictures of AIM120C's I decided to darken their fins. In order to do that I sprayed RLM74 colour over the stainless steel, which had brown finish and provided the desired darkness. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned with the HARM missiles, since cracks were found on them. At least I hadn't applied decals on them. So I had to clear the paint and fill the gaps, then I was able to prime and repaint them. Also I painted the nozzle for the second F 16. The processes were the sa
  14. Yesterday, I finished decaling AIM 120's. Cartograf decals provided by Kinetic were used. The decals were really thin and their application straight forward. Since Kinetic's instructions wasn't clear I used reference pictures as an instruction sheet from Two Boss. At next I must finish dealing with the gaps and fitting issues on both models, the biggest of them are found on the nose and on the dorsal spine.
  15. Thank you very much!!!! I had very limited time to upload A-7's progress, but I will make a thread with pictures of finished aircraft.
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