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  1. Hi All, Found a short article about B-17E being modified as Armed Transport and used in PTO. https://www.historynet.com/old-soldiers-pacific-b-17-armed-transports.htm The article mentioned several modifications done, such as the elimination of the belly turret; "“One of the first things they did was remove the ball turret because of the possibility of entanglement of the parachutes during a drop mission,” recalled Jack Hoover, a pilot in the 317th Troop Carrier Group. “All the other guns were left operational." And also further modification on the bomb bay; “The bomb bay was the more important part of the reconfiguration. The racks and shackles were removed. Bins were constructed on either side and a steel cable affixed to the area above the bins to attach the parachute static lines. The bottom of the bins were on hinges with electric switches for release, and the release switches were located right in front of the pilot.” I searched the internet for images of the said modifications, but came up empty. I figured the the hole left by ball turret would be just covered by round panel or some sort, but how about the bomb bay with the "bins" and "steel cable"? I imagined it would be a rectangular shape (green zinc chromate colored?) for each side with the a door on the bottom to release the content, with one steel wire on top each bin running from fwd to aft of the bomb bay? Or anyone probably have a picture of the modifications? Cheers, Mario
  2. Good progress there, Laz... Which size you're going to use for the rivets? Cheers, Mario
  3. Wow! I'm glad you revive this thread Laz! And your build results are amazing!! Your thread was the reason I bought the kit and Eduard's interior set... Anyway.. I'm still not quite understood by these warning... And having invested on the same set, I'm curious with it.. can it be fixed? Or should I make certain modifications? And do you have more detailed stories on how you make this "rod" (sorry... I can't find what it should be called) Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  4. Wow, Thanks for the info guys... Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi all, I'm in the middle of building 1/72 S-3B Vikings using Hasegawa S-3A kit.. I'm going to use Twobobs S-3B Santa Tracker decal and there's no pictures/information of the particulars airframe (160214 /NK 700) regarding it's sonobouy holes. The Twobobs sheet shows it's still have all of the original holes But Instruction sheet from Hasegawa S-3B kits I found online here; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10034540/70/1 shows almost all of the holes should be filled.. So which one is correct? Cheers, Mario
  6. Totally agree with Warthog86, And don't forget Werner Wings Pavehawk decal set In fact that's one of my dream projects... Anybody know where to get the Armycast MH/HH-60G PaweHawk conversion kit beside from their web? Most preferably around Asia... it's quite expensive to send kits from Czech to my part of the earth 😩 Cheers, Mario
  7. Looks beautiful... what is your method for fading the green? love it... Cheers, Mario
  8. Any ASW control suit details in the cabin? Or they just added parts for torpedo and pylon? anyhow... I want one! Cheers, Mario
  9. Great progress... I built the same kit some years ago, and remember the rivets was too heavy but personally I think it look nice in the end. I got another one I'm planning to build as "Cherry Girl" which also a Mig killer.. Any plan to modify the nose gun camera? I believe the kit supply the later version, while your reference photo showed the early version. Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  10. Wow!!! Thank you, guys! Thank you for organizing a great GB... Congrats to all participants with fantastic projects (and colorful results too!) Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  11. Ouch.. Very sorry for your loss. My parents house was almost regularly flooded until the last 1 or 2 years. I know how it feels to see your stuff, including the built and unbuilt model gone or even broken. Glad to hear you and your wife are safe and already start cleaning and salvaging. My thoughts and prayers for you and family. Regards, Mario Indonesia. PS: Unbuilt models model which drowned in flood still can be built.. surely need new decals but I have actually built several of mine too.
  12. Thank you for the kind words, guys! It's has been fun... I already added several pictures in the hangar section Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  13. Revell 1/72 Mk.41 Seaking... Out of the box Thanks Tobik for confincing me to join this GB! Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  14. Well, it's far from perfect.. But I'm calling it done. Workbench photo for the time being, guys. Better pictures will follow later... Done Cheers, Mario Indonesia
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