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  1. Thanks so much. Much appreciated. R
  2. Could you post tips and pictures on how you did those wings. They are fantastic.
  3. Thanks, Fred. It is still a big plane. I had no idea. And with 2 engines. I have the KC-135 in 1/72. AMT.... and that is big!!
  4. Thanks so much, Fred. I will enjoy looking at your linked build. I am amazed at how big the kit/plane is. I didn't realize it was almost the size of a 707.
  5. How would rate the quality of the kit, fit, etc.? Looks interesting.
  6. I am working on the Hobbyboss FB-111A and want to get some higher detail parts for it. Reskit has a good reputation for their detail parts, but there is nothing specific for the FB-111A. What other parts might be used? And which tires/wheels are appropriate? Thanks. Randolph
  7. This is a stunning build up. I am so inspired and amazed by your ability, and all you have accomplished here. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  8. This is a wonderful build account, filled with intelligence and skill. I am enjoying this so much. And it is very inspiring. Thank you so much.... can't wait for more. I have this kit for years. What drew me to it was the control surfaces in the kit. I love a plane with its flaps/slats clearly presented. And of course I thought a Hasagawa kit would be very accurate... silly me. Well, keep safe and well, Lucio. See you soon I hope. Randy
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